"Donald Trump Hold Babies" just doesn't capture the magic of this moment.
Yet another "broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations."
"That’s a backdoor vote but a vote nonetheless -- and we’ve been here before."
More change coming at Fox News?
Yet U.S. government accepted the project "as is," inspector general finds.
He was THAT excited by a Hillary Clinton nomination!
1.6 million more viewers tuned in to hear Trump's acceptance speech.
But for how long?
A reminder that social justice is just more fascism.
Hillary has committed serious felony violations of federal law. So naturally, the left is acting as if Trump committed "treason."
"Who's a good boy?"
Violent crime is on the rise, but it’s wishful thinking that a President Clinton will do anything about it.
One suspect is in custody.
"America is great because America is good," Clinton says amid Bernie protesters.
But if "they wanted to have him on some committee or some advisory panel, I would welcome that," actor tells PJM at DNC.
Brussels, Paris are a warning. "This is 10 times" the movement that sparked 9/11.
Spread the word to other law enforcement that they are no longer welcome either.
General says ISIS strength there "hard to say" as "it's a very dynamic battlefield."
"I am not for wholesale sending people back. That’s not the American way," Thompson tells PJM at DNC.
Most of the Obama admin wanted Boko Haram designated. Only Hillary tried to stop it.