The Silver Bullet to Kill Conspiracism

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This is Week 4 of Season 3 in my new 13 Weeks of Wild Man Writing and Radical Reading Series. Every week day I try to blog about compelling writers, their ideas, and the news cycle’s most interesting headlines.

Just because someone embraces a conspiracy theory it does not mean they are by nature a paranoid conspiracist across the board. I think veteran Republican political operative Roger Stone falls into this category. Normally he writes about men’s fashion and what a horrible person Eliot Spitzer is — subjects I very much appreciate. I also share his enthusiasm for the spirit — if not the policies and morals of — Richard Nixon. It’s tremendously badass that Stone got Nixon’s face tattooed on his back. I think if I ever had a Hangover-style escapade in Las Vegas and woke up with a tattoo it would be something comparable. Though I’d want Nixon’s immortal quote, the most badass ever uttered by a President, accompanying it:

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So does that statement also apply to the vice President too?

Stone has a new book out this month with a surprising subject that he wrote about today at PJ Lifestyle: his thesis that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson and the CIA.

I decided to publish Stone’s review comparing the new Kennedy movie with his LBJ-centric theory in order to provide a third perspective, the one I’ve come to embrace, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa’s.

How can we tell who was really behind Kennedy’s assassination? Maybe we should look at who was doing the most work to blame Johnson, the CIA, and right-wing American nationalists while obscuring Lee Harvey Oswald’s and Jack Ruby’s Communist connections.

I’ll just let Pacepa and his co-author Professor Ronald Rychlak tell the rest of the story. For the convenience of others in rebutting this Communist conspiracy theory, I’ve decided to make the excerpts a single image. Feel free to share these valuable, hidden facts and do read Disinformation to learn much, much more that will transform how you understand history, culture, and politics:PacepaJFK


See my previous link-round up from this week, of stories outside PJM: The 21 Most Evil News Stories from October


PJ Media Story Round Up

PJM Stories Thursday and Friday

Roger L. Simon: God, Lies, and Obama

Which bounces us back to the first factor — that religiously based moral code. Moral codes are almost all religiously based, even to agnostics, and Obama is not immune to this. These codes are imbued in early childhood, by the family and environment.

I suspect that Obama’s core belief — his key religious value, if you will — is an American form of taqiyya — the Muslim dictate that it is permissible to lie to non-believers for the preservation of Islam. He believes in left-wing taqiyya. (Ironically,taqiyya is largely Shiite and Obama wishes to negotiate with Shiite Iran, masters of the lie.)

Now I do not think for a second that Obama is a Muslim any more than I think he is a Christian. He is a typical postmodern agnostic who only goes to church — and then rarely — for political purposes. But he grew up in the Islamic world in the midst of the psychological climate of taqiyya, with preservation of the group taking precedence over even the hint of democracy. And that climate harmonized completely with his other influences — anti-imperialism augmented by Alinksyite methods, themselves anti-democratic.

He never had a moral basis for honesty. Lying, from the Choom Gang through Reverend Wright and beyond, was his lifestyle. And he had the consolation that he was lying for a better good. No one ever told him otherwise. If that goes on for long enough, you lose contact with truth. It becomes almost a non-existent phenomenon, an irrelevancy.

David Solway: Only a God Can Save Us Now

Rodrigo Sermeno: Changes in Security Clearance System Coming After Navy Yard Shooting, Snowden

Bill Straub: Budget Talks Open: Sequestration Likely to Go, Entitlement Reform Faces Uphill Climb

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa: Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Obama: How Marxist Leaders Conceal Their Pasts

No, glasnost is not a misprint or a typo. During the years I was at the top of the KGB community, glasnost was the code name for an ultra-secret intelligence tool of the KGB’s ultra-secret black “science” of dezinformatsiya. Its task was to transform the country into a monument to its leader, and to portray that leader as god himself.

Every glasnost I have ever known had the overriding task of concealing a ruler’s past by giving him a new political identity. Stalin’s glasnost concealed his horrific assassination of some 24 million people by portraying him as an earthly god, with his icon prominently displayed all around the country. Khrushchev’s glasnost was aimed at building a peaceful international façade for the man who shifted the KGB’s political assassinations over to the West. That was proved by the West German Supreme Court in October 1962, during the public trial of Bogdan Stashinsky, a KGB officer who had been decorated by Khrushchev himself for having assassinated Soviet enemies living in the West.[vii] Gorbachev, who had been a KGB informant when he was studying at Moscow State University,[viii] tasked his glasnost to lead attention away from his KGB past by portraying him as a magician who displayed a flirtatious “Miss KGB” to Western correspondents and pledged to transform the Soviet Union into a “Marxist society of free people.”[ix]

In 2008, when Senator Obama was running for president, his tax policies and voting records showed him as “the hardest-left candidate ever nominated for president of the United States.”[x] Remember? Running as a socialist, however, meant sailing in uncharted waters, and the senator decided to conceal his socialist image by presenting himself as a contemporary Reagan.[xi] After he was elected, President Obama further portrayed himself either as a present-day Lincoln[xii] or a new Teddy Roosevelt.[xiii]

Bridget Johnson: Paul Resolution Demands to Know Why NSA Spied on Pope Francis

Bryan Preston: The Emmanuel Goldstein-ing of Ted Cruz

Jack Dunphy: A Cop’s Worst Nightmare

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PJM Stories Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Bryan Preston: Five Things We Learned from Today’s Obamacare Hearing

Sebelius also claimed that there is “no data” that shows that Americans are losing their jobs or having their work hours cut due to Obamacare’s mandates. Here’s some data for her to ignore.

