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Three Years in the Hands of Iran for Marine Veteran Amir Hekmati

Three Years in the Hands of Iran for Marine Veteran Amir Hekmati

1,095 days: "He is innocent, yet continues to be held against his will, thousands of miles away from his family in Michigan."

Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’

Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’

The Obama administration does have a strategy, but they prefer to appear indecisive. Here's why...


The Islamic-Supremacist Enclave in Minnesota

The Islamic-Supremacist Enclave in Minnesota

No one should be surprised when Somali immigrants appear on the battlefield in Iraq.

Hillary Is In No Rush

Hillary Is In No Rush

There are a couple major reasons for delaying any announcement that her candidacy is official.

Florida Gubernatorial Hopeful Once Begged to Be Arrested

Florida Gubernatorial Hopeful Once Begged to Be Arrested

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie to PJM: "If I find a law that is unjust and unconstitutional, I will willfully disobey it.”

PJTV’s Afterburner: Early Check Out: The World Gets Crazier and Obama Goes Golfing (Video)

American Student’s Body Found in Jerusalem Forest

Investigation underway to determine whether Hamas has killed another U.S. citizen.

Oh, Canada!

Canada has quietly and politely become, well, more American than America.

Vitriol, Controversy Grow More Heated in Kentucky Senate Race

Bus-ted: Grimes fends off "special treatment" charges as "no-show" McConnell explains committee absences.

They’re Not ‘Americans’

"Allah loves those who fight for his cause." - Abdirahmaan Muhumed

Al Qaeda Magazine Hints at Future Lone-Wolf Attacks in the U.S.

But...bin Laden is dead!

Beyoncé’s 10 Steps for Becoming a Beyoncé Feminist

Keep Calm and submit to Queen Bey.

Video: ‘Yeah, I’m With the Media. Screw You’

Democrat operatives with bylines letting it all hang out.

PJTV’s Trifecta: The Dark State Rises, Part 2: Can Barack & Bashar Tag-Team Caliphate? (Video)

Well, a Constitutional Crisis Over Immigration It Will Be

No limits.

Obama Tries for Kyoto 2.0

Can’t get two-third of the Senate to approve a bit of Green Legislation you favor? No problem, if you're willing to entirely jettison the Constitution.

5 Realizations as My 60th Birthday Draws Near

Ruminations amid the rocket fire.

CNN: Hey, Our Suspicious Shooting Audio with More Shots than a Battle in Fallujah Might Be Real!

The rush to be wrong.

Instapundit on Militarized Police

The problem is that the militarization of the police is only a symptom of the larger disease.

5 Reasons Why the 2014 Midterms Are Most Like … 1918

Democrats had better pray that history doesn't repeat itself.

PJTV’s Trifecta: The Dark State Rises: Who’s to Blame for the Brutal New Caliphate? (Video)

‘It Takes More Than Identifying as a Feminist to Understand Feminism.’

Too dazzled by Beyonce's star power to worry about the pole dancer feminism she promotes.

Gorgeous Sofia Vergara Looks Gorgeous at the Emmys, Annoys All the Right People

Spin on. More: Trolling the Wackos at Jezebel Yields Expected Result (Update)

The IRS Destroyed Lois Lerner’s Blackberry, Too

Destruction of evidence.

10 Acts of Jihad in America That Americans Haven’t Heard About

While the world’s attention is focused on the Islamic State, and its jihadis tell Americans that they will “drown all of you in blood,” jihad activity continues in the United States – although hardly anyone notices through the fog of mainstream media obfuscation.

Did Dems Pick a Senate Candidate Way Too Liberal for Montana?

Name recognition and campaign cash also issues for woman replacing Walsh on the ballot.

Reporter for U.S. Government Broadcaster Among Journalists Missing in Syria

The challenge of trying to piece together who is being held by whom.

Justice Department Admits that the Federal Government Has ALL of Lois Lerner’s Emails

Lerner's emails are no longer missing.

A Disturbing Pattern: Eight Times that Democrats Used Court Shenanigans Against Republicans They Couldn’t Beat at the Ballot Box

Decades of Democratic lawfare.

