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October 30th, 2013 - 8:33 am


Jonah Goldberg is on a roll this week, today describing those charming new health plans millions of Americans are lovingly being “transitioned” into:

Ah, but they’ll get better ones!

That appears to be the new rationalization for Obama’s bait-and-switch. “Right now all that insurance companies are saying is, ‘We don’t meet the requirements under Obamacare, but we’re going to offer you a better deal!’” explained Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday.

A better deal according to whom? Say I like my current car. The government says under some new policy I will be able to keep it and maybe even lower my car payments. But once the policy is imposed, I’m told my car now isn’t street-legal. Worse, I will have to buy a much more expensive car or be fined by the IRS. But, hey, it’ll be a much better car! Why, even though you live in Death Valley, your new car will have great snow tires and heated seats.

One size will fit all, tovarishch.

Anyway, go and read the whole thing, paying special attention to Jonah’s lead about Obama lying either to us or to himself — with the biggest whopper ever told about American domestic policy. Although that does leave us with something of a theological question: Is it possible for the Smartest Man in Any Room™ to tell a lie so big that even he’ll believe it?

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Two things

First off, you think the backlash to the rate hikes is bad, wait till people want a doctor and start trying to USE Obamacare. That medical insurance <> medical care will come as a nasty shock to people.

And, to carry the car analogy further, not only will your Camry be deemed not street legal, your car payments will go up to $1K/Mon (and never end), and you'll be driving a Soviet era Lada. Sure nothing on it will work and the thing'll barely run but the spec sheet will meet all Federal mandates.
1 year ago
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Speaking of snow tires and heated seats. One of the ultimate ironies is the 20 something who has to pay for contraception so the stud/babe who wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole can have 'free' protected sex.
1 year ago
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Isn't NewSpeak great? I love what they've done to the word "transition."

Just think, if someone murders you it will be transitioning you to a higher spiritual state. Doesn't that sound cool?

And if someone rapes you they're merely transitioning you to a higher state of sexual awareness. You have to be grateful about that even though there will be the downside of receiving the bill for involuntary stud service in the mail.

What a word "transition" is. Is there anything it can't do?
1 year ago
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Here's another funny thought.

Just like many of us saw, and knew this was going to be a disaster (but were called mean and racist for pointing it out), When this thing fails to reach critical mass to make it work, and starts it's death spiral (as it will) we'll be vilified for pointing out that very point.

At that point, panic will ensue amongst the democrats. It won't fly without "fixing" it. But fixing it means certain death. I hope the republicans have the cohonies to stay out the way.
1 year ago
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When the man was re-elected, I was nauseous. Then I realized that there are a number of stupid people in this country that cannot learn until they are affected, or feel some pain. And feel some pain they will.

Fact of the matter is that the numbers never worked. And they never do for anything this administration does. This is one of the many fatal flaws in this program - millions of normal people will have to be soaked to pay for it. Not the rich, but everyone in the middle.


Sad thing is as I look over what these people are paying now for a basic policy, I'll bet those uninsured slobs are paying that for car insurance.

This could have been so easy.
1 year ago
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