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"F**k James Comey!"
"We don’t want to fund fishing expeditions."
“If we can’t get the little things right, and this is a little thing, then we’re never going to get the big things right.”
"A deliberate effort to go after the President and the President’s team."
"That [would] be a breach of what his actual charge is..."
When CNN's Jake Tapper pressed them on it, the Women's March doubled down.
Does that make the Clinton campaign's research on the same issue sexist, too?
Christopher Wray wins Dem support for answers on "strict independence" from White House, torture and patriotism of U.S. Muslims.
Now if only a Democrat could admit that other Trump actions might be okay...
Has he been watching too much "Handmaid's Tale?"
"The Hoover Building is crumbling around the FBI."