Khalimov said he came to the U.S. three times and trained with Blackwater.
Iran has little time left to trample on Obama. How far will they go?
Yes, the SECRETARY OF STATE actually said this.
Get it done, or else...
What's with these gun owners who are obsessed with murder toys?
Hillary and Huma portraying themselves as battlers for women's rights? C'mon.
Dems just "want to have more and more fences around where they are located,” one Virginia voter says.
The evil that she's done -- to Germany, Europe and the West -- will live on long after she's gone.
It's now the "mainstream Left."
Failure was always part of the Obamacare plan.
Remote private hunting area is the scene of horrific carnage.
Stalin is smiling.
America's voting systems are vulnerable to attack and the Russians appear to be trying to take advantage of that.
Your taxes will go towards making your food more expensive.
The transformation from "campus" to "asylum" is complete.
We've witnessed the decline. Is the fall of our constitutional republic next?
Fool me once...
The bus hit a fire truck that was assisting with another accident.