Trump "makes a difference between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim," one supporter tells PJM.
Forcing heroes to pay for government waste.
"Donald, no, no, don't set her up this way..."
Come and help name the couple's new boat and talk about how babies are harming the planet.
"Artisanal" Snark
"All rainbows and puppy dogs!"
If they manage to pull these off it's game over for Universal.
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have lowest unemployment rate of any group in America, report finds
The Democratic nominee compared social conservatism to honor killings.
Another veteran GOP fighting for political life against relatively inexperienced Dem challengers.
Finally, someone is talking about the important issues.
Group promotes and lauds Kabul attack this week that killed two Americans.
Presumptive, much?
The Satanic Temple has a long history of trying to extinguish Christianity. Now they're targeting children ages 5-12.
The DDoS attack on the internet yesterday is only the beginning.
Secretary of State reminisces upon cap-and-trade battle with Leonardo DiCaprio.
Finally, an October Surprise we can endorse!
Democrats want to blame it all on the Russians, but sometimes it's just pure stupidity.