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News and Politics

Gölge's reduction to five years behind bars sends him into another appellate process at a higher court that could take years.
"Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out that she was groped by Abraham Lincoln," Norman quipped during Kiwanis debate in South Carolina.
Austin police said Wednesday that Wilson flew to Taiwan after being tipped off that police were investigating him.
Cramer, a three-term congressman, is not one of the GOP incumbents who’ve been walking sideways away from Trump as he tries to oust Heitkamp.
Rubio noted to Tim Cook that the company only took action after tech sites publicly reported on the harvesting of users' data.
"There's plenty of debate about the 'how'" in trying to stand up the new branch by the Trump administration's 2020 target date, says deputy secretary of Defense.
"The administration has willfully ignored its statutory mandate to inform and consult with Congress" for a second year, says Judiciary chairman.
Chairman says "no reason for any further delay" as attorneys cite death threats received by Christine Blasey Ford.
"Low-yield weapons would only draw us further into an unnecessary nuclear arms race and increase the risks of miscalculation.”
Hurd notes difficulty bringing Republican colleagues on board immigration bill because "they are afraid of ultimately being pegged as ‘you support amnesty’."