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News and Politics

Prime minister says it was "not a matter of someone having slipped under the radar" as none of the three suspects were on any watch lists.
"We have a right to riot because you’re not hearing us when we speak in the way that you dictated that we need to speak."
D.C. judge says Manafort's defense strategy is "just one more thing that's inconsistent with the notion of any genuine acceptance of responsibility."
McConnell said it was "a little early to talk about" Lee's bill as the upper chamber prepares to first tackle the resolution of disapproval.
Pelosi, McConnell ask Stoltenberg to speak "as we work together to strengthen our critical alliance and advance a future of peace around the world."
Materials use "veiled white supremacist language to explicitly racist images and words" and "often features a recruitment element" to draw in new adherents.
"What kind of hell must he be living in, that both our government and the Iranian authorities have allowed him to live in for so long?" asks Bob Levinson's wife.
"It's up to her to explain but I do not believe that she understood the full weight of the words," House speaker tells reporters.
The move comes after McConnell vowed to get Dems on the record soon on the Green New Deal plan to drastically cut emissions. 
"I don’t know why the president continues to play to his base," assistant Dem leader says of Trump's State of the Union abortion comments.
FDA sent letters to more than 40 companies "seeking information about whether more than 50 products – including a variety of flavored e-cigarette products – are being illegally marketed."