Administration believes "bureaucracies know better than landowners," land commissioner tells PJM. "Now they’re messing with Texas.”
"When somebody says it's not about the money, it's about the money." - Mencken
Our disengaged president has become an international embarrassment.
The Senator from Texas "goes there."
Union-Leader took digs at other GOP hopefuls while anointing New Jersey governor.
Plus: Why a discussion about Russia in the Middle East must "include a discussion of Ukraine."
"I will execute aproximately (sic) 16 white male students and or staff."
The media doesn't even try to hide bias anymore.
"Never hesitate to change your perspective. When you can't change life, change your focus."
It's "just not obvious yet."
"To help high school students learn complex Global Climate Change science by making it personally relevant and understandable."
America weeps, ISIS is cackling.