There's something in the water there.
First post-RNC sighting of the shell-shocked VP nominee at Trump JFK conspiracy presser.
It’s obvious, but, alas, unlikely.
RNC accuses Clinton of trying to run to the middle while she tries to assure the left the senator is progressive.
"Partner in peace" Mahmoud Abbas calls the jihadist a "righteous son."
Trump's acceptance speech was both sane and competent.
Seems that everyone now, Muslim or otherwise, knows the truth except for Western leaders.
Chilling video of gunman opening fire outside of McDonald's.
All the shouting gave me PTSD!
The president insults our intelligence once again.
At least nine killed near Munich's Olympic Park as police hunt for "up to three" terrorists.
Very scary.
"This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse... doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people."
Turban-clad Captain America, Romanian Abraham Lincoln, and hippie cross-dressers.
You won't believe it!
How sensitive of them.
Silicon Valley entrepreneur scores at Republican Convention.
If only the RNC had heard Cruz's full speech, "they would have liked it a lot."
"I’m going to have live in the woods for the next four years" if Hillary wins, he tells PJM at RNC.
This is controversial? Really?
Cenk: "Everyone, GET THE F**K OFF OF MY STAGE!"