The "Islamophobia" industry is in full swing.
And an appointment for Valerie Jarrett, an appointment for Susan Rice, one for Kareem...
The abortion clinics hardly lifted a finger to report likely victims.
Says they were "dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump's exploitative campaign."
Meeks said it's possible to attend while "making sure that I would be at no celebratory event."
Place no god before a civil rights icon.
"[R]eacted with surprise upon learning 'hate speech' is fully protected ... "
"Hope springs eternal" that Trump administration will continue sanctions until Russian pullout, VP says in Kiev.
The biggest enemy of women's dignity isn't Donald Trump.
It's season over and the administration awards itself for showing up.
With the anger and violence against police in recent years, this isn't pretty.
Anti-Semitic? Horribly. But it's straight from Islamic scripture.
Party poopers.
Yes, three states celebrate the Confederate general on MLK Day.
The left's global collapse spreads to the Jewish State.
"Were you trying to just get clicks?"
Talk about your "First World problems."
"Politics has replaced the pursuit of truth."
Today's radicals want their icon back.
The company has been targeted by an anti-Trump campaign.
Trump declares NATO obsolete, praises Brexit, and criticizes Chancellor Merkel's refugee policies.