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Actress in new WWII movie says U.S. "partly responsible" for Anne Frank's death.
Opponents argue tougher sentences unconstitutional for illegal immigrant felons.
President advocates "renewed solidarity against relentless efforts to deny genocide and trivialize the victims."
Senator says there's "nothing positive" about revised restrictions currently suspended by court.
Protesters decry legislative package as a “strong message of hate.”
Democrats' ideas on what happens now with healthcare include Medicare for all.
Schiff accuses Nunes of canceling after "very strong pushback from the White House."
Black Caucus asked DOJ to probe "apparent uptick in the disappearance of young girls of color across the nation."
Obamacare the law "for the foreseeable future," Speaker confirms, as Trump advocates big bipartisan bill.
The votes are far from a sure thing as Ryan schedules Friday vote for Obamacare replacement.
Family Research Council says Republicans will face voters’ wrath if traditional values rejected.