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Latest MSM-Created Hillary Fluff: She’ll Cure Political Apathy

Latest MSM-Created Hillary Fluff: She’ll Cure Political Apathy


The View‘s Alleged Republican Endorses ‘Progressive’ Chris Christie

<em>The View</em>‘s Alleged Republican Endorses ‘Progressive’ Chris Christie

Nicolle Wallace, progressive "Republican."


Daniele Watts and the Allure of Racial Victimhood

Daniele Watts and the Allure of Racial Victimhood

How many more sad, confused stories like the Django Unchained actress's will the media try to cast as the next wave of the civil rights movement?

The 5 Most Underrated Heroes of the Iliad (and their Battle Stats)

The 5 Most Underrated Heroes of the <i>Iliad</i> (and their Battle Stats)

Collect them All!

Trotsky’s Curse: BHO Goes to War

Trotsky’s Curse: BHO Goes to War

No doubt Obama would have rather been marching with the "climate" demonstrators yesterday, but Trotsky's curse prevailed.

Did Leon Panetta Lie About Hillary Clinton Wanting to Arm the Syrian Rebels?

Did Leon Panetta Lie About Hillary Clinton Wanting to Arm the Syrian Rebels?

Revisionist history?

Concert Review: Kate Bush Live in London

The eccentric, visionary performer who has influenced both Tori Amos and Lady Gaga put on a whimsical show September 17 at the Eventim Apollo.

PJTV’s Michelle Fields: Are Climate Change Hypocrites Leonardo DiCaprio and Senator Bernie Sanders Out of Touch with Reality? (Video)

Will Hashtag Campaign Keep Leftists’ Hands Off of Young PJTV Reporter Michelle Fields?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Sen. Bernie Sanders each physically grabbed Michelle Fields, while Leo DiCaprio's goon threw a block to stop an embarrassing question.

Ann Coulter Was Right to Tweak Libertarian Voters

Nobody cares about your protest vote or "principled" abstinence. It does nothing for your cause, and enables the worst possible electoral outcomes.

PJTV: RFK Jr. Loses It at Climate Rally When Michelle Fields Pushes Him to Lead By Example and Give Up His Cell Phone (Video)

Chicken Little, and Chicken Little Jr., 46 Years Apart

Like father, like son: videos of RFK in 1968, and RFK Jr. today each believing the eco-apocalypse was just around the corner.

Thousands March in New York to End Industrialized Civilization

The real goals of those behind the climate change march.

Administration Vows ‘Rigorous Use of Best Available Scientific’ Data in Climate Action Plan

Science Committee chairman says emissions rules "would reduce sea level rise by the thickness of a mere three sheets of paper."

ISIS Forces Sweeping Through Northern Syria as Thousands Flee

Is ISIS testing Obama's new Syria policy?

Morgan Freeman Tells PJM New CBS Series Highlighting Female Secretary of State ‘Not About Hillary’

Actor also lauds Obama on the red carpet for being "extraordinary in the wake of such partisanship."

7 Tasty Recipes Inspired by the Men of Finding Mr. Righteous

The friendships and relationships may not last, but these recipes are worth keeping.

10 Free Ways to Have Fun at Walt Disney World

Not everything at "The Vacation Kingdom of the World" has to cost an arm and a leg.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Has Outsourced Policy Papers

More bad news for Mary Burke, who is beginning to fall behind Governor Walker in the polls.

‘Hate Speech’: the Left’s Term for ‘Opposing Viewpoints’

Yale’s Muslim Students Association joins the quest to silence Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

10 Realities of Freelance Life

What really happens when you fly solo?

Obama on International Relations: ‘Even the Folks Who Badmouth Us Look to Us’

Asks Democrats at DNC event to "choose hope," because "hope is what gave soldiers courage to storm a beach."

21st Century Britain: You Say You Want a Devolution?

If you'd love to see the plan, here it is.

Catalonia Parliament Approves Independence Referendum

Madrid moves to block the vote.

Do Democrats Have an ‘October Surprise’ Up Their Sleeves?

Beckel says they do. What could it be?

Sanders: ‘I Do Not Want to See This Become…War Between Christianity and Islam’

Plus, Bernie argues rich Arabs should do the fighting.

Getting Real with Iran

The good news is that Iran is much weaker than the Soviet Union, and there are options for defeating it short of war.

PJTV’s Instavision: War on Men? Sexual Assault Hysteria Could Mean Fewer Male Students (Video)

Ambassador Accused of Siding with Islamists in Egypt Now a Leader of ISIS Coalition Strategy

Twenty days before the caliphate was created, Anne Patterson said "we can do much" to "contain and roll back the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant."

