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Power had "no business calling for the quantity and quality of the intelligence" she was asking for.
Trump tells NYT he would have picked another AG who wouldn't recuse self from Russia probe.
Kick the busybodies out of bed, and go have some fun.
A recent study suggests a lot of observed warming is the result of artificial corrections to observed measurements.
Jeff Sessions will not resign.
It's that old signal-to-noise problem again.
"Hard not to see this as a F*** you."
Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive kinds of cancer, but there are treatments.
Padilla says request for vast voter data is "going to insert more vulnerability into our elections."
Lundergan Grimes says Trump's election commission collecting info for “foreign actors seeking to destroy American democracy.”
Pro-Trump PAC threatened to run ads against Heller when he opposed first Senate repeal-and-replace bill.
Six-term senator "confident that any future treatment will be effective" for glioblastoma.
Former DOJ Civil Rights head Vanita Gupta dons the tinfoil in the New York Times.
Both sides are blowing stuff out of proportion at this point.
"You can keep your doctor, lie. You can keep your plan, lie."
He compared their healthcare bill to the 9/11 terror attacks...
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But signs point to another futile presidential run...
President promises a better bill by lunchtime after saying solution wouldn't come until 2018.
Quietly, without a lot of fanfare, the legacy media is starting to ask if they've gone too far.
When CNN's Jake Tapper pressed them on it, the Women's March doubled down.
Life on the Middle American Reservation.