Sebelius also claimed that it is “illegal” for her to enter the Obamacare exchange to buy insurance, even though it is not. She can buy insurance on the exchange if she chooses to. She also refused to state whether if it is legal for her to buy insurance on the exchanges, that she would do it, until a Democrat forced her to say that she might. When Sebelius got cornered on accountability for’s failure and the broader problems with Obamacare, Sebelius huffed “Whatever.” Hardly a confidence-inspiring sequence.

Obamacare forces single men to buy maternity coverage 

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) grilled Sebelius about the Obamacare mandate forcing people to buy coverage they may not need. Sebelius ended up defending a mandate that forces men to purchase maternity coverage, because “some men need” it for their wives. She let stand Ellmers’ accurate statement that Obamacare forces a typical single 30-year-old single man to buy insurance that covers maternity, coverage he was not forced to buy before Obamacare.

Stephen Kruiser: VA Governor’s Race Polling All Over the Place: Is Cuccinelli Still in It?

Charlie Martin: The Arithmetic Absurdity of Obamacare

An astounding, really first-rate piece from Charlie.

Richard Fernandez: The Universal Obamaphone

Gordon G. Chang: Why Is the U.S. Helping China Militarize Space?

Michael Ledeen: Reading Others’ Mail…or Going Blind on the Battlefield

What are we to make of all this?  For guidance, I turned to the spirit of the late James Jesus Angleton, once upon a time the head of CIA counterintelligence, himself a consummate snooper.  I wasn’t sure my untrusty ouija board would work, having been occupied with writing obligations of late, but it was fine.  There he was, gravelly voice and all, seemingly happy to chat.

JJA:  Wow!  Talk about action…so many circular firing squads, it’s amazing anyone is still standing in the intel world, huh?

ML:  I’ll say.  And everyone’s an expert.

JJA:  Of course.  As a general matter, knowledge is power and status.  Not always, of course.  Ignorance is blissful at scandal time.   But the general rule is that admitting ignorance is tantamount to confessing weakness and lack of importance.  So they feign knowledge.  But not the president, who wants to blame his assistants in this case.

JJA:  Anyone with a working brain would have to take seriously the possibility that Snowden is a fully recruited enemy agent.

ML:  Well that’s certainly carefully stated, isn’t it?

JJA:  Counterintelligence isn’t for people who like to arrive at quick conclusions.  So you start with plausible hypotheses and test them, knowing that you’ll often fail to prove any one of them.

Bridget Johnson: Asst. Secretary of State: Egypt Churches Burned by Some People Who Are ‘Simply Anti-Christian’

Bill Straub: Obamacare Marketplace Overseer Tells Congress Website ‘Has Not Lived Up to Expectations’

David Steinberg: DRAINING THE SWAMP: Top 40 Troubling Listings from the Obamacare Navigator/Assister Security Nightmare

Tom Blumer: Mind-Boggling Attempts at Blame Shifting

Victor Davis Hanson: Questions Rarely Asked—and Never Answered

Uncivil Liberties

How did Barack Obama become the most anti-civil liberties president in history — to almost complete silence? Well aside from the fact that Obama embraced, or more often expanded, all the Bush-Cheney anti-terrorism protocols (e.g., preventative detention, Guantanamo, renditions, the Patriot Act, etc.), he has droned ten times more suspects than did Bush.

Do we remember Obama’s own reference to Bush’s occasional use of bombing and predators in Afghanistan, when he called for more ground troops so that the U.S. had “enough troops that we’re not just air raiding villages and killing civilians which is causing enormous problems there”?

When was the last time a president got caught tapping the private phones of French elites, a German chancellor, or a Brazilian head of state? When has an Associated Press reporter found his communications monitored? Has any president since Richard Nixon been accused of politicizing the IRS to go after supposedly partisan enemies? What might have been the media response had George Bush monitored the communications of our key allies? Never in recent U.S. history has a president so impaired the concept of civil liberties — and to the complete silence of the media that proclaims itself the very champion of the First Amendment.

In sum, we have become so inured to recent distortions in reality, that we assume aberration is the new normal — or we are too busy texting to care.

Lead PJM Stories over the Weekend

Rick Moran: ‘Tech Surge’ Chief Assures Us that Obamacare Website Will Be Running ‘Smoothly’ by End of November

Mike McNally: New Regulations Threaten Freedom of the Press in UK

Bryan Preston: VIDEO — Democrat Alan Grayson Accuses MSNBC’s Martin Bashir of Collaborating with the KKK

Bridget Johnson: Visas for Afghans, Iraqis Who Helped U.S. Forces Get Small Reprieve, But Program Needs Big Fixes ASAP

Kim Zigfeld: GOP Falls Short in Standing Up Against Putin … and for First Amendment Rights

Lead PJM Stories on Friday

Roger L. Simon: Alinsky Lessons for Republicans

Bryan Preston: Dropped Coverage: One Doctor’s Story in the Age of Obamacare

Nicholas Ballasy: Ben Stein at Cruz Event: Obamacare ‘Doesn’t Bother Me at All, Sorry’

Stephen Kruiser: Post-Shutdown Budget Talks to Focus on Continued Punting of the Problem

