Why can't Democrats lose like adults?
"The plane is totally out of control." But there are two planes...
Director Bertolucci admitted that he kept the scene a secret from lead actress.
Tells troops they uphold society where all "can criticize our president without retribution."
Gee, it's like Trump is already Chief Executive, or something.
Says he's seeing signs on that and other issues that "in the end common sense will prevail."
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" redone to emphasize consent.
He literally used the words "Uncle Tom C**n," and "F**got"...
Meet Angela Merkel: German hawk.
The tab: $85 million for travel and vacations. Yet another reason why Trump won.
Current Arab leaders want a one-state solution: all Palestine.
"Use of force and wicked conspiracies will only prolong and complicate this issue," terror group tells Trump.
How far will we take this safe-space concept?
Satan is using these teachings to shipwreck faith.
Trump "is not qualified for the office," says the elector.
Must See TV
"I'm going to run in 2020. For president. So, uh, what the hell, man."
But they fancy themselves "real" news.
And it's just as ridiculous as ever.
But Michael Slager is not off the hook in death of Walter Scott as he faces retrial and federal charges.
"To be continued..."
The video will now be used as evidence against him...