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5 Ways the GOP Screws Up

Ann Coulter: it's time to end the circular firing squad and start playing to win.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


October 28, 2013 - 10:00 am
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The thesis of Ann Coulter’s latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican is simple: Republicans do a great disservice to themselves every time they try to play along with liberals. Given the latest infighting between the Tea Party and the French Republicans (as Mark Levin calls them) Coulter’s book couldn’t have been published at a more opportune moment. Thanks to Ann, we now have a study guide for getting it right in 2014.

But, to overcome a problem, you must first acknowledge it. So here are the five major ways Republicans are screwing over the Right. The fix is simple: Stop accepting, rewarding, and emulating this behavior if you want to get liberals out of office.

5. Expecting Politicians to be Gods.

A few critics of Ann’s seem to be blown away by the fact that, at one point, she backed the Chris Christie. How could Ann back a RINO? Poser! Fraud!

And you’ve never made a wrong decision in your life, let alone changed your mind.

As Ann wrote, “No elected Republican will do everything you want.” Neither politicians nor pundits are gods; if we thought they were, we’d be lefty socialists. So, let’s give up the notion that every politician on our side needs to back our individual political philosophy with every vote they make and start approaching politics for what it is: a team sport where a serious level of rationality is required to cultivate and follow a winning strategy. Instead of devolving into implosion mode at the instigation of the bloodthirsty MSM, reconvene with the goal of winning. It really is that simple.


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Give it a rest already PJM - Coulter *claims* to be conservative - she *writes* with a conservative bent - but like Obama you have to watch what she actually does (who she backs in electios) and not listen to what she says. When she couldn't get Christie to run for POTUS what did she do? She backed Mittens! Even when there were other more conservative candidates still in the running she elected to go with another G-D'ed New England country club RINO. Ann Coulter is a RINO! She can play with her words in any manner she choses but her actions - like that of Obama - show her to be anything but a conservative.

I won't buy her books and I won't vote for one more G-D'ed New England country club RINO!


1 year ago
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"When she couldn't get Christie to run for POTUS what did she do? She backed Mittens!"
Coulter has admitted her mistake on Christie, and the reason(s) she supported Mittens were: 1. He wasn't her first choice, but he was the nominee, far & away better than the alternative, as we have painfully seen & experienced; and 2. He had been elected Governor in a blue state. I fail to see how this makes her a RINO.
1 year ago
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