Tom Blumer: Now We See How Weak the Pre-Shutdown Economy Was

Andrew Klavan: Why So Horrifying? Supernatural Fiction and The World

Lead PJM Stories Last Thursday

Rodrigo Sermeno: Contractors Describe Patchwork of Efforts But Blame CMS for Bad Site Rollout

Bill Straub: The GOP’s Next Strategy to Fight Obamacare

Ed Driscoll: Audio Interview: Chris Kyle’s American Sniper: The Memorial Edition

Janine Turner: How the GOP Can Win in 2016: Stop Singling Out the Mother

I’m more on the Megan Fox side of this discussion. The important point to distinguish: the critique is not of single mothers who become such because of divorce or a husband’s death. Nor is it of single moms who are working hard to provide for their children. The critique is of females and girls — not mature women — who choose to have children when they know that the man impregnating them has no interest in being a father. It’s of the females who

And it’s not sexist to aim the messaging against illegitimacy primarily to young women who are almost always the ones being pressured into sex. The kind of amoral, stupid, perpetual teenage boy-males who become deadbeat dads cannot be reached with rational argument.

Bryan Preston: CNN Anchor: ‘Nasty’ Obama People ‘Threaten’ Reporters

Bridget Johnson: Contractor Behind Site Protested Loss of a CMS Contract Year Before Award

Lead PJM Stories Last Wednesday

Stephen Green: Our Standing in the Middle East Hits Rock Bottom

We helped a lot in Libya, which is now pretty much a failed state.

In Egypt we clung to the military strongman before abandoning him, and the country, to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. We supported the Muslim Brotherhood until we didn’t, and they were replaced by a new military strongman in what was really a coup, unless you ask John Kerry. See, we can’t call it a coup without having to eliminate Egypt’s military aid, so in a show of support for the new, non-coup-y regime, Professor Wiggleroom has severely reduced military aid to Cairo. The new military strongman doesn’t seem to want much to do with us.

David Steinberg: (BREAKING) Identity Theft Russian Roulette: Refers Users to Uncertified Navigators and Assisters

Stephen Green: Our Standing in the Middle East Hits Rock Bottom

Bridget Johnson: Sebelius Claims Obama Didn’t Know About Site Problems, But Aug. 2 IG Report Called Out Insufficient Testing

Ron Radosh: Obamacare Headed for Full-scale Meltdown

David Solway: Another Take on the Gender Wars

Jack Dunphy: LAPD ‘Special Order 7′ a Godsend for Unlicensed Illegal Alien Drivers


PJ Lifestyle Stories on the Home Page

Theodore Dalrymple: Is Living Near an Airport Dangerous for Your Health?

Walter Hudson: Obama’s Promise Revised: If He Likes Your Plan, You Can Keep It

Andrew Klavan: My Wife: ‘You Know, It’s Not Always that Much Fun to Watch Movies with You.’

Robert Spencer: Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult

Not much is known about her at this point, but it may be that she was a true believer. There are, after all, numerous precedents. On June 21, 2005, a 21-year-old Muslim woman named Wafa Samir al-Biss tried to kill herself and murder as many infidels as possible at an Israeli checkpoint, but her explosive vest failed to detonate. She recounted later that day that her “dream was to be a martyr. I believe in death.”

Kathy Shaidle: Vampira: Beatnik, Goth, Punk

Paula Bolyard: How about Celebrating Reformation Day instead of Halloween?

Builder Bob: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in a Hardware Store

Megan Fox: After Woman Reports Public Masturbation, Library Staff Moves Her to Different Computer

Kathy Shaidle: The War of the Worlds That Wasn’t

Walter Hudson: What’s More Offensive than Blackface?

Susan L.M. Goldberg: My 5 Favorite Ann Coulter Columns

Kyle Smith: 6 of the Most Unbelievably Extreme Horror Films You Must Never Watch on Netflix Streaming

The torture porn genre was really starting to blossom as my film idolatry began to diminish circa 2008 and politics took its place. I haven’t seen any of the movies on Kyle’s list. Whereas I used to be well versed in the depths reached

I guess the films which helped inspire the genre — Saw, Saw II, and Hostel — are now regarded as fairly tame by current standards. (And they’re still pretty effective horror-thrill films. They don’t have the level of sadism as later entries in the series.

Kathy Shaidle: Will Roger Ebert Biopic Be a Big Bust?

Megan Fox: Librarian Logic: I Hate Censorship So I Censored You on Facebook

Kathy Shaidle: All That’s Missing Is the Unicorn

Bonnie Ramthun: The Terrors of the Minivan! Why Popular Culture Wages War Against Large Families

Robert Spencer: Burned Alive for $47

Megan Fox: VIDEO: Mother Confronts Library Board about Porn-Filled Library Lab and its Librarian Defenders

Megan has done such a fantastic job with her New Media activism on this story. There’s much, much more to come — it just gets worse….


New at PJ Lifestyle


Charlie Martin and Sarah Hoyt: Book Plug Friday: Ringing in the Changes

Walter Hudson: Were Video Stores Better Than Internet Streaming?

Halloween! on Thursday

Charlie Martin: Time for Speculation

Me: Debate: Death to the New Deal! Screw Social Security!

My response to the debate over the welfare state that Ron Radosh started.

Megan Fox: Teen Touches Himself In Front of a Child and Library Director Does Nothing

Bridget Johnson: Halloween Cute Dose: The Puppacita’s Pillage-Worthy Costume

Becky Graebner: The Most Spook-tacular Cars On the Road


Megan Fox: Full Exposure and Public Masturbation? Librarian Warns Don’t Do That Again

Charlie Martin: The Math-iest Math Joke

Ion Mihai Pacepa: The Beauty of Disinformation

Chris Queen: Has Disney World Fulfilled Walt’s Dreams For His Florida Project?

