Wisdom from Winston Churchill about the nature of Islam.
The president continues his annoying habit of conflating climate change with terrorism.
World wars start this way...
The Paris imam told her "ISIS isn't Islamic." She didn't know he is the very imam whose threats against Charlie Hebdo encouraged riots that ended in slaughter.
Coalition spokesman also says Kremlin "exaggerated" claim of taking out 500 ISIS oil tankers -- unless "counting flattened tires and chipped paint."
How about that.
In this brave new world, with its "receding tide of war" and whatnot, what's still safe to do?
Government agencies are looking for ways to force conservative groups to reveal their donors.
PJM asks Utah senator which of his colleagues running for president will get his endorsement.
It's practically "homemade" (and you'll have plausible deniability).
Saadiq Long's arrest hits Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and CAIR hardest
"Unacceptable that the Obama administration missed an opportunity to make the freedom of Jason a priority in its negotiations with Iran."