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UPDATE: Police have seized a bottle of bleach from Smollett's apartment.
"Why did they even bother to choose New York City if they didn’t want to actually be a part of New York City and do the work it takes to be a good neighbor?"
The university has no plans to host "Get a Job Week" anytime soon.
It happened multiple times under Obama.
But they arrested a black actor connected to Smollett.
The Most Dangerous Democrat in America.
"It's about brown people. It's about black people."
"Hopefully, they’re not literally going after their daughters in bed," says "Dr." Susan Block.
The Fab Four sang about more than just love. They looked for something higher in many of their songs.
Though ISIS backers operating under a number of media alliances regularly craft and circulate threats, Los Angeles is rarely featured as a target.
UPDATE: Police raided the home of two Nigerian extras on 'Empire,' taking bleach, electronics, shoes.
"Republicans should have some dismay about the door that they are opening, the threshold they are crossing," says House speaker.
Sorry, but it all smells as fishy as the tuna sub Smollett managed to hang onto throughout the ostensible ordeal.
There was never any collusion. The entire debacle has been a Deep State plot to depose a president.
Updates on the Jussie Smollett 'hate crime' story.
Says he was not "in a position to consider invoking the 25th Amendment."
DOJ staff plotting to remove President Trump confirms conservatives' worst fears.
"He's not getting what he wanted. And I think he knows that," says Thune. "...I think the president can live to fight another day."
CNN was "provided an unfiled, draft copy of the indictment the Court had ordered sealed.”
Police confirmed suspicious details, but won't turn on the "Empire" star just yet.