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Morgan Freeman Tells PJM New CBS Series Highlighting Female Secretary of State 'Not About Hillary'

Actor also lauds Obama on the red carpet for being "extraordinary in the wake of such partisanship."

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Has Outsourced Policy Papers

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Has Outsourced Policy Papers

More bad news for Mary Burke, who is beginning to fall behind Governor Walker in the polls.

‘Hate Speech’: the Left’s Term for ‘Opposing Viewpoints’

‘Hate Speech’: the Left’s Term for ‘Opposing Viewpoints’

Yale’s Muslim Students Association joins the quest to silence Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


Help Tar Sands Messiah Turn the Tables on Hollywood Liberals

Help <i>Tar Sands Messiah</i> Turn the Tables on Hollywood Liberals

A new documentary wants to give celebrity environmentalists a taste of their own medicine.

10 Realities of Freelance Life

10 Realities of Freelance Life

What really happens when you fly solo?

Obama on International Relations: ‘Even the Folks Who Badmouth Us Look to Us’

Obama on International Relations: ‘Even the Folks Who Badmouth Us Look to Us’

Asks Democrats at DNC event to "choose hope," because "hope is what gave soldiers courage to storm a beach."

21st Century Britain: You Say You Want a Devolution?

21st Century Britain: You Say You Want a Devolution?

If you'd love to see the plan, here it is.

Catalonia Parliament Approves Independence Referendum

Madrid moves to block the vote.

Do Democrats Have an ‘October Surprise’ Up Their Sleeves?

Beckel says they do. What could it be?

Sanders: ‘I Do Not Want to See This Become…War Between Christianity and Islam’

Plus, Bernie argues rich Arabs should do the fighting.

Getting Real with Iran

The good news is that Iran is much weaker than the Soviet Union, and there are options for defeating it short of war.

PJTV’s Instavision: War on Men? Sexual Assault Hysteria Could Mean Fewer Male Students (Video)

Ambassador Accused of Siding with Islamists in Egypt Now a Leader of ISIS Coalition Strategy

Twenty days before the caliphate was created, Anne Patterson said "we can do much" to "contain and roll back the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant."

10 Things You Should Know About the Comics Code

The Salt Lake Comic Con featured a fascinating panel discussion about how the industry's self-censorship shaped the medium and what forces ultimately undid it.

Ohio Teachers Threaten to Strike Over Being Forced into Obamacare Exchanges

Union reps say eliminating group health insurance will hurt teacher retention.

No, Jillian, Spanking Is Not Sex

She just likes things a little rough and you'd better not disagree.

So Far, President Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Hauntingly Familiar

Obama's Rolling Thunder.

Suppose They Gave a Climate Conference and Nobody Came

What, pray tell, is going on here? In a word: distraction.

Clinton/Obama State Department Found a Way to Avoid Safety Standards in Benghazi

Security scandal.

When Is a Public Health Emergency Really an Emergency?

You'll never guess what cause of death has inspired Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to seize more state power.

Kerry Tells Skeptical Senators They’ll Hear ISIS Plan Details ‘at Appropriate Time’

"It's about taking out a network, decimating and discrediting a militant cult masquerading as a religious movement," Kerry testifies.

Kerry to Code Pink: ‘No Negotiation with ISIL… They’re Not Offering Anyone Healthcare’

"You ought to care about fighting ISIL," he chides protesters, referencing his antiwar past.

Mitt Romney: In Your Heart, You Know He’s a Loser

Romney supporters are churning the political waters, hoping to create the illusion of a boomlet.

The New Colonizers

When prayer space is really occupied territory.

Do Dems Have the Playbook to Avoid Another 2010?

Michigan a ground central of the strategy and challenges.

PJTV’s Trifecta: The Great Unraveling: Can the Threads of the American Tapestry Be Rewoven? (Video)

NOW the NFL Has a Problem: Top Beer Sponsor Is Upset

The King is not amused...

City’s Child Services Tells Mom: Don’t Let Your Kids Play Outside

In America today, some people even helicopter other people's kids.

NBC ‘Expert’ Offers Three Tips to Deal with a Home Invasion. They’re Ridiculous.

Keep a can of hornet spray handy? If you have some better deas for home defense, please comment.

15 Songs Millennials Must Listen to in Order to Understand the 1980s

If you want to know the '90s, listen to the '80s.

