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Our familiarity with the Obama-Trump surveillance scandal has bred indifference.
Justice Department alleges that kickbacks were funneled through Flynn's company to hide Turkish government links to lobbying op.
"Flynn volunteered that after the election, he had a closed door meeting with Kislyak." The rest of the text in the paragraph is redacted.
Said Tree of Life victims "got what was coming to them."
In the early 1980s, George Little escaped indictment in Mississippi and conviction in Florida on charges of killing women.
To avert second trial, Manafort agreed to cooperate with Mueller "in any and all matters as to which the government deems the cooperation relevant."
Increases reported in crimes based on religion, race and sexual orientation, with 37 percent more crimes targeting Jews reported in 2017 than the previous year.
Arrest of bombing suspect "doesn't mean we're all out of the woods," FBI director added. "There may be other packages in transit now."
"The main quality is that it is extremely difficult to procure so that people automatically suspect the government," he allegedly told undercover FBI seller.
The sexual assault claim was not a political one.