C. Blake Powers: 1 Rule and 4 Tips For Smoking Cigars

Becky Graebner: 4 Ways Being a Sorority Girl Prepared Me for the Real World

Monday and Tuesday

Becky Graebner: A Pub Inspired by ‘Hobbitses’, Dragons, and Wizards

Roger Kimball: The Grave Unhappiness Wrought by the Failure of the iWork Pages Update

Spyridon Mitsotakis: The UK Should Ignore the Mediocrities and Listen to the Pretty Lady

Charlie Martin: Run a PC In Your Browser

Rhonda Robinson: The Key to Survival in Auschwitz and Bedford Falls

Chris Queen: A Comedy Legend Pays It Forward

Megan Fox: After She Reports Public Masturbation, Library Staff Moves Woman to Different Computer

Chris Queen: 3 Great Southern Novels You Probably Haven’t Read…Yet…

Ron Radosh: Debate: Should Conservatives Oppose a Welfare State?

Paula Bolyard: Are We Getting Carried Away With Common Core Curriculum Phobia?

Anna Vu: 10 Tips for Planning Your Disneyland Trip with Young Kids

Susan L.M. Goldberg: 5 Ways the GOP Screws Up

Ed Driscoll: RIP Lou Reed, 71


Charlie Martin: How Siddhartha Broke Into the Buddha Business

Paula Bolyard: A Model of Interfaith Dialogue: A Southern Baptist at Brigham Young University

Rhonda Robinson: Why You Should Give Yourself A Cable-Free Life For Christmas: Go Roku

April and I have been talking more about doing something like this.

Michael Lumish: Debating America’s Ideological Origins: Part III in Lumish Vs Swindle

Janice Fiamengo: Jews and the People Who Love Them

Chris Queen: Judeo-Christian Themes in the Smashing Pumpkins’ Oceania, Part 5: Hope From Despair

Susan L.M. Goldberg: A Biblical Feminist’s Take on Porn

I responded to Susan in my previous link round-up here.

P. David Hornik: The Ten Worst Purveyors of Antisemitism Worldwide, #6: The Jobbik Party

Charlie Martin: 13 Weeks: One Week at a Time

Rhonda Robinson: 4 Blood Moons On Jewish Holy Days: A Sign for Israel or Christians?

Bryan Preston: ‘Sexy Belly Dance Costumes for Children’ Among Top Online Halloween Costume Searches

Stephen Green: The Future Just Got Closer

Sarah Hoyt: Being A Professional, The Traditional Way

Thursday and Friday

Patrick Richardson: After Years of Looking, a Decent Shave

I might try out this razor too…

Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin: The Cornucopia of Plenty: Or How I Learned To Love Indie Publishing

Stephen Green: The Empire Strikes Back Screenwriter Back on for Star Wars VII

Bryan Preston: Jay Leno: Al Qaeda’s Website is Easier to Use than Obamacare

Sarah Hoyt: In Australia, Gold Really Does Grow on Trees!

Chris Yogerst: Was Hollywood Friendly with Hitler?

Builder Bob: How to Build the World’s Manliest Paper Towel Holder…

I’ve encourager Bob to continue with his entertaining masculinity-themed home improvement tips.

Stephen Green: This Is Why They Made an Internet

Becky Graebner: How to be a Kick-Ass Female Customer at an Auto Repair Shop


Stephen Green: Will Netflix Beat HBO?

The Wife and I recently got rid of cable — but still kept local channels, HBO, and Netflix. We would’ve gotten rid of HBO too if it was up to me. But April likes her True Blood. Grumble, grumble.

Me: An Honest Answer: Darren Aronofsky Should Direct Everything

I can get fanatical when defending the handful of directors who remain in my pantheon of cinematic deities.

Chris Queen: Eating Your Way Around Epcot

Yum, yum…

Stephen Green: An Honest Answer: Darren Aronofsky Should Direct Everything

Walter Hudson: The Twisted Morality of Death Panels

Modern day human sacrifice.

Susan L.M. Goldberg: Chicks Dig Porn

Modern day temple prostitution.

The Culture of ‘You’re Special’ Is Ruining America

Modern day idolatry (of the self-worshiping strain, aka, Narcissism.)


New at PJ Tatler

Friday and Thursday 

Charlie Martin: (Web) Laws are For the Little People

Howard Nemerov: Obamascare: A Halloween Horror Story

Buzzsaw Monkey: Buzz Ballad: Obama Family


Stephen Kruiser: Sudden Media Interest in Benghazi: Safe for Obama But Not for Hillary?

Rick Moran: Allen West Launches Personal Website

David Steinberg: Until the Bitter End: MSNBC, Mediaite Go With ‘Obama Lied, But For Your Own Good’

Monday and Tuesday

Michelle Horstman: Limbaugh, Krauthammer and Spiritual Discernment

Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Cleric Smashes Virgin Mary Statue


Rick Moran: Cruz Wows the Crowd at Iowa Dinner

Obama Doesn’t Want to Hear About More Spending Cuts

What if they Put on an Auction for Solar Energy Rights on Federal Lands and Nobody Showed Up?


Stephen Kruiser: Think Progress Takes The Obamacare Pig Shopping For Lipstick

Charlie Martin: “Disinformation”


Stephen Kruiser: Open Thread: Oscar Mayer Overcomes Decades Of Bacon Fat Shaming

Charlie Martin: Another Palin Rumor?!


