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Budget Office estimates 22 million more uninsured in Senate version compared to 23 million in House.
AQIS, which killed a U.S. citizen in machete attack, directs focus to "the central enemy standing against jihadi awakening."
An appalling video has people scratching their heads.
Here's what you need to know.
"Evolution is already an archaic and disproven theory."
Dress codes encourage sexual assault or something.
"I'm a master legislator."
Rachid Ghannouchi had been a darling of D.C. foreign policy "experts."
Finally, the Left's vicious racism gets addressed.
But it does need Christians who live out their faith and serve one another.
How progressivism is taking away our heritage for a mess of outrage.
Given current federal law, Shulkin said, states will have to lead the way.
German jihadist says Muslims in West shouldn't tolerate religion being "presented as that of the retarded."
Maureen Dowd catches a glimpse of the truth.
Director for Refugee Resettlement says “best we can do is scrutinize the sponsor" of unaccompanied minors.
Congressional freshmen sign civility pledge, proposal National Day of Civility on July 12.
The Russian narrative was being set even before the election took place.
Don't forget the Jewishness of Jesus.