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It's a good start, but let's not forget all the other anti-Semites associated with the Democratic Party.
“This is a very flagrant error of the campaign and I own it.”
Polls have not yet factored in Vukmir's strong debate performance.
She's not boring -- we'll give her that.
The Democratic Party's attempt to nationalize the election has failed.
Ahistorical demands by activists were wisely cut from the USMCA.
Khashoggi in the headlines and much, much more.
TLP demands that Asia Bibi, mother of 5, be executed.
I'm sure they can make up more stuff.
Would even Jesus be safe in Scotland these days?
Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor, I've made my peace with the way the 45th POTUS does things.
Trump calls Stormy "Horseface."
"The Civil War was really bad, but since then this is pretty terrible."
Celebrating diversity at clothing chain Marks & Spencer.
Why are you not a Democrat?
"DNA test is useless."
Violence is increasingly how the Left argues its case.
Hiding the truth about McCaskill's views on guns, Obama, impeachment to dupe swing voters.
These songs have no business receiving the hype bestowed on them.
"Just basically flushing money down the toilet."