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Iran Won't Have a Nuclear Weapon. Period!

Obama's magical thinking enables the mullahs of the Middle East.

Cliven Bundy and The Rural Way

To paraphrase the ancients, sometimes we’d rather be wrong with Cliven Bundy than right with Harry Reid.

Blood Moons, Baptists, and Asteroids

There is great turbulence in the heavens, and we might well get wiped out.


The SPLC’s Attack on Rush Limbaugh, David Horowitz, and Me

The Southern Poverty Law Center pens an outrageously dishonest response to critics of Max Blumenthal.

Forget ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’: Try Finding One First

"Medical Homelessness" a problem for California Obamacare patients.

Have You Done Enough for God This Easter?

The real message of Easter is not about being "good enough."

Booming Energy Sector Pushing for More Minority Employment

Can an industry that faces resistance in some parts of Washington build out a more diverse workforce?

Israeli Women, Part 2: Island of Progress in a Dark Sea

Why do feminists get it exactly backwards?

Obamacare Number Games: How Many Enrollees, Really?

Not surprisingly, there's more to the raw numbers of Obamacare enrollees than meets the eye.

Obama’s Easter Sermon Calls on Americans to ‘Rededicate’ to ‘Universal Mission’

His most religious weekly address?

Perhaps Marsellus Wallace Could Have Joined in with His Blowtorch

That nightmarish moment when a heretofore relaxing night of TV watching feels exactly like pulling teeth.

Obama Just Set up a Headfake for the Democrats on the Keystone

A devious plan.

IRS Scandal: One-Way Civility in Academia

My "etiquette" upsets legal scholars more than the scandal does.

Wendy Davis Deals Are the Subject of an FBI Corruption Investigation

"This is a serious ethics issue that may violate federal law and cannot be swept under the rug..."

What Do You Do with a Broken Country?

It's time to think outside the map when it comes to Ukraine.

Battling for the Conservative Soul

Today's Fightin Words podcast: PJ Media associate editor David Swindle on how "the Right" will define itself in the future.

Snowden: I’ve ‘Sworn No Allegiance’ to Russia, Had No ‘Ulterior Motive’ in Putin Show Appearance

"So why all the criticism?" NSA leaker asks.

PJTV’s Instavision: Geopolitics in Space: Will Russia Annex the International Space Station?

Obama: No Fixes to Obamacare Until GOP has ‘Change in Attitude’

"And I recognize that their party is going through, you know, the stages of grief, right? Anger and denial and all that stuff."

Dr. Ben Carson Honors Kirk Cameron, Aubrey Chernick, and Brooks Robinson

His Carson Scholars Fund recognizes 300 high-achieving students.

A New, More Sinister IRS Scandal

Speech regulators want conservatives in jail.

College: The Sixty-Five Thousand Dollar Misunderstanding

Is the higher education bubble about to burst? The signs are on the bathroom door.

14 Factors to Watch in the 2014 Midterms

Everything you need to know to become an expert on the November elections.

Is Self-Esteem a Social Construct Or the Soul’s Self-Awareness?

Dusting off Birth and Death of Meaning to resume the series exploring the insights of Ernest Becker.

PJTV: Roger L. Simon and Michelle Fields on the Silence of the Liberals (Video)

‘Litigious Weapon’ Unchecked: GAO Finds No One’s Keeping Tabs on Environmental Reviews

No consistent data kept to piece together the "paralysis by analysis."

I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of Spam

The Spam War is over and I have emerged victorious.

Irish Diary: Of ‘First Amendment Areas’ and Jay Carney’s Commie Posters

Well, this is what you get with gangster government.

(UPDATE: Cantor Opponent Dave Brat Demands Investigation) Banana Republicans: New Head Of Virginia GOP on Eric Cantor’s Payroll

Cantor opponent Dave Brat: "Any pretense of fairness for the June 10 election has been dashed."

Happy Tax Day!

My birthday and your worst day all rolled into one.

