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'Litigious Weapon' Unchecked: GAO Finds No One's Keeping Tabs on Environmental Reviews

No consistent data kept to piece together the "paralysis by analysis."

Irish Diary: Of ‘First Amendment Areas’ and Jay Carney’s Commie Posters

Well, this is what you get with gangster government.

(UPDATE: Cantor Opponent Dave Brat Demands Investigation) Banana Republicans: New Head Of Virginia GOP on Eric Cantor’s Payroll

Cantor opponent Dave Brat: "Any pretense of fairness for the June 10 election has been dashed."


Happy Tax Day!

My birthday and your worst day all rolled into one.

‘Red Flags and Warnings’ Missed in Boston Bombings

A year of government review reveals weak links in anti-terror coordination and an FBI agent who didn't visit a suspect's mosque.

The Book of Numbers

The One-Tenners, the Fivers, the Four-Men, and the Firsters: Numbers, numbers everywhere.

How’s That New Replay System Working Out For Ya, Major League Baseball?

Red Sox manager John Farrell is not amused.

BREAKING: Border Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

Border conspirator, busted.

SPLC Says Kansas Shooter a ‘Raging Anti-Semite’ Who Plotted Assassination of Center’s Founder

MORE: Kansas congressman says two of the victims attended his church.

Breaking: Three Dead in Shootings at Two Kansas City Jewish Centers

Gunman shouts "Heil Hitler" at news crews as he's led away.

Sexism Sent Me To the ER!

Sex goes well? Women are "empowered." Goes poorly? Men are abusers on TLC's newest "reality" series.

Feminist Says Actress Kirsten Dunst Too ‘Dumb’ to Have an Opinion on Gender

That awkward moment when a proclaimed champion of woman's rights attacks another woman's intelligence for thinking independently.

The 5 Most Overrated Sports Movies

Prepare to be outraged. Sacred cows will be slain, barbecued and eaten with a side of cole slaw.

Breaking: Bureau of Land Management Won’t Enforce Court Order Against Bundy Cows

Victory for Cliven Bundy?

Does Strategy Drive the U.S. Defense Budget?

Investments in smaller, technologically advanced naval systems must be matched by investments in capital ships.

Iran Continues to Rub America’s Nose in 1979 Hostage Drama

A deliberate and calculated insult should be rebuffed.

Tea Party Challenges Stumbling as Primaries Approach

Of the 12 GOP senators seeking re-election, seven still await primaries. Polls show incumbents, in most cases, maintaining substantial leads.

PJTV’s Trifecta Goes to the Movies: Libertarian Themes Hit the Screen in Captain America & Divergent

How Netflix Made Watching TV Like Reading a Novel

The Joy of Binge Watching.

‘Training’ vs. ‘Exercise’: What’s the Difference?

Corporate gyms mostly sell “exercise” -- sweat, go home, and pay your membership fee.

Admin Wants to Lift Ban on Airline, Nuke Training in U.S. for Libyans

DHS reasoning for requesting change of the Reagan-era rule didn't mention Benghazi attack or risk posed by associated terror groups.

Putin Declares All-Out Cold War on America

The regime has shut down Voice of America and is flouting US sanctions against Iran.

Brandeis Goes Dhimmi—A Proposal for Passover

Pioneering Jewish university acquiesces to CAIR; rescinds promised honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

PJTV’s Instavision: Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff

Is Jeb Bush Right on Immigration?

Does Jeb know something most Republicans don’t?

CONTEMPT: Lerner Citation Passes Committee; Boehner Vows Passage

House Dems vow the action against the former IRS official “will be laughed out of court.”

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Just Broke Punditry

Stunning theory on the IRS scandal from the left's religious channel.

David Letterman Out, Stephen Colbert In

This is actually good news: Colbert finally retires his played-out character, and believe it or not, he may surprise us in his new role.

A Criminal Organization Masquerading As… Oh, You Know the Rest

Rev. Rat Fink Al Sharpton has been a snitch all along according to documents at The Smoking Gun. Related today: Rep. Elijah Cummings, Lois Lerner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and remembering Marc Rich...

