Cult leader.
Thirty-four years later and missile defense is now an operating component of the nation’s defenses.
Oh yeah, he's not biased at all...
The Left slowly recognizes its violence problem.
Veteran "motivated purely by hatred" charged with sword murder of can collector.
He also asks if a prosecutor is a "Zionist Jew."
The restaurant is losing a major fight with social media ... and I can't stop laughing.
Casey hopes Republicans short of 60 votes don't detonate nuclear option.
Obama's first budget request wasn't submitted until freaking May.
The votes are far from a sure thing as Ryan schedules Friday vote for Obamacare replacement.
Despite budget concerns, senator "still optimistic" about Trump’s infrastructure plans.
"Claire" doesn't understand basic biology and sexuality.
ADL notes arrests have yet to be made in Jewish cemetery desecrations or swastika vandalism.
How come nobody's ever "far left"?
Allegations of "rape alleging" alleged.
President says "improving conditions for African-American citizens... means more to me than anybody can understand."
Entitlement builds a sense of entitlement? Hmm.
Feminism sure sounds a lot like oppression these days.
ISIS claims credit for attack that killed Utah man on 25th wedding anniversary trip.
No one wants to talk about the "Known Wolf" phenomenon.
Should stores have to post nutritional information for every menu combination?
In November 2016, ESPN lost over 600,000 subscribers, its worst month ever. Here's why.