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"Rice's talking points and State's understanding of the attack play an unavoidably central role in this case."
Could America's favorite Pseudospanic be the savior of the Democratic Party?
And they will get their way if parents don't rise up and tell the government nannies to back off.
"Really? They can still hug their children ..."
Since it's affecting beer, the government shutdown is now personal!
Thugs: Striking L.A. teachers post names of subs crossing picket line...
Anchors want him to repeat SPLC talking points.
On Islam, the Left uses this word to demand the exact opposite.
And for 27 years, there's been a total media blackout.
The secret to a tasty steak is...
"People are being exposed by this that are totally corrupt."
The slop heard 'round the world!
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that “in the fairest big city in America, we have a mandate to further our commitment to justice."
Their actual position on abortion would repeal the ruling.
The insanity of a doctored national address.
Trump-Russia was still the top topic on ABC, CBS, and NBC.
It worries me a lot that Mossad and CIA, with all their wealth and talent, don't know a lot.
Media meltdown ensues.
Gillibrand in for 2020.
"Let us hope and pray earnestly that this action will lead to greater reflection and ultimately change on his part," says McCarthy.