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We've seen this movie before...
McConnell calls DACA demand "pure folly," Leahy accuses White House of "racist fearmongering propaganda" ahead of next shutdown vote.
The process may take up to 19 congressional work days.
Evangelical leader trusts "flawed" president's word he didn't have sex with a porn star.
Publish the memo — in its entirety.
The VERY THOUGHT that someone has a different opinion is hurtful!
A culture without an identity is on the path to ethnocide.
In tests, prototypes repel even special-forces commandos.
"A stark reminder that domestic extremism is a serious threat to our safety and security... we cannot ignore one form of extremism over another."
The Scandinavian disease is strong in these ones.
Do we all really need to read the lurid details about everyone's sex life?
History shows that the shutdown will be forgotten by Election Day.
There's one problem...
Showcasing the best of the U.S. military.
White House blames "behavior of obstructionist losers," while Schumer says he dangled the border wall in talks with Trump but president was "rooting for a shutdown."
That won't stop Copeland from begging for your last few dollars.
The pro-life movement has "allowed our support to be claimed by politicians who are right on abortion and wrong on nearly everything else," says Jesuit.