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The problem is NOT what the Chinese are doing, but we are AREN'T doing.
Rare Supreme Court retort came after Trump lashed out at federal judge who blocked order denying asylum to migrants who cross between ports of entry.
Judge Bernard Friedman says Congress doesn't have the authority to ban FGM.
But you don't need some stupid bot to help you out, right? You've got a stupid blogger right here!
Meet the new Dem speaker, same as the old Dem speaker.
Why aren't Americans having more sex?
Yet the Left praises her cruel, bigoted stance.
Ohio's lame-duck governor has turned his attention to another White House bid.
Love, however, has not conceded yet.
Court sez "No" on Trump asylum ban.
"The city’s lack of authority has emboldened extremists ..."
Congresswoman-elect fears that ouster attempt by segment of caucus "creates a window where we could potentially get more conservative leadership."
Another U.S. jihadist uses the "entrapment" defense.
"I've literally been attacked ... "
“I feel meaningless … ”