Stephen Kruiser: Open Thread: Crazy Joe The Wonder Veep Gives A Mental Health Speech

Stephen Kruiser: Obama To Distract From O-Care Disaster With Immigration Pivot

Stephen Kruiser: Priceless: 2010 Vid Of Obama Demonstrating How Easy Is to Use

Stephen Kruiser: #WINNING! Cop Fired For Pepper Spraying Occupy Idiots Awarded Settlement

Matt Vespa: The Establishment Is Taking Aim At Sen. Mike Lee

Stephen Kruiser: Dems Talk O-Care Delay, Media Matters Cheerleads In Ignorant Bliss


Stephen Kruiser: This Is What The Media Let Democrats Get Away With

Stephen Kruiser: Everything You Need To Know About John McCain In One Easy Link

Matt Vespa: Eight Reasons Why Kathleen Sebelius Should Be Fired

From the PJ Tatler’s Editor Bryan Preston


Confirmed: You’re Never Gonna Get the Truth Out of Jay Carney

Finally: FAA Will Let You Read Your Tablet During Takeoffs and Landings

Biden: Hey, Barack and I Can’t Use Either, and Not Just Because We’re Not ‘Geeks’

Obamacare, The UnAffordable Disappearing Care Act, Just Cost Another 340,000 Americans Their Healthcare

Flashback: JournoList Journalist Admits Lying to Get Obama Elected, Obamacare Passed

This fun little clip popped up on Twitter. It’s from 2008. In it, Washington Post Wonkblogger Ezra Klein admits that Obamacare would have to be passed, indeed Obama’s own election would require, a “sneaky strategy” because Democrats had been beaten roundly every time they had tried to pass anything close to a single-payer healthcare system in America. “At some point, you just have to win,” he tells the Netroots audience.

Postmodern Marxism in action.

New Mexico Dem Gov Candidate Alan Webber Wants HUGE Government, No Personal Ownership of Cars

Sebelius’ Pantsuit is On Fire

Did IRS Honcho Lois Lerner Commit a Felony?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Approval Sinking Like His Titanic Healthcare Disaster


How Obama Danced Away From ‘If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare’

CNN: Obama Pressuring Insurance Companies Not to Criticize Obamacare

Out: Obamacare Is Great! In: Obamacare Is Being Sabotaged!

Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff Says Sebelius ‘Not Quite Right’ to Claim She Can’t Buy Insurance on Obamacare Exchange

Obama’s Main Re-Election Argument Earns Four Pinocchios

POTUS No Longer the World’s Most Powerful

Democrat Tells Obamacare Critics: ‘Get over it’

Sebelius Defends Whatevercare

Sebelius: The Fact That We Didn’t Do Our Job Doesn’t Mean You Can Escape Obamacare

Video: Rogers Rips Sebelius for Launching Without Testing Its Security (Update: Uh-Oh)

Video: Sebelius Says ‘Has Never Crashed’ As CNN Shows It Crashed

Sebelius: Obama Is Keeping His ‘If You Like Your Healthcare You Can Keep It’ Promise


Grand Moff Tarkin Jokes Around with Princess Leia Before Obliterating Alderaan

CNN: Huge Security Hole Found in

VIDEOS — Here Are Four Times, During the 2012 Election Year, When Obama Promised that If You Like Your Healthcare, You Can Keep It

Obama Is Breaking His ‘If You Like Your Healthcare You Can Keep It’ Promise Because He Wants To

Dem Rep. Bill Pascrell Acts Like a Child During Obamacare Hearings

Obamacare: Top Dem Admits ‘They Knew,’ and Then Lies Again

Liberal Columnist: Obamacare’s ‘Rate Shock’ Is Good and Essential

CBS: Three Times As Many Americans Losing Their Insurance As Gaining, Under Obamacare

Intel Community Fights Back After Obama Threw Them Under the Bus

VIDEO — Obama Sure Learns a Lot From Reading the Papers


Strategist with ‘Close Ties’ to WH Says ‘Dem Party Is F*****’ Because of Obamacare

Federal Judge Issues Ruling on Texas Abortion Law

Texas Governor’s Race: Greg Abbott Blasts Washington, Launches ‘Working Texans’ Plan

VIDEO — When Barack Obama Promised that ‘If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.’

Has Obama’s Twitter Feed Been Hacked?


Here Comes the Obamacare Sticker Shock

What’s Gotten into Bill Maher?

This isn’t anything new from Bill. He’s been halfway decent on distinguishing that the Jihad is much worse than anything Christian fundamentalists want to do.

Laughable Claim: Obama Didn’t Know About NSA Spying on Foreign Leaders

60 Minutes Report: ‘Leave Benghazi or you will be killed.’


Obama’s Army Warning Soldiers Away from Christian, Tea Party Groups


VIDEO — Democrat Alan Grayson Accuses MSNBC’s Martin Bashir of Collaborating with the KKK

Oops: Thousands of Washington State Obamacare Customers Are About to Get a Rude Surprise

Obamacare Supporter Kirsten Powers: Obamacare Makes Me Pay More, Too

Federal Agents Seize Story Notes from Investigative Reporter’s Home

Dropped Coverage: One Cancer-Surviving Doctor’s Story in the Age of Obamacare


US State Department Offers NO Reward for Benghazi Suspects

Clip of the Day

Obamacare Operator May Have Liked Her Job, But After Talking to Sean Hannity, She Can’t Keep It

‘Sexy Belly Dance Costumes for Children’ Among Top Online Halloween Costume Searches

“Slutty Bacon”? I subscribe to the theory that “bacon makes everything better,” but still…

Tada’s artists managed to depict what “Slutty Bacon” might look like. It turns out that bacon really doesn’t make sluttiness better.

