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The Jews and the Chinese are radically different cultures that survived for millennia.
Iraqi native Ashraf al-Safoo posted threats to kill American families during Christmas.
The Caravan continues and much, much more.
"You're a rock star! No, you really are!" Well, that would explain the drunken car crash.
The people want options and the FDA is keeping those options away.
The Maltese professor has a history of disappearing for long periods of time.
"Use that word!" Trump encouraged the crowd.
"News content can be triggering."
“That’s bullshit. I mean, what the f*** are we really talking about here?”
Just in time for the election, The Camp of the Saints is arriving on our doorstep.
The Post hired an Islamic hardliner, and is now trying to cover its tracks.
You need to read about Hezbollah’s notorious Unit 910.
He led the raid that destroyed the Nazis' nuclear ambitions.
"Come join the party for B-E-T-O!"
Million migrant march and much, much more.
The generation insisted on "redefining" everything, after all.
Are only women to be believed unconditionally about sexual assault? 
It's not enough to kill babies. Holding their hand and encouraging the women as they do so is now considered noble.
The drug gangs may look to exploit the chaos and confusion to sneak members into the U.S.
When your children are crying because Hillary lost or Kavanaugh won, is that evidence of child abuse?