Like the French Resistance, only even more inept.
"No need to over-interpret Tsai-Trump phone call."
Another blow to the EU -- how many more can it take?
Guess what? The president-elect's assessment is right on.
Remember those cop killers he harbored in Cuba?
Donald Trump need lose no sleep over this.
Atrocity references abound.
"They are gambling with my life for a multiculturalism lie."
Actress who campaigned for Clinton says she's not sure Hillary should give it another try.
Pointing the finger much?
Swearing expert (!) weighs in on the benefits (!) of expletives.
The White House denies plans, but Obama's track record suggests a second career.
The recipe for church growth is more controversial than you'd think.
One million dollar price tag too steep for Jill Stein.
Poetry as a test case of intellectual and literary decay.
He wasn't using sterile tools...
"Repealing, you want to make sure you replace it properly," says House majority leader.
Hillary supporters are outraged by the "despicable display of misogyny."
Abortion-rights proponents say they have more worries at state level than with the White House.
If "true conservative principles" can live with a nation of hollowed-out towns and villages, and laugh at the inhabitants left behind, then to hell with them.
... "because all lives matter”
General says the Haqqani network still poses "the greatest threat to Americans."
The next time politicians, ugly buildings, and whores try to sell you something, just walk away.
But driver released after Joe McKnight, who was unarmed, was shot three times.