Legislative Arsonists’ Numbers Growing in the Democratic Party

Al Sharpton Leads Black Pastors Group Pledging Allegiance to Obamacare

Howard Dean Blames Republicans for Democrats’ Obamacare Botch

Obama Wants Devil Dog Marines to Wear Girly Hats

NYT: Obamacare Disproportionately Hurts Poor, Rural Americans

VIDEO — Vendor Admits that Crashed Under a Whopping Load of…2,000 Users

Is Darrell Issa Insane?

VIDEO — Democrat Calls House Hearing On Obamacare Disaster a ‘Monkey Court’

4 Ways Obamacare’s Disaster Is Worse than the Sinking of the Titanic

Obamacare is not an accident, it is an act of politics. The number of Americans that Obamacare will hurt and even kill is incalculable. People are currently losing their insurance plans and cannot log onto to buy replacement plans. As many as 16 million Americans face losing their health insurance thanks to Obamacare. It has killed insurance competition in rural America. Some number of Americans will get sick and die without insurance between the time they lose their health insurance and finally gets fixed. Once the website gets fixed, Obamacare still includes the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an unelected panel empowered to ration health care. The IPAB is the “death panel” that may make life-or-death decisions for Americans, for as long as Obamacare is law. Obamacare still subsidizes as many as 115,000 abortions per year as well.


BREAKING: Every Democrat Running in 2014 Wants Obamacare Mandate Delayed!

Dem Senator Crafting Bill to Delay Obamacare Individual Mandate a Year

Bob Beckel: White House ‘Absolutely Bludgeoned Me’ For Criticizing Obamacare

NYT: Disengaged Obama Fidgeted Like a Child During White House Meetings on Syria

Obama himself only really cares about Obamacare and economics. I agree with Stanley Kurtz’s analysis of Alinskyite community organizing — that generally the approach is to eschew divisive social issues and complicated foreign policy to just try and build a broad populist coalition of duped do-gooders.

Ezra Klein: Say, They Might Be Lying About This Whole ‘Tech Surge’ Thing

The Obama administration’s pitiful handling of its signature policy is forcing ardent Obama supporter Ezra Klein into growing up. A little.

Ezra Klein is such an embarrassment to my generation.

Democrat Congressman: ‘We’re not interested in hearing about (Obamacare) glitches’

VIDEO — CNBC Host Steve Liesman: ‘Let’s Get Some Mexican Music’ While I Bash Ted Cruz (Updated)

Obama Administration Asks Insurer Not to Release Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Your President Wants You to ‘Join Team Obamacare’ and Shut Up About the Website’s Problems Already

Psst: Wanna Sell Your Food Stamp Card? On Craigslist It’s a SNAP.

One in seven Americans are now on food stamps, re-badged SNAP a few years ago. What. Are. The. Odds that a whole bunch of people on food stamps would commit fraud, both to get on the dole and to then use the dole to generate actual cash?

I witnessed the selling of food stamps during my first post-college year, while living in half a house in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis’ artsy district). Some of the roommates had shady friends.

But the degree of fraud in welfare programs is not a concern to postmodernist progressives. In their ideal world everyone would be on food stamps. The government should be providing food for everyone.

Former Obama Spokesman Gibbs Says It’s ‘Unbelievable’ that Obama Didn’t Know About Obamacare Website Problems

I don’t find it unbelievable at all. The Shadow President Valerie Jarrett does a great job of filtering out the bad news to keep up the mood of her Obama mask.

CBS: Lies to Customers About Their Insurance Premiums (Update: Video Added)

Sebelius: Obama Didn’t Know About’s Problems Until After It Launched

From PJM’s Washington D.C. Editor Bridget Johnson

Friday and Thursday

Obama Issues Executive Order ‘to Prepare the Nation for the Impacts of Climate Change’

GOP Senator: Centrists ‘Just Need to Make Their Voices Heard’

White House: Why Would We Have Wanted to Switch Out Biden?

Obama Dresses in Scary Khakis As Web Techs Cover White House

Vitter Wants Those Who Cleared Shelves During Glitch Banned from Food Benefits

Colorado Republican Among Those Whose Healthcare Plan Is Canned

Reid: ‘The Republican Party Is Staggering Right Now’


White House Rebuts Arguments Against Health Plan Claims Without Reading Arguments

Forbes’ Most Powerful Person Writes His Enemies Out of History Textbooks

Afghan Interpreter on Taliban Kill List Finally Given Sanctuary in U.S. Crashed Day Before Sebelius Testimony, Chairman Says

Paul to Put Hold on Yellen Nomination Unless Audit the Fed Bill Gets a Vote


USA FREEDOM Act Introduced by Leahy, Sensenbrenner to Stop Phone Records Collection

Top GOP on Health Committee Calls for Sebelius’ Resignation on Senate Floor

Poll: Voters in Virginia Gov Race Sense Two Bad Candidates

Kentucky Dem Compares Republicans to Japanese Soldiers in WWII

Dem Leader: ‘Long Way to Go’ Before Saying Site Failure Goes ‘All the Way to the Top’


