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Boris Johnson: "Trying to get people to identify and to love the country that they come to... is the most important thing."
Brown: "If the FIRED Act were in place, Mr. Comey would still be leading" Russia investigation.
They find racism in a study showing near-universal acceptance.
" ... police have told him to hold his classes off campus due to safety concerns."
Katy Perry trips on her tongue while Morrissey surprises everyone.
"Let's just give them the violence, it's a person, it's killing."
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I suggest we relay the same message to all the pajama-clad nannying busybodies.
Most of the victims were children.
Hmm: Feds issue terror warning about group they won't give terror designation.
Teaching your kids how to start a genocide.
"This is an attempt to take me out. This is a kill shot."
"The cultural collapse of the GOP into the Trump Troll Party."
Poor Milo Đukanović?
Former senator talked with former neighbor, Mueller, while deliberating Trump's request.
Leaking and publishing UK intel that tips off child killers is the last straw.
The Left is going to crash and burn if they try to take our tacos away.
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