Obama calls Erdogan to voice "U.S. and NATO support for Turkey’s right to defend its sovereignty."
Ironic that attack on Paris concert hall coincided with a performance by American band Eagles of Death Metal.
The Bush administration acted. Then everyone dropped the ball.
Busting the Christian divorce rate myth.
Consider this your trigger warning.
When there's a cousin addicted to crystal meth, what do you do? Give him money or stage an intervention?
U.S. forces meant to strike a building 300 meters away from Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, says general.
Tobacco revenue was a $2 billion business for the drugstore chain.
Protesters have taken over public spaces, pushing others out. And now it's led to violence.
Even before Brit Jihadi John was killed, ISIS had expanded its cast of on-screen killers to North Americans.
Anti-trade policies like Trump's caused the Great Depression.
Start by accepting the fact that chasing your little ones around un-childproofed houses is the new norm.