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P.J. Smyth stands by Kavanaugh's "great integrity."
Even though men and women are exactly the same, men and women are not exactly the same.
How can the accused defend himself if he doesn't even know where or when he's supposed to have committed the crime?
They're going after the wrong priests...
Public schools and universities have chosen a different purpose.
"All of the great research that we do to advance biomedicine has its opposite side, which is the threat potential."
Hurd notes difficulty bringing Republican colleagues on board immigration bill because "they are afraid of ultimately being pegged as ‘you support amnesty’."
Deep State uses government jobs to #Resist.
The Lives of Others...
Kava-Nope strategy: delay, delay, delay. Oh, and pay protesters...
Our "suffering" pope's purpose seems to be to take away the sins of his unrepentant prelates.
Chairman says "no reason for any further delay" as Ford attorneys cite death threats.
A classy response to a classless situation.
That doesn't sound like something a federal employee is supposed to be doing on the taxpayer's dime, does it?
Multiculturalism hates the one culture that allows it to exist.
"This is going to be a great day for the American people."
"I admire him as a husband, father, and professional."
Employee explains how he does Democratic Socialist of America work while on the clock.
Bergoglio at first covered up and then minimized a scandal involving a bishop who was caught with a 23-year-old male chauffeur.
Declassified and it feels so good and much, much more.