Gore’s Latest ’24 Hours of Reality’ Promotes Tragic Mistake

While developing nations suffer from CO2-scare related energy costs, we are actually near the lowest level of atmospheric CO2 in Earth’s history.

10 Movies for Understanding the Civil War

10 Movies for Understanding the Civil War

These classics reveal different sides of the conflict that divided America.

A Long Way Down the Wrong Road

A Long Way Down the Wrong Road

Considering The Road to Serfdom in the age of Barack Obama.

Defense Secretary Hagel to Review Pentagon-NFL Ties

Defense Secretary Hagel to Review Pentagon-NFL Ties

Why is domestic violence being turned into a federal matter?

IRS Chief Says Press Reports ‘Confusing’ Loss of Emails

IRS Chief Says Press Reports ‘Confusing’ Loss of Emails

Koskinen maintains if backup existed, "the IRS would be prohibited…from using such a database for email storage.”

Government at Work: Kid Gets Detention for Sharing School Lunch

Government at Work: Kid Gets Detention for Sharing School Lunch

How did we ever survive back in the day?

6 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Arm the Syrian ‘Moderates’

6 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Arm the Syrian ‘Moderates’

The Free Syrian Army is on the wrong side. Here's its bloody track record and disturbing alliances.

The 50 Greatest Counter-Culture Films of All Time, Part II

Continuing a guide for how today's new rebel artists and wild writers at Liberty Island should learn from the most successful innovative filmmakers: featuring 17 more titles and an index of the 14 included in Part I as well as answers to critics.

The Kingdom Is Still United: Scots Reject Independence

Scots' vote strikes a blow against progressive utopian schemes.

So Now We’re Going to Arm the Syrian Rebels

What can go wrong?

White House Clearly Relieved at Scottish Referendum Result

"We look forward to continuing our strong and special relationship..."

Scotland Votes ‘No’ to Independence

The BBC reports that the 'No' side has a decisive lead with nearly all regions initially counted.

Crist Sees Women as Key to Ousting Scott in Florida

Doubles-down with new effort to portray GOP governor as out-of-touch on equal pay, abortion, contraception.

13 Reasons to Fall in Love with Lana Del Rey

"I was always an unusual girl."

Democrats Hold #AskDems Twitter Townhall. It Goes About as Well As a Savvy Twitter User Would Expect.

We did.

How Many People Show Up to Work Stoned?

Well, this explains a lot about the state of our workforce.

What Does Kerry Call ISIS? ‘The Enemy of Islam’

"I hope you join me in doing that, because that's what I think they are," he tells Congress.

‘CATALIST’: Obama’s Database for Fundamentally Transforming America

"Catalist" allows Obama and other Democrats to ignore public opinion, run far to the left, and still win.

Horrific ISIS Beheading Plot Disrupted in Australia

And a local Islamist thug protests the arrests.

Hot Topic: Should Scotland Be an Independent Nation?

The vote today is too close to call.

Disturbing: ISIS Releases First in Video ‘Series’ with Captured British Journalist

"Maybe I will live, and maybe I will die," says John Cantlie, who had been missing since November 2012.

Remember When Slate Cared About Jewish Stereotypes?

Selective outrage.

Next Round—Islamic State Vs. Israel?

As the threat to Israel grows, will it remain cast as the brutal bad guy? And what threats may be emerging in Jordan?

10 Reasons I’m Proud to Be A Jew

Stick it to the antisemites with these reasons why Jews have many reasons to be proud.

Slow Start for the Benghazi Select Committee

Why is Chairman Trey Gowdy's committee getting a thumbs up from hard left Websites?

Pelosi Refuses to Say that We’re at War with ISIS, Has No Trouble Declaring that There Is a ‘War on Women’


Washington Keeping Scottish Independence Referendum at Arm’s Length

One former U.S. president, though, jumps in to give Cameron a hand.

Photos, Witness Testimony Should End Django Unchained Actress’ Race Card Claims

Lewd and crude, according to witnesses.

Rihanna Beaten Up Again (by NFL and… Debbie Harry?)

I guess the Black Eyed Peas won't be playing the Super Bowl half-time show again, huh?

EPA Official Explains Agency’s Plan to Curb Carbon Emissions…and Then This Happened

No power.