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Name! That! Pundit!

October 29th, 2013 - 11:01 am

Welcome to another exciting episode of Name That Pundit — the game the whole country can play from the comfort of their own sofa, office chair, or even your car seat if you’re one of those jerks who surfs the internet while driving!

Today’s pundit has been a fixture at the Washington Post for what feels like ever. Let’s see what he or she wrote today about the President:

The man can give a rousing speech, but he is, at heart, a planner and a plodder. Both his presidential campaigns were exercises in micromanagement — digital all the way. Obama was the better candidate, but he had, by far, the better organization.

Yet this same man has lately so mishandled both domestic and foreign policy that he is in mortal peril of altering his image. This unsettling and uncharacteristic incompetence became shockingly clear when Obama failed to come to grips with the Syrian civil war. I did not agree with the president’s do-nothing policy, but at least it was both a policy and intellectually coherent. What followed, though, was both intellectually incoherent and pathetically inconsistent — a “red line” that came out of nowhere and then mysteriously evaporated, and a missile strike that was threatened and then abandoned. It was a policy so wavering that if Obama were driving, he would be forced to take a breathalyzer.

The debacle of the Affordable Care Act’s website raised similar questions about confidence. This was supposed to be Obama’s Big Deal. The president has other accomplishments — navigating out of the Great Recession was no minor feat — but restoring the status quo does not get your face on Mount Rushmore. It takes achievement, a program — something new and wonderful. The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be it.

Something went wrong. People could not sign up. Why? Not sure. Who’s at fault? Apparently no one. An act of God. Something that could never have been foreseen. Another president might have had someone in the White House calling every day — no, twice a day — to make sure the program was going to work. But no, it was a shock to everyone, and when the White House rolled out its gigantic cake — maestro, some music please — no one jumped out.


Wow! Damning stuff!

Did it come from the pen of George Will?

No way.

Charles Krauthammer?

Not this time.

Would you believe…

Richard Cohen?

That’s right: Richard Cohen.

“Pathetic,” indeed!

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Why! Are! You! Talking! Like! William! Shatner!?
1 year ago
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"Why do my eyes hurt?"
"Because you've never used them" - Morpheus to Neo in "The Matrix".

By my count there are probably 4 things that, when they go pear shaped, even the biggest leftie won't be able to avoid.

1. Obamacare screwing up real peoples lives - even theirs.
2. The fed induced bubble, and the debt
3. Complete dithering and inattention to all matters foreign. Screwing our allies, coddling our enemies.
4. Various and shocking scandals - Benghazi, et. al.

We won't make it three years without one or more of those blowing up. At some point, they will eat their own - as all lefties do. It's that, or spin off into irrelevance for all those writers.
1 year ago
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Richard Cohen is such a racist pig.
1 year ago
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"navigating out of the Great Recession was no minor feat"

Right. A magnificent achievement accomplished because Obama did.... what exactly? The stimulus? Please. What else is there?

Please fill us in, Mr. Cohen
1 year ago
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The progs can now allow themselves to think this way because Barry can't be re-elected. Since they can't hurt his electability any more by criticizing him.

Recall the worthless tool Ed Asner. He's very much against how Barry has handled the GWOT, but has muted his protests because he didn't want to "seem anti-black."
1 year ago
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Yet Cohen still thinks that Obama was the better candidate. Can't quite bring himself to admit that Obama was lying about everything.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Bozo O'Clown, the candidate, was pure marketing. No history, no prior work (all of that carefully hidden). No press willing to investigate. He was a shiny new car, and the alternatives were clearly old, tired, used lemons.

Unfortunately, when it comes time to actually produce, instead of campaign, to deliver instead of promote and promise, to lead instead of criticize, Barky Zero is about as worthless as a 50$ Rolex.

It's one colossal example of 'belling the cat'. Who's actually going to do the heavy lifting? Who's going to pay the freight? The cat is sure as hell not going to sit still for it, but the media thought they could intimidate, minimize, and silence any opposition, that it was merely a matter of shaming the 1% to "do the right thing".

And they mock Christians for believing in the supernatural?
1 year ago
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