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Sell short!
Cohen documents unsealed and much, much more.
Another win for the president and law enforcement.
He also supports Trump's wall...
"Keep Your Laws Off My Body" only counts when a woman wants to kill her baby before it inconveniences her.
Plenty of other things to mock out there.
MSNBC runs clip of Trump saying "invasion."
The West and the Islamic world consider far different justifications for deadly conflict.
Beto, rocks.
"I'll make a decision by the end of the month."
This could change how the game of politics is played.
White supremacy alert and much, much more.
Like Esther and Mordecai, Jews must not tolerate those who wish to destroy us.
"Shame on you!"
Muslims who slavishly follow the outer minutia of Islam are most prone to following the more “radical” teachings.
(Except where it counts.)
... and Trump Derangement Syndrome.
"We cannot exclude a terrorist motive," Dutch anti-terrorism co-ordinator said,
All things must pass, and some things return -- but which? Christians? Druids?
Bill Kristol strikes again...
They don't really want to pay more taxes. They want to raise your taxes.
Social media is soma.
"No one would be executed for any crime?" "No."
The new Democratic congresswoman does not deserve the stature that the acronym conveys.