U.S. also strikes ISIS camps in Libya believed to be connected to past and future Europe attacks.
With all respect to Pence — and Reagan — this isn't the verse you're looking for.
These musicians should stop talking and just play music.
A daydream by desperate, stupid people who have convinced themselves that the end times are upon us.
Treasury nominee tells Senate committee he did not run a "foreclosure machine."
Not saying a flashlight never saved a life. But, really?
This dramatic shrinking of Washington sounds almost too good to be true.
Is the Left's current silliness a sustainable threat, or a final gasp?
Remember when Trump tweeted about his enemies?
Nominee tells Senate he believes climate is changing, but "the question is how do we address it" in job-friendly way.
SDF captures children who were reportedly kidnapped and forced to be terror group's shields.
Fun? I'd call this embarrassing.
The snowflakes are becoming what they despise.
A victory few expected placed the president-elect in a position to question everything.
Ross tells committee those who "threaten" Trump "or offer inappropriate things will find he doesn't take that very lightly."
There are pedophiles and human traffickers in our world. Here's how you keep them from your kids.
Ambassador nominee backs family planning programs, two-state solution, climate change as a threat.
“Nobody is interested in pulling the rug out from under anybody," says Price, who refuted ethics charges from Dems.
Some people....
Predicts "we're going to see people of merit rise up from every race, faith" in Oval Office.
This after he called out HHS secretary nominee Tom Price for investing in a medical supply company...
The organized hysteria on the Left gets shriller, but sillier, by the day.
Obama frees an unrepentant anti-American terrorist.