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News and Politics

"I stand on the shoulders of heroines who never sought public acclaim, but served as inspirations to the generations that came after them," says first woman to lead agency.
Sabika Sheikh "wanted to fight for people’s rights -- we were sure she would grow up to be a social activist," says exchange student's family in Karachi.
Trump "thinks, as presidents do, that they can make almost anything happen – but that’s not always true,” says House Democratic leader.
Acevedo proposes changes to criminal liability laws regarding firearms because "when there's skin in the game for all weapons owners, including myself, I think that people will have a different outlook."
State Rep. Kimberly Daniels, a Democrat who sponsored the legislation in Florida, said she did so partly in response to the February Parkland school shooting.
Republicans "have this sort of genetic attachment to this lobby and to this industry that they simply cannot break until they are forced to," says Dem senator.
"He absolutely wanted to do it. Perhaps he doesn't want to do it. Perhaps he spoke with China. That could be right," president says of dictator's current summit reticence.
El-Sayed: “I’m like a 215-pound middle finger to Donald Trump."
After post-2016 campaign shakeup, more than half of DNC staff are women, while 44 percent now come from minority communities.