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Ed Driscoll

Death Spiral

October 24th, 2013 - 3:57 pm

And now, a word from President Obama on how easy it is to use the Obamacare Website:

That was from July of 2010, meaning the Obama administration has had over three years to get the system online. And they could have had another six months, if they had taken Ted Cruz up on his recommendation to delay the program’s rollout.

Which brings us to today.

Ed Morrissey takes one for the team, attempts to explain to low-information CNN viewers what the abortive nightmare rollout of the Obamacare Website could mean:

Before the October 1 rollout of, a key concern was whether the Affordable Care Act system would create a “death spiral” for insurers. That crisis could be precipitated by an unenthusiastic response from younger, healthier Americans. These are the people whose high premiums and low demand for services are necessary for the risk pools to assume the costs of covering pre-existing conditions at community-pricing rates, as well as buffering the premiums of older and needier Americans.

Instead, the emerging “death spiral” crisis is one of the credibility for the White House and the idea that big government-program interventions work better than the private sector those interventions seek to reform.

Harry Reid proffers his opinion on where it all went wrong

…And for once, perhaps Harry is onto something:


Still though, perhaps President Obama could still salvage something from all this. A lovely Christmas gift at the end of the year from his friends at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, perhaps?
Nahh — it sounds like some at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO are starting to lose their seemingly infinite patience at how thin-skinned this administration is getting these days.

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Wait, I didn't see him register nor any indication he was already logged in?

So they had a plan then at the last minute, after programming started, they changed the fundamental design?
1 year ago
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Hey, Headless Harry Reid, I'm 55 and I've been on the Internet (and programming apps from the socket layer to HTTP) since 1989, thank you very freakin' much. I remember when the total number of computers on the Internet was measured in the thousands. When you could grep the whole day's Usenet feed like Kibo did. I remember setting up my own SLIP connection from one of the first ISPs in the DC area, Digex.

"Over 50 just learning about the Internet" my asterisk...
1 year ago
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Honorable Mr. Reid, we 50+ers *invented* the effing 'net (not your Dem colleague Mr. Gore, the obese, sex-crazed blowhard). If you could do rudimentary math, you'd figure we were late 20s/early 30s in the early '90s ...

Project much?
1 year ago
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