‘Red Flags and Warnings’ Missed in Boston Bombings

A year of government review reveals weak links in anti-terror coordination and an FBI agent who didn't visit a suspect's mosque.

To Six Seats—and Beyond!

Do not ask for whom the polls tell, I say to my Democrat friends — they tell for GOP.

Interview: James Delingpole on The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism

Ricochet and's Man in London talks global warming, climate scams, and much more.

The Difference Between Happiness and Joy

Which one do you strive to achieve?

Obama’s Evolving Policy Toward Russia Promises a New Cold War

Circumstances have forced Obama to admit that the foreign policy he has pursued for the last six years towards Russia has crashed and burned.

Congressional Research Service Confirms Decline in Production on Federal Lands Under Obama

It is the production increase on private lands that has the U.S. on track to become the world’s largest oil producer.

Happy Easter

It's a good day to remember just how hopeless things can seem without really being hopeless at all.

Where Was Jesus on Saturday Between His Death and Resurrection?

In Heaven or Hades?

The 10 Best Movies to Watch to Understand the Cold War

From paranoid sci-fi to aggressive action to romantic comedy nostalgia, these films captured key aspects of the times.

The One Word Democrats May Not Utter During the Campaign

And it's not "Obamacare."

Harry Reid: Yes, Protestors at Bundy Ranch Were ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Doubling down on lies and hysterical exaggerations.

5 New Victories for Muslim Enemies of Free Speech

Both in the Islamic world and in the West, Islamic supremacist groups are determined to stamp out every critical word about Islam and jihad terror, so as to clear away all obstacles to the advancing jihad.

Iowa Rep. King Hits at Facebook Founder Over Immigration Ad

“He wants amnesty because it would benefit his multi-billion dollar corporation," says congressman.

Israeli Women, Part 1: Ace Pilots Reporting for Duty

What the feminist left doesn't get about the Jewish state.

Obama Executive Order Makes Foreign Armies Eligible for DoD Medal

Awarded for "non-combat meritorious achievement or service that is incontestably exceptional."

Justified Is One of the Best TV Crime Shows of All Time

Another great season concludes.

Putin Isn’t a Genius — We Are Complete Idiots

Putin will let the West take ownership of the Ukrainian disaster until it festers, and then he will pick and choose what he wants.

Telling ‘Noble Lies’ About Climate Change Will Backfire

Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is a serious mistake

Even Hillary Clinton Isn’t Sure What We Should Like About Hillary Clinton

Lacking that Sandra Fluke dynamism...

Good and Bad News for Reducing Heart Attack Deaths

Don't get so excited about a study on statin treatments...

Did USAID Wander Into CIA Territory by Running Cuba Op?

A rudimentary Twitter-style app crafted to stoke protests in Cuba is making some on the Hill screech.

4 Things to Get Liberated From This Passover

Let's put the U.S.-Israeli alliance on a better footing.

A National Assured Basic Income Will Poison the Well

When everyone sees riding in the cart as being preferable to pushing it, the cart stops.

Egypt’s Economy Is No Longer the Problem, and Not Our Problem

The Obama power vacuum creates an opening for China to meddle in Egypt and the rest of Africa.

Conservatives in the Mist, Yet Again

Shocker: Another "liberal" pundit discovers conservatives are actually human!

The Terrifying Implications of the IRS Abuse-DOJ Connection

Total and unchallenged control.

Fort Hood and Disarmament

The latest incident at Fort Hood has reanimated the gun control debate, but this time, anti-freedom advocates have a unique handicap.

Retreat? Hell Yeah!

Once again, the Obama administration stands ready to assist its allies— the time Ukraine—minus any "lethal assistance."

The True Sin of Sin Taxes

The ironic truth hidden behind sin taxes is a particularly ugly one.

What’s Next in the GOP’s Obamacare Fight?

Obama's victory lap continues with a friendly CBO report as Republicans sharpen their focus on one of the law's main effects.

Biden: Boston Bombing was ‘Worth It’

“You have survived, and you have soared. It was worth it, just to hear each of you speak."