10 Things You Should Know About the Comics Code

The Salt Lake Comic Con featured a fascinating panel discussion about how the industry's self-censorship shaped the medium and what forces ultimately undid it.

WATCH Obama Give Marines a Disrespectful ‘Latte Salute’

WATCH Obama Give Marines a Disrespectful ‘Latte Salute’


ISIS and the Campaign Trail: Dem Incumbent Votes Against Obama, While GOP Senate Challenger Backs President

ISIS and the Campaign Trail: Dem Incumbent Votes Against Obama, While GOP Senate Challenger Backs President

How the battle strategy against the Islamic State draws political lines -- not necessarily party lines.

Obama Says Strikes Also Targeted al-Qaeda Cell in Syria, Lauds Arab Coalition

Obama Says Strikes Also Targeted al-Qaeda Cell in Syria, Lauds Arab Coalition

"We will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people."

The ‘Immediate’ Threat of Khorasan and the Link to Iran

The ‘Immediate’ Threat of Khorasan and the Link to Iran

White House won't provide "granular detail" about training cell managed by Zawahiri's deputy as P5+1 nuclear talks resume.

Terry Gilliam’s Eliminationist Rhetoric

Terry Gilliam’s Eliminationist Rhetoric

Who knew the former Monty Python member viewed his dystopian, torture-filled 1985 film Brazil as a how-to guide for good government?

10 Ways Not to Land Your Dream Job

10 Ways Not to Land Your Dream Job

How to avoid falling flat on your face during your job search.

After All the Rage and Screaming, Is U2′s Songs of Innocence Any Good?

From the mullet to the mansion, are the four Irishmen still the same lads -- or have they finally sold their souls?

What Is a ‘Grand Strategy’?

To have a “grand strategy” you don’t need a nation state. You need a binding ideology.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Tweaks Campaign and Voice

Michigan’s no longer “The Comeback State” in Snyder ads, but voters are assured they are on the “Road To Recovery.”

Politico Disguises a Slobbering Love Letter to Lois Lerner as an Interview

Remember, there is no media bias. None. Anywhere.

Hillary Clinton’s Letters to Communist Saul Alinsky Matter, and the Media Will Bury Them

No questions for radicals.

Benghazi Committee Focuses on Security Recommendations in Surprising Bipartisan Harmony

“I remain hopeful there are still things left in our country that can transcend politics,” chairman Gowdy said.

‘F*** It, I Quit’ — The Most Unprofessional Media Resignation of the Year?

Gone to pot.

Versailles in California

It's good to be the king.

Clinton: Hillary Was Right When She Was Overruled by Obama on Arming Rebels 3 Years Ago

ISIS was "going to get their weapons one way or the other so I would have risked it." More: Blair: ISIS Fight to ‘Evolve Over Time’ to Likely U.S. Reassessment of Boots on the Ground

In Case You Missed It, Wendy Davis’ Run for Governor Ended in a Meltdown Friday

Collapse in the glare of Friday night lights.

Border Patrol Official: More Than 4,300 New Officers Needed

Says number of children crossing southern border has dropped "significantly," and they're studying why.

N.C. Senate Race Close, But Hagan May Hold On

Tillis hits incumbent for voting for Obamacare, while senator says challenger doesn't understand "needs of the American people."

’50 Things About Millennials…’ Not as Scary as It Thinks It Is

This clickbait cri de coeur issued to "corporate America" isn't as original or shocking as it imagines.

A Lap Dance in the ‘Wrong Place at the Wrong Time’

Kansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis caught up in strip-club bust in the 1990s.

Cowls in the Hood: How to Help the Poor

Democrat pols may be vampires who drink the blood of the poor for power, but pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps Republicans who never campaign in the slums have nothing to be proud of either.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel to Me and Others: Don’t Live Past 75!

No thanks, Doctor ObamaCare. I'm not taking your advice.

How Many Countries in the UN? State Gets It Alarmingly Wrong

This "error" skates all too close to hinting that the State Department itself is rife with underhanded bias against Israel.

How Do You Prevent Male Suicide?

There are 30,000 men a year taking their own lives.

10 Movies for Understanding the Civil War

These classics reveal different sides of the conflict that divided America.

A Long Way Down the Wrong Road

Considering The Road to Serfdom in the age of Barack Obama.

Defense Secretary Hagel to Review Pentagon-NFL Ties

Why is domestic violence being turned into a federal matter?

Help Tar Sands Messiah Turn the Tables on Hollywood Liberals

A new documentary wants to give celebrity environmentalists a taste of their own medicine.

IRS Chief Says Press Reports ‘Confusing’ Loss of Emails

Koskinen maintains if backup existed, "the IRS would be prohibited…from using such a database for email storage.”

Government at Work: Kid Gets Detention for Sharing School Lunch

How did we ever survive back in the day?