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Senator introducing bipartisan bill to protect special counsel with judicial review before firing.
This will solidify his popularity among our warriors.
Things are about to get real.
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The owner says they can't be tracked or hacked. PROMISE.
I hope they keep this lunacy up. It'll guarantee another Republican win in 2020.
Paul: "Can Republicans govern? It’s hard to say yes if we can't do something as simple as keeping our word."
The military exists to kill people and break things—for everything else we have reality shows.
Veteran Ernst says qualified and willing Americans should be able to serve; Hatch stresses "transgender people are people."
The Jewish people are "filth."
Pallone: "A few things that President Trump talked about that I think myself and other Democrats can agree with."
A conservative Eagle Scout responds to Trump's speech.
And some celebrated her death.
TRUMP ON TWITTER: No Transgenders in the military.
Because there hasn't been enough stupid spread lately...
This latest tweet will cause quite a storm.
Pew Research finds white Democrats just aren't handling it well.
"Mexico is an ally, not an enemy," says Vela, so building any fencing "just very difficult to believe."