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That just looks so wrong...
Doug Jones also uses Attorney General Jeff Sessions telling the House Judiciary Committee, "I have no reason to doubt these young women."
Christians are commanded to love and be involved in each others' lives. That can be difficult for introverts.
Join us all day, every day.
Two people have been fired.
Public Safety Minister: "The number of returnees known to the government of Canada is in the order of 60, and they are under very careful investigation."
Meanwhile, students are circulating a petition that would ban cops from campus altogether.
"Jones, I've looked at his record. It's terrible."
The CAIR leader was even allowed to ask for financial donations.
Attack planned for six days before Christmas Day...
The long-suffering Germans do not want to be Guinea pigs for globalism.
Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements
Officer of the Year—definitely. Father of the Year—maybe not.
Strikes "not going after the farmers who are growing the poppy," general explains, as they often labor as slaves for terror group.
Bah Humbug!
The NFL running back kneels for a flag he feels "oppresses black people" and stands for a flag that...huh?
Her own dumb choices are why she has none left.