Trump has picked a fight he cannot win.
Of course, Mayor Beth Van Duyne was then savaged for speaking up.
Sore losers gonna lose sorely.
If the feds can institute it, they can later ban it, too.
Hollywood has no room to lecture President Trump on narcissism.
Black conservative woman attacks the "white supremacy" of Democratic policies.
The New York Times serves as useful idiot, again.
President also promises "one of the greatest military build-ups in American history."
Brexit leader says president wants to form "a grown-up relationship" with Putin.
In Denmark, burn a Bible but never a Koran.
Time for the Dems to start vetting their own celebrities.
North Dakota governor declares pipeline demonstration site an “ecological mess.”
Here are a few more examples of Oscar's imperfection.
Senator: If Trump "goes back" on Social Security campaign support, "he is lying to the American people."
A "new political order" is "still being formed," White House chief strategist tells CPAC.
Senator tells CPAC that "many times" he has "raised a glass and toasted Harry Reid."
At the UN, America needs honesty more than diplomacy.
"I'm just astonished how many people live online," Conway tells CPAC.
All hands on deck, I guess.
She told him to take the garbage out when he was home!
"I wasn't going to let the noise of the protests drown out the voices of the majority," governor tells CPAC.
A teacher wins raves for enforcing classroom inequality.
Everyone who cut ties with him was right.
CPAC exec. director: "The alt-right ain't right at all."