Beyonce’s VMA Perfomance: ‘What More Could We Have Asked For?’

Answer: taste, and perhaps some clothes? How in the world does anyone view this as a boost for feminism?

Washington Post Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely

<em>Washington Post</em> Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely

Half the story, half wrong.

The 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants

The 10 Best Fast Food Restaurants

Let the debate begin.

When You’re a Leftist President Who’s Lost Esquire…

When You’re a Leftist President Who’s Lost <i>Esquire…</i>

And thus concludes "The Summer of Obama."

Top 5 Things To Watch in College Football’s Opening Weekend

Top 5 Things To Watch in College Football’s Opening Weekend

Do you smell that? It’s college football season!

Does a Popular Antibiotic Raise the Risk of Heart Attack?

Does a Popular Antibiotic Raise the Risk of Heart Attack?

It is a basic scientific principle that like should be compared with like.

VIDEO — Obama on ISIS: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet.’

VIDEO — Obama on ISIS: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet.’


Pebble Beach Refutes the Decline of the West

Billions of dollars in amazing autos appeared in Monterey last week.

The Only Things Andrea Tantaros Needs to Apologize for Are Being Whip Smart and Distractingly Gorgeous

And those aren't crimes.

Most Applicants for Obama’s DREAM Act-Style Program Come from L.A., But Many Not Applying At All

Studying the program for young illegal immigrants two years into its launch.

Some of the Illegal Alien ‘Kids’ Enrolling in U.S. Schools Have Gray Hair

Those are some big, wrinkly kids.

McCain Endorses Brown as GOP Attacks Shaheen’s Town Hall Appearances

Turns focus to foreign policy in campaign to oust Shaheen.

Things Looking Up for GOP in N.H.? Sliver of Separation Between Brown and Shaheen

Shaheen’s showing could be the result of her alliance with President Obama.

U.S. Hostage’s Mother Appeals to Caliph: ‘You Can Grant Amnesty… Be Merciful’

"I ask you to use your authority to spare his life and to follow the example set by the Prophet Muhammad," mother pleads in 11th-hour effort.

MSM Loves a Good ‘Romney 2016′ Story

Just say no to the Mittjebbers.

Hope in the Midst of American Decline

Perhaps the reason for the current vacuum of hope is that we’ve bought a cheap plastic imported version of the American Dream.

Climate Change to the Rescue?

Pouring gasoline on global warming.

The Ferguson Debacle

One cop’s random thoughts on the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and some of the people involved in them.

Desperate Democrat Blames His Republican Opponent for the Ebola Outbreak

"Is this a Saturday Night Live ad?"

Dealing Honestly with ‘White Privilege’

What do people mean when they evoke "white privilege"?

5 Idols that God’s Followers Allow to Get in the Way of Their Relationship with Him

Even with the best of intentions, Christians and Jews tend to place their attitudes, agendas, and acts of worship before the God they follow.

Meet Douglas McAuthur McCain, American Killed in Action in Syria

Born in Illinois, raised in Minneapolis, died fighting for ISIS.

Obama Tells American Legion U.S. Leads with ‘Strength and Confidence and Wisdom’

His non-applause line vowed Afghanistan would "never again be used to launch attacks against the United States."

Is Social Security a Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Or is it "merely" just destroying our self-reliance?

New Jersey Yeshiva Student Goes Missing Near Jerusalem

Did Aaron Sofer lose his way, or have terrorists kidnapped another American?

Beyonce’s 10 Worst, Anti-Woman Songs

Queen Bey empowers you to be her slave.


Her Highness Hillary and our leftist overlords.

New York City: The Good, Bad and Ugly

My husband and I just got back from our second trip.

France, Ferguson, and Burger King

The only difference between the ideology of the French socialist minister and the Ferguson looter is scale.

Glenn Beck: Conquering Hero?

CNN's Headline News would rather 550 layoffs than partner with their libertarian former host turned multimillionaire new media maven.

Black Lies and White Anger

The poison of lies does not discriminate.