"Off the pigs."
Even a "demonstration" EMP over the Pacific deserves our full weight.
The rise of the West seems to hinge on the spread of two substances: tobacco and coffee.
Can't imagine why he's not on the Republicans' side here...
It was "very Trump-heavy."
Tells Palestinian leader, "You have millions of people rooting for you, that I can say."
Senators argued move "would send a message of irresolution to our strongest ally in the Middle East" and "be duly noted by our mutual adversaries."
Ridicule is a weapon against which there is no defense.
Then why should any of us bother to not be racist again?
Turkish president: "The protesters were insulting us, and they were screaming and shouting. The police failed to intervene properly."
Pep rally bullet points marketed to the Trump echo chamber.
The edge of hotness.
Tell me if you've heard this one: A Chechen, two Iraqis, and a Syrian walk into Germany after having fought with ISIS...
No wonder nobody trusts the media.
Thirty-four protesters were arrested in all.
Abortion is exactly the sort of thing that Satan loves.
He's diving back into anti-Semitism...
Roof of prime minister's residence ripped off in Dominica amid "devastating" Category 5 cocktail of 160 mph winds and rain-drenched landslides.