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Philippine president, who said he'd "be happy to slaughter" millions of drug addicts and is accused of extrajudicial killings, praised for "very hard" drug fight.
Some restaurant workers say they don’t need saving with minimum wage rules.
“Simply put, our communities do not trust CBP agents."
Company says its "anti-fraud practices are fully compliant with Apple's policy" now.
Argues parental consent must be granted before a minor may join a union.
The Kim regime's ninth missile launch of the year, and the third consecutive test for intermediate-range KN-17.
Tillerson calls on member nations "to suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations" with Kim and increase "financial isolation."
"Say what you want" but Kim taking over dictator business "is not easy, especially at that age."
"Move on and more normalize what we have been doing ...for many years," says Corker after visiting Uganda camp.
Just don't expect the types of alien life that pop up in a SciFi movie, scientists note.
Proponents say law is needed to keep agencies from shutting down.
Temporary status that shields them from deportation because of conditions at home expires in July.