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Twitter is not an efficient way for POTUS to communicate with We the People.
When will these airlines learn?
Stars, cars, and guitars were all on display this year.
Ironically, he clearly appreciates his First Amendment rights.
Thanks for representing America this way on a foreign media channel...
A possible death threat?
No, Jake Tapper, the jury's decision was not "unbelievable."
Join us all day, every day.
Protesters, observers who weren't committing violence were abused, lawsuit says.
The DA was aggressive because of the PC target.
A health care defeat for conservatives; let's move on.
Is nothing safe anymore?
The university is investigating the tweet.
"Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter."
Gal Gadot gets real on Instagram.
Western governments "aimed at keeping the people dumb and under their control."
A Leftist federal lawyer with Soros ties sabotages Trump.
He's also received $13k in raises over the last five years.
Schumer slams "wolf in sheep's clothing" with "even sharper teeth than the House bill."
Police have not yet confirmed rumored race and political motives.