Flowers and teddy bears are no match for Islamic violence.
With riots and "sanctuaries," their job is more difficult by the day.
They should've played the cards they were dealt.
Go ahead, sleep around and get an STD because "you deserve to be happy."
Read this now: you could be oppressed and not even know it.
On health care, soon-to-be-former-Speaker walks straight into Trump's trap.
Obamacare the law "for the foreseeable future," Speaker confirms, as Trump advocates big bipartisan bill.
Other big changes coming to Internet regulations.
I can't think of anyone less like Barbie than the crude, rude, and piggish Amy Schumer.
Thirty-four years later and missile defense is now an operating component of the nation’s defenses.
Progressives politicize anything and everything.
Oh yeah, he's not biased at all...
Cult leader.
The Left slowly recognizes its violence problem.
Veteran "motivated purely by hatred" charged with sword murder of can collector.
He also asks if a prosecutor is a "Zionist Jew."
The restaurant is losing a major fight with social media ... and I can't stop laughing.
Casey hopes Republicans short of 60 votes don't detonate nuclear option.
Obama's first budget request wasn't submitted until freaking May.
The votes are far from a sure thing as Ryan schedules Friday vote for Obamacare replacement.
Despite budget concerns, senator "still optimistic" about Trump’s infrastructure plans.
"Claire" doesn't understand basic biology and sexuality.
ADL notes arrests have yet to be made in Jewish cemetery desecrations or swastika vandalism.