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A new survey brings depressing results.
Welcome to the new normal. Are you fed up yet?
That's why he is so despised by the America-hating Left.
The Collaborator continues to do what he's done throughout a long and disgraceful public career.
President says Wilson "totally fabricated what I said," while Florida Dem charges Niger ambush could be "Mr. Trump's Benghazi."
"Like a gluttonous ogre out of the Brothers Grimm."
A war of words.
Official ISIS outlets haven't yet recognized jihadists in country where instability is endemic and bank helps finance Hezbollah.
When the NFL finally disappears, it will be a good day for America.
"They're in private life, and a Democrat is in the Senate," he reminds as purge threatened.
Assange fights back against Clinton's claim that he's a Russian stooge.
About 6,500 ISIS fighters estimated to be left in Iraq and Syria, with the flow of foreign recruits "near zero."
A new report paints a dire picture.
Florida Dem: "They aren’t designed to be a useful tool for the millions of smart and safe and responsible gun owners in America."
Clinton lost because she was the most god-awful candidate of a major party in history.
Will the University of Florida in Gainesville become the next Charlottesville?