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She ranted about "whites" on Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Competing protests by Antifa and pro-Southern heritage groups during the 134th anniversary of the battle
Tells lawmakers U.S. still as focused on women and children, family planning, humanitarian issues as "we need to be."
If you build it, they won't come.
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No place on campus is safe from radical indoctrination.
Using the beloved Sesame Street character to manipulate children is a new low, even for CNN.
There's an arms race going on where all parties wear masks.
It's time to start handing out serious consequences — and jail time — for this behavior.
Democrats' Voting Rights Advancement Act would cover 13 states.
Terror group makes case for Sharia-compliant journalism after couple who left Shabaab tell all.
And they don't need your permission.
How big is too big?
CNN(!) broke this story.
Either GOPs agree and "change the status quo," Senate leader says, "or markets will collapse."
Talking troop levels "the worst place to start -- I want to do everything else that builds to it."
The religious cleansing of Christians from Turkey continues. goes full snowflake.
The real costs of "social justice."
Remember when he was a GOP congressman...?
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