Small groups, ISIS says, are good "for shocking terror" stabbing sprees only "if one is capable."
One officer dead, one "very, very critical."
Fears of 'militarism' in a time of war float through progressive brains.
Working hard on that permanent minority status.
Their goal "is raising identitarian consciousness among white people in the United States."
Survey says: yes.
Honesty from the media? NEW WORLD ORDER
Power, unlimited power!
How do you define "grievance?"
President did not go to Hawaii, will be visiting later this month with Japanese prime minister.
A title he shares with Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Adolf Hitler.
Subject of fake news story that he endorsed Trump says it's "none of your business" who got his vote.
Why can't Democrats lose like adults?
Even now, MSM still guards the Ethel Rosenberg innocence myth.
"The plane is totally out of control." But there are two planes...
Director Bertolucci admitted that he kept the scene a secret from lead actress.
Tells troops they uphold society where all "can criticize our president without retribution."
Gee, it's like Trump is already Chief Executive, or something.
Says he's seeing signs on that and other issues that "in the end common sense will prevail."
"Baby, It's Cold Outside" redone to emphasize consent.
He literally used the words "Uncle Tom C**n," and "F**got"...
Meet Angela Merkel: German hawk.