Choosing sides.
Rubio says he "absolutely" supports investigation "to go where the facts take us."
"I prefer the deep state to the Trump state."
Come on over to our side, James. We can take a joke over here.
Denies the uniqueness of Islamic extremism but criticizes global warming skeptics.
Bolton would "let Trump be Trump."
Ned Ryun says the ACU board was not consulted on the decision.
Here are some more examples of where the Academy got it wrong.
Planned Parenthood calls it a “blatant attempt to intimidate” abortion providers.
Walls in Hungary and other EU countries have dramatically affected illegal immigration.
Possible pick for next national security advisor says preventing Iran nukes with economic pressure "now nearly out of the question."
Chair of House Democratic Caucus suggests using them on the border is something Hitler would have done.
Apparently, not enough people are outraged about period blood or something.
The difference between an expression of thought and an act of violence.
The world thinking Trump is nuts is a good thing.
What the starlet's remarks reveal about sin and sexual morality.
A lot of talk of "treason" these days. All of it is wrong, and un-American.
Liberals hate even the acknowledgement of Trump as president.
She later referred to "the emperor god Trump." Please tell me she's trolling.
Sometimes, Oscar just gets it painfully wrong.
"I've not been a fan of the extra discussion that he likes to engage in, but we're going to soldier on."
Michigan's 2011 tenure reforms should make it easier to give teachers like this the boot.
This bawdy baseball romp wouldn't fit in our PC age. Here's why.
"White Guilt doesn't make black lives matter and neither does America bashing."