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News and Politics

Grassley argues “free speech appears to be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.”
“We are troubled by U.S. policies that fail to acknowledge our duty as a nation to protect the most vulnerable."
VP reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to building the wall, calling Mexico a “critical partner.”
DoD won't say what Mattis told Turkey about Ankara's demand that U.S. take back Kurds' weapons after battle.
FBI finds that shooter's social media posts "appear to be First Amendment-protected speech."
Protesters and observers who weren't committing violence were detained without water, restrooms, lawsuit says.
Gov. Greitens argues that St. Louis discrimination ordinance actually established it as “an abortion sanctuary city."
Waters wants Congress to keep Trump from giving Russia access to U.S. properties reportedly used as spy bases.
Many ambassador posts still waiting for a nominee.
Schumer slams "wolf in sheep's clothing, only this wolf has even sharper teeth than the House bill."
Al-Nuri was where Baghdadi declared the caliphate; Iraqi PM says destruction signals ISIS defeat.
Blumenthal argues lawmakers must "compel him to obey the Emoluments Clause."