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DOJ Launching Effort to Put 'Substantial Number' of Inmates Before Obama for Clemency

Deputy attorney general calls get-out-of-jail program "not expressions of forgiveness" but "restoring fairness."

The Republicans’ Continued Public Relations Disaster

You don't need Strother Martin to realize that the GOP has a distinct failure to communicate.

All-In on Amnesty: Renee Ellmers Is Boehner and Cantor’s ‘Tell’

Rep. Ellmers showed GOP leadership's hand -- expect an amnesty push after the primaries. Or, act now to send a message in VA and NC.


Warren: Things Were Great Until the 1980s

Dark horse challenger to Hillary?

What’s More Popular: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip to Meet President Barack Obama, or a Pair of Edible Breadshoes?

Which is the bigger loafer?

Reporter Asks State Dept for One Accomplishment from Hillary Clinton’s Big Review Process. Let’s See What Happens.

"I won't hold my breath."

Congressman Slams NYT for Piece Linking Veterans and White Supremacy

Marine vet Rep. Grimm said if another group had been accused, left "would be out protesting everywhere you can imagine."

Who’s Next?

In the Beginning were the German Beards...

GOP Candidate Comes Up with Fantastic One-Word Response to Dems’ ‘War on Women’ Nonsense


The ‘We Do What We Want, Bleep You’ Administration


Obama Sends Strongest Signal Yet that He Expects Democrats to Lose the Senate

Lawyering up.

Is Money Being Wasted at Agency Intended to Protect Consumers’ Dime?

Cost-benefit analysis of CFPB rules, argues one Dem, would just feed GOP's "ideologically-driven regulatory agenda.”

Drone Strikes Launched After AQAP Shows They’re Not on the Run

A mission to save face after new al-Qaeda No. 2's in-your-face PR effort -- featuring a former Gitmo detainee?

Cliven Bundy and The Rural Way

To paraphrase the ancients, sometimes we’d rather be wrong with Cliven Bundy than right with Harry Reid.

Iran Won’t Have a Nuclear Weapon. Period!

Obama's magical thinking enables the mullahs of the Middle East.

EXCLUSIVE: How One Brave Woman and Her Group of Patriots Took a Corrupt Border Sheriff Down

Coda from Hidalgo County.

Blood Moons, Baptists, and Asteroids

There is great turbulence in the heavens, and we might well get wiped out.

The SPLC’s Attack on Rush Limbaugh, David Horowitz, and Me

The Southern Poverty Law Center pens an outrageously dishonest response to critics of Max Blumenthal.

Forget ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’: Try Finding One First

"Medical Homelessness" a problem for California Obamacare patients.

Have You Done Enough for God This Easter?

The real message of Easter is not about being "good enough."

Booming Energy Sector Pushing for More Minority Employment

Can an industry that faces resistance in some parts of Washington build out a more diverse workforce?

Israeli Women, Part 2: Island of Progress in a Dark Sea

Why do feminists get it exactly backwards?

Obamacare Number Games: How Many Enrollees, Really?

Not surprisingly, there's more to the raw numbers of Obamacare enrollees than meets the eye.

Obama’s Easter Sermon Calls on Americans to ‘Rededicate’ to ‘Universal Mission’

His most religious weekly address?

Perhaps Marsellus Wallace Could Have Joined in with His Blowtorch

That nightmarish moment when a heretofore relaxing night of TV watching feels exactly like pulling teeth.

Obama Just Set up a Headfake for the Democrats on the Keystone

A devious plan.

IRS Scandal: One-Way Civility in Academia

My "etiquette" upsets legal scholars more than the scandal does.

Wendy Davis Deals Are the Subject of an FBI Corruption Investigation

"This is a serious ethics issue that may violate federal law and cannot be swept under the rug..."

What Do You Do with a Broken Country?

It's time to think outside the map when it comes to Ukraine.

