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Attack presents Trump tweets as equivalent to Putin's jailing of journalists.
They are still unwilling to look beyond their "Nazi" explanation.
Trump Meets with Putin and Much, Much More
Mayor Breed says the homeless aren't being taught to "clean up after themselves."
They love him now, but for how long?
Dem challenger calls McMaster’s veto “a moral outrage” and a classic example of “how this governor cares far more about ideological posturing."
For those willing to hear the truth, Trump's dumping of the nuclear deal is looking better and better.
Is responding in kind to liberal attacks really the way to go?
The state party gives its endorsement to a radical leftist.
These were summers when we couldn't wait to get to the movies!
“Why is it that it is so easy for us as a society to basically find a reason to throw this person away, to kill them?"
Red state Democratic senators may defy their party and vote for Brett Kavanaugh.
"... we did not see the smug attitude from Lisa Page that we saw from Peter Strzok.”
In other news, Americans fought, won War of Independence from Britain.
Facing huge losses, Trump tells European corporations to go climb a tree.
Iran sanctions keep oil expensive, pushing up the cost of gas everywhere.
She remains the gift that keeps on giving for Republicans.
Calm down, Chicken Littles.
Democrats backtracking furiously on their radical proposal to get rid of ICE.
"Access needs are entirely ignored."
The SPLC's attacks are false, anti-Christian, and dangerous.
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