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Israelis welcomed the end of Obama's hostility.
But will D.C.'s foreign policy swamp undo his progress?
Join us all day, every day.
Conservative nonprofits launch multimillion dollar effort to simplify the tax code.
It was manly.
"Stating, 'I will pray for you', and 'you were in my prayers' is not acceptable."
"Trump ... far more responsive to our community than the past administration."
Irony: Pence praised the school for being open to diverse opinions.
In the frothing media maelstrom that surrounds Trump, it pays to keep your guard up.
Saudi FM slams "very bigoted positions" on Islam that let terror groups "recruit psychopaths."
$7 billion alone will be invested along new streetcar route, with two-thirds of that money already spent.
The anti-Trump left and right have both lost their minds.
The speech is a sharp departure from the rhetoric on terrorism of President Obama.
It's a start. Now widen the scope.
Cannabis industry unsure if anti-weed Sessions will levy federal enforcement on states that legalized marijuana.
Beware the "Marshal" of the Supreme Court.
Trump visits evil Saudi Arabia, something that never happened in the previous administration. Never ever.
Smith: Other activists "shed real blood, real sweat, real tears," not "in the midst of making $12M in a season."
"'Oh, they're mean to me,' and 'they don't like me...'"
Unashamed to put her racism on display.