Battling for the Conservative Soul

Today's Fightin Words podcast: PJ Media associate editor David Swindle on how "the Right" will define itself in the future.

Snowden: I’ve ‘Sworn No Allegiance’ to Russia, Had No ‘Ulterior Motive’ in Putin Show Appearance

"So why all the criticism?" NSA leaker asks.

Report: Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented if the US Hadn’t ‘Switched Sides in the War on Terror’

The assault was a kidnapping attempt, according to the commission.

A Body Blow to Racial Discrimination

The phrase "affirmative action" is a sterling piece of PC Newspeak.

Does the Triumph of Faith Films Matter?

These movies are harbingers of a great turning in the intellectual tide.

Would the Rise of Robot Prostitutes Be a Victory or a Loss?

Support your local call girl.

Curmudgeon v. Thought Police

Charles Murray pens "An open letter to the students of Azusa Pacific University."

Pentagon Sending Paratrooper Companies to Poland, Baltic States

Acknowledged that the exercises -- "real infantry training…that's not insignificant" -- could expand to other countries.

Biden to Ukrainians: ‘Thank You for Making Me Feel Relevant Again’

Says he understands Ukraine cultural dynamics because of the "non-European stock" in the U.S.

‘Hurricane’ Carter: Fact vs. Fiction

And so another violent criminal embraced by the Left has died.

Why You Should Not Be Running

Long slow distance exercise has no business being the standard advice for better health.

Professor Tells Students to Hate Republicans


The Fast-Growing City Where Americans Feel Least Safe Is…

...not surprising.

Earth II?

A broken space telescope continues to expand our view of the universe.

Unearthed Footage Shows Progressive Hero Calling for Ban: ‘No More Babies!’


Everything You Hate About D.C. Is in the Podesta Divorce

Five ways the divorce reveals Washington’s corruption.

Clemency for Drug Offenders Is More Presidential Lawlessness Disguised as Pardon Power

Our system deals with bad laws by changing them via legislative repeal or amendment. Instead, Obama decrees new laws unilaterally.

Too Good to Check: NBC Hired ‘Psychological Consultant’ to Assess David Gregory

Is time running out on the most partisan, lowest-rated host in Meet the Press's history?

More on ‘President Asterisk’

No other recent president has worked harder at squandering the trust of the American people.

Could Michigan Help the GOP Take Over the U.S. Senate? [Polling update]

To six seats—and beyond!

N.Y. Archbishop Dolan Particularly Admires One Possible GOP Contender

Also cautions people who think the Church will change its basic tenets to fit the polls.

Interview: James Delingpole on The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism

Ricochet and's Man in London talks global warming, climate scams, and much more.

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Which one do you strive to achieve?

Obama’s Evolving Policy Toward Russia Promises a New Cold War

Circumstances have forced Obama to admit that the foreign policy he has pursued for the last six years towards Russia has crashed and burned.

Congressional Research Service Confirms Decline in Production on Federal Lands Under Obama

It is the production increase on private lands that has the U.S. on track to become the world’s largest oil producer.

Happy Easter

It's a good day to remember just how hopeless things can seem without really being hopeless at all.

Where Was Jesus on Saturday Between His Death and Resurrection?

In Heaven or Hades?

The 10 Best Movies to Watch to Understand the Cold War

From paranoid sci-fi to aggressive action to romantic comedy nostalgia, these films captured key aspects of the times.

The One Word Democrats May Not Utter During the Campaign

And it's not "Obamacare."

Harry Reid: Yes, Protestors at Bundy Ranch Were ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Doubling down on lies and hysterical exaggerations.

5 New Victories for Muslim Enemies of Free Speech

Both in the Islamic world and in the West, Islamic supremacist groups are determined to stamp out every critical word about Islam and jihad terror, so as to clear away all obstacles to the advancing jihad.

Iowa Rep. King Hits at Facebook Founder Over Immigration Ad

“He wants amnesty because it would benefit his multi-billion dollar corporation," says congressman.