Can Valls Deliver?

Can a Napoleonic prime minister salvage France – and the French Left?

Are Diet Supplements Dangerous?

The FDA cannot keep up.

Biden: Boston Bombing was ‘Worth It’

“You have survived, and you have soared. It was worth it, just to hear each of you speak."

New Video Shows Largest Al Qaeda Gathering in Years

Missed opportunity.

Biden Sent to Boston as Obama Holds Immigration Meeting; Press Denied ‘Moment of Silence’ Access

Because other news organizations would get jealous.

There Are No Such Things as ‘Scientists’

We should get rid of the word and simply replace it with "some guy."

Congressman: ‘Awarding the Pulitzer to Snowden Enablers Is a Disgrace’

Traitor or hero, the debate sparked by the former contractor's leaks has staying power on the Hill and into 2016.

Who Inspired the Nazi-Klan Leader’s Actions in Kansas? The Answer Here

Glenn Miller praised the work of a "Jew journalist" whose recent book was published by The Nation. (Updated.)

Talking While Ukraine ‘Teeters on the Brink’

While Washington and the UN mobilize their talking shops, Russia is mobilizing its troops.

Republican National Committee Marks Tax Day by Suing IRS

Suit claims they're being stonewalled on an important request.

Burwell’s Confirmation Hearings to Run Obamacare Just Got a Little More Difficult

She helped Obama lie.

‘Liberalism Has A Kind Of Tourette’s Syndrome These Days’

George Will notes that the 2014 left is all race, all the time.

Our Psychodramatic Campuses

Our pampered elite college students are creations of the very exploitation they project onto others.

Black Lives, Democrat Lies

Confusing voluntary charity with subsidies funded at gunpoint.

Asians Derail Affirmative Action In California

A constitutional amendment to repeal ban on racial preferences fails in state senate.

Justice Stevens and Flexible History

Stevens' notion that the Second Amendment is not an individual right collapses under scrutiny.

Beyond Soviet: Some Decorating Tips for Jay Carney and Claire Shipman

The Carneys' interior decorating is a study in mid-century modern totalitarianism, but there's something missing to be complete.

For Unproven Theory, Scientists Propose Unproven Solutions

What's even more dubious than claims of catastrophic warming? Claims that scientists know what to do about it.

Beyond Reproach

Hillary Clinton and other political monsters from the Id.

Barry Eat World

Just as it did in the 1960s, the left is currently devouring itself—and plenty of innocent victims as well.

Tesla’s Business Model: Threat, or Free Market Triumph?

Cutting out dealerships—and their powerful lobby—is market-based innovation.

Abbas Abandons Palestinian Prisoners—and the Peace Process

The Palestinian president chooses to seek recognition at the UN rather than talk to Israel.

We Are All Scientists

What entry-level qualifications are required before you can perform science?

‘This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed:’ Guns and the Civil Rights Movement

A new book explains how pivotal black gun ownership was to defeating the Klan.

Colbert Replaces Letterman; CBS Forgets the Lessons of The Late Shift

Those who failed to watch HBO's Late Shift are doomed to repeat it.

The President of Brandeis University Should Resign

Ayaan Hirsi Ali publishes what she would have said at Brandeis.

Iran—It’s Not Just About the Nukes

Easing sanctions against Iran could lead to further terror in Middle East, argues David Petraeus.

Independent Inventors to Congress: We’re Not Patent Trolls

Innovators fear Leahy-Lee bill would discourage invention and “seriously undermine the ability for start-ups to raise capital.”

It’s Not New at Brandeis; ‘Repressive Tolerance’ was Born There

Banning Ayaan Hirsi Ali is all in a day's work for the university that helped to pioneer 'Political Correctness.'

Stephen Halbrook’s Masterful History of Nazi Gun Control Measures

An excellent new book filled with applicable lessons.

Interview: Kathy Shaidle on Confessions of a Failed Slut

How to push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you.

Regulatory Tyranny Flies Under the Radar

Courtesy of Barack Obama's Department of Labor.