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HBO host says it's the only way to reach President Trump.
Kanye West may just be trolling us all, but he sure has the Left in a total swivet.
Suspect in mass murder arrested Monday after a daylong manhunt; police still trying to determine motive.
Isakson had to miss close committee vote because of a funeral, so Coons changes vote to "present" as "a courtesy to a friend who would do the same for me."
This is why we can't have nice things.
"That the Turkish government has consistently ignored bipartisan expressions of concern from the Congress has also been cause for concern."
They'll hijack anything to advance a cause.
“I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with celebrity in politics,” says TV's Miranda. “It gives you a platform. But it’s what you do with that platform.”
See if you agree.
Would a Boy Scout chapter be too dangerous as well?
Breaking: Van strikes numerous pedestrians in Toronto...
A society that believes all this nonsense probably deserves to die out.
Activists and friends reflect on their gains in fighting HIV/AIDS as U2 frontman receives Medal for Distinguished Leadership.
An anti-Klan statute nabs a new generation of violent Leftists.
Defensive gun use is more common than gun violence.
Merkel? Macron? ABT -- anybody but Trump.
Four killed by shooter wearing only a jacket; customer wrestled away rifle and threw it over the counter before killer fled the scene.
For his heroism, "Max" was named an "Honorary Police Dog."