The United States shall be governed by the law of the United States.
Transgenderism and feminism are fundamentally at odds.
Espaillat argues rights of U.S. citizen children violated if their illegal immigrant parents are deported.
Americans aren't going to want to do this work that llegal aliens are doing now.
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Disgraced abortionist reveals he delivered Smith, asks for his help.
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He didn't realize the oppression was actually freedom, or something.
Bill Clinton's pointless program is likely over.
Schumer: "No matter how much they deny it," White House launching "mass deportation plan."
This is one you must see to believe...
A big uptick in rape is only one of their Muslim migrant problems.
Let's use Beyonce's glorification of motherhood to advance pro-family values, not rake on Hollywood hypocrisy.
Clay says removal "sent a chilling message to young Americans that their voices are not respected."
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