Kerry Asked to Stop Discriminating Against French Speakers

Conservative Lawmakers’ Questions for Sebelius About Her ‘Ideal World’ of Site Testing

Graham Vows to Block All Senate Appointments Until Benghazi Survivors Made Available

Britney Spears Used as Somali Pirate Repellent

FBI: 95 Police Officers Killed in 2012, Many by Suspects with Priors

Homeland Security Chairman on Benghazi Report: ‘Al-Qaeda Is Spreading Like a Wildfire’


Obama Replies to Questions by Running to Church


Anonymous Hackers Take Down NSA Website

Minnesota Congresswoman Asks Governor, Metrodome to Not Display Redskins’ Name, Logo at Vikings Game

Sanders Tries to Take Back the Deep South for Socialism

Anti-Communist Vitali Klitschko Running for President of Ukraine


Waxman: I Logged Onto on My iPad During Hearing So It’s All Good

Oversight Grilling More Contractors, Including on Any Meetings with White House Officials

30 Senators Ask Holder to Justify Racial-Balance Lawsuit Against Louisiana’s School Vouchers

Connecticut Dems: Wait, Where’d Our Medicare Advantage Providers Go?

House Republican Cuts Check to Treasury for Shutdown Pay


Dem Sen. Pryor: Obama Should ‘Take a Hard Look at Reasonable Suggestion’ to Delay Mandate

Healthcare CEOs Allowed to Air Their Grievances to Valerie Jarrett

The Shadow President at work wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. She’s had plenty of practice at collaborating with corporatists who can profit off of her implementation of socialism.

Afghanistan’s Next First Lady Could be a Christian

For one, Abdullah has called out Karzai’s intention of negotiating with the Taliban just plain dumb.

“I should say that Taliban are not fighting in order to be accommodated,” Abdullah told NPR in 2010. “They are fighting in order to bring the state down. So it’s a futile exercise, and it’s just misleading. … There are groups that will fight to the death. Whether we like to talk to them or we don’t like to talk to them, they will continue to fight.”

In 2009, Abdullah caused a stir (chagrin among Islamists and excitement among Afghanistan’s women) when he voted alongside his wife at the polls. He speaks Dari, Pashto, English, Arabic and French.

“For a successful political transition, Afghanistan needs every country involved in its rebuilding effort to send a clear message to today’s Afghan leadership demanding a democratic transition of power based on the principles of free and fair elections,” Abdullah wrote in Foreign Policy in January. “Instead of abandoning democracy because it hasn’t worked under a kleptocracy, Afghanistan and the international community must clean it up.”

Cornyn Calls for GOP Unity as ‘Disagreements are Now Behind Us’

Oversight Focus: What Do Tech Firms Know About Fixes, Why Did Admin Hide Price Comparisons

“CGI officials told Committee staff that CMS officials and employees constantly mentioned the ‘White House’ when discussing matters with CGI.  For example, CMS officials would routinely state: ‘this is what the White House wants,’” the letter continues. “Moreover, CGI officials told Committee staff that the ability to shop for health insurance without registering for an account – a central design feature of the health insurance exchange – was removed ‘in late August or early September.’”

“Although, CGI officials were not able to identify who within the Administration made the decision to disable the anonymous shopping feature, evidence is mounting that political considerations motivated the decision.”


From PJM’s Breaking News Columnists


From PJM’s Colordado Editor, Vodkapundit Stephen Green,

Thursday and Friday

Enrollments? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Enrollments

The Enforcers

Like a Sunday in TJ…

News You Can Use

Drone War Is Bad for Children and Other Living Things

Happy Halloween!

Name! That! Pundit! Rollout Revealed in Shocking New Photo

And Yet Another Weak Jobs Report

My N-Word Is “Naughty”

Why Should They Care?

No Taxes, No Fees, No Service

Who’s in Charge Here?

I’m of two contradictory minds on this. One, they thought it would work; they really did. The other, they’re trying to crash the system alá Cloward-Piven. The way HHS wrote the insurance regulations suggests the latter. The White House’s reaction suggests the former.

There’s a third possibility which just came to mind, suggested by something Roger L. Simon wrote a year or three about. I don’t have time to find a link, but Roger’s in-person impression of Wiggleroom was of somebody who didn’t really believe in much anymore. He was steeped in revolutionary Marxism at home and faculty room Marxism at school, but real-word experience had discredited Marxian thinking and left Wiggleroom with… not much to replace it. I’m paraphrasing broadly here, but that’s the gist of what Roger was left with after meeting the man.

I think that sounds about right. Postmodern suicidal Marxism.

News You Can Use

Lies About ObamaCare


What’s a Nicer Word for Euphemism?


A Fine Idea

Name! That! Pundit!

What. EVER.

Today’s Pravda: You Didn’t Want That Plan Anyway

Required Reading

Nobody Buys Their Insurance There Anymore — It’s Too Crowded

Newspeak Is Doubleplusgood

Another Democrat, Another Race Card


Required Viewing

Required Reading

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Disappoint Unexpectedly

We Can Hear You Now

Gotta Get Back in Time

Name! That! Pundit!

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tank

The Big Squeeze

Cat 5 Cockup

Your ObamaCare Flack of the Day

Ignorance Is Bliss


By the Numbers

Housing Sales Collapsing

“We Will Own This Problem Forever”

The death of the Democratic Party in the making…

Your Scary-Ass Chart of the Day

Love Missile SA-7

Lou Reed: RIP

Abort, Retry, Fail, Mandate?

Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day

Your Monday Morning Dose of Doom & Gloom…

When Your Opponent Is Digging a Hole, Hand Him a Shovel


Fast Movers

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

The Progressive (and Circular) Firing Squad

A Blizzard of Happy Customers

Required Viewing




Required Reading

The Boys of October

iWork — But Not Too Hard

I’m Not Going to Argue with this Guy

Friday Night Videos

Let’s Play the Blame Game!

Required Reading

Microsoft Beats the Street

Posted Without Comment

BREAKING: Everything Now Am Good for Sure!

Police State Blues

To the Spoils Go the Losers

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Maybe Go to Jamaica — And Never Come Back?

ObamaCare Circle-Jerk


Spy vs Spy

Kasdan Strikes Back

Why Flying Sucks

This Story Is the Opposite of Fabulous

ObamaCare: Screwing Rural Americans

Unrequired Reading

“Is It Wrong to Root for ObamaCare to Fail?”

Two things shocked me about ObamaCare, and I’ve been opposed to it on moral, political, and practical grounds since Day One. The first is how quickly its ill effects began to make themselves felt, which was almost immediately — and accelerating once calendar year 2013 began. The ratio of new full-time to new part-time jobs reversed overnight, once businesses knew the IRS would be training its greedy little eyes on their employment practices in order to determine the amount of regulatory hurt that would be inflicted. The second was how quickly ObamaCare stumbled — right out of the gate. I never thought the launch would be smooth, but I also never thought it would be so obviously and comically awful that it would have Chuck Todd berating Jay Carney right to his face.

We can be thankful its failures were so immediate; already every single Democrat Senator facing re-election next year is getting behind the effort to at least delay the individual mandate. The White House is saying they’re willing to delay by up to six weeks, but c’mon — that’s like treating cancer with a Band-Aid. Once this “reform” ball gets rolling, it could become difficult to stop. The GOP had better get behind a solid plan, pronto, if they’re going to take full advantage of this moment.

“Microsoft Word Must Die”

OS X Mavericks: The Mini Review

Is Obama Bored or Incompetent?


Ask an Honest Question…

Thanks for the link, Stephen!

Required Reading

Program Note

Your Second ObamaCare Fail of the Day

The Decline and Fall of France

Your Scary-Ass Chart of the Day

Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day

Only one-third of’s visitors were actual potential customers — and hardly any of them could do so much as to create an account. I think the other two-thirds were reporters trying (and failing) to do the same.

Professor Wiggleroom tells us he’s as mad as hell about all this, but we’ll have to take him at his word. Because he hasn’t taken any concrete action — you know, like firing somebody — to send the message to clean up this mess.

What’s it take to get fired these days?

Remember how the government works who spent their days looking at porn didn’t lose their jobs?

And this Chris Rock clip about Marion Barry comes to mind. “Smoke crack, got his job back!”

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Meet the New Russia

If You Like the Plan You Have…

More people in Florida alone have been dumped onto the exchanges, than have managed to even just create an user name at

Is America Bored with Professor Wiggleroom?


Wither Home Box Office?

Is Alan Grayson the Worst Person in Congress?



From PJM’s San Jose Ed Driscoll

Thursday and Friday

Resistance—and Melted Butter—is Futile

Can Our Government Be Competent? Jimmy Carter Says Yes

CBS: Six Enrollments on Obamacare’s First Day

Monster Chiller ObamaCare Theater

‘Progressivism is Politics by Cramdown’

What is Seen Cannot Be Unseen


Spotted Unicorn Spotted

Kyoto was a No-Go

Insurance Companies Threatened by Obama Administration

No, But Vegetables May Have Created It

What a Difference Two Weeks Make

Colossus: The Sebelius Project


Is Obama Still President?

Government Is Magic

Barackian Known Knowns and Known Unknowns

Johnny Got His Pension Plan

Interview: Heather Mac Donald on California in Decline


Great Party, Isn’t It?

Leftist Gets Mugged By Reality


Throwaway Lines, Then and Now

The Single Braincell Theory

Why the Rest of the Country Hates California

RIP Lou Reed, 71

Read My Lips: If You Like Your Healthcare Plan, You Can Keep Your Healthcare Plan


Ebert and the Bandit

Pizza and Fairytales

Besides the potential collapse of their century-old, Otto von Bismarck-inspired dream of socialized medicine in the US, part of what makes the crash of the ObamaCare Website so painful for the left to observer were their early comparisons in 2008, when Barack Obama was routinely described by his groupies in the MSM as the second coming of FDR and JFK. Roosevelt’s WPA at least built roads and bridges; NASA under JFK led to the Saturn V. In contrast, the Obama administration can’t even get a Website off the ground.

Anastasia Screamed In Vain

Bad Actors and Nixon’s Coming

From Bauhaus To Your State House


Death Spiral

NBC News’ Vivian Schiller To Become Twitter’s ‘Head Of News’

Supersized Stereo Scary-Ass Charts

Red Plenty, Blue Nightmare


Power Flows from the Barrel of an Acupuncture Needle

Racism Straight Up


Breaking News From 1979

I’d say Mr. Obama is one step removed from talking to the paintings in the White House, but that would assume that he believes that the former presidents would have anything meaningful to tell him.


Concluding Book Excerpt:


 “Engels argued that, since Man was a part of Nature, the most general general principles of Nature must apply to him.” – page 152 of Paul Johnson’s Enemies of Society.



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