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Anna Vu


October 28, 2013 - 9:00 am
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Every kid dreams of going to Disneyland, and my three year old is no different. After watching a Disney documentary on TV, she has been asking to “go to Cinderella’s house” ever since.

We knew this day would come, and, when looking into her pleading little face, Husband and I decided to take the plunge, scrape together our pennies, and finally commit to the idea. It was a daunting task — bags needed to be packed, tickets purchased and itineraries ironed out.

At a glance, planning a vacation for a destination that is a mere 40 minute drive away may sound like the death of spontaneity, but children (and adults for that matter) need routine and guidelines to make them feel safe and secure. Also, if you live in the Real World of Married Life and Parenting you’ll have realized by now that when you’re married with kids, spontaneity died a long time ago. That’s not to say it’s not fun, but that it’s now just fun based around nap time, potty breaks and administering snacks.

So here are a few tips I gathered from my research that will help anyone planning a Disney vacation with little ones.

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I'm a FL rez who has had the Disney yearly pass off and on, and I do have kids (boy 8, girl 4, girl 6 months), but I read this out of curiosity. I didn't find it helpful at all. The suggestions range from the inane, to missing the point; the entire cachet of the merch is buying it in the park, the secret is limiting them to one choice each so it's special, and if it's not something you can wear buying it on the way out so you don't have to carry it around all day. Who the heck stocks up on Diznee merch in the park when there's a Diznee store in every mall??

One good tip I didn't see is smuggle your own small snacks and drinks. It's fun to eat one meal there, but they'll bankrupt you if you need to buy every drink there, and goldfish or animal crackers are good for temp snacks. Put them in your pockets or something, they don't frisk for snacks.

However, the worst and most harmful is the child leash. Besides being demeaning, the thing is dangerous. The park is crowded and the chance of someone walking between you and the child right into the leash and flinging the kid to the ground is a constant danger. I DO have kids, and a 3 year old will not last an entire day of walking around Diznee- you'll end up carrying them or dragging them with the leash as they lag. A much better choice is a stroller which folds up small enough to carry. When they want to walk, hold hands. When they get tired or you want to go fast, they ride. I don't know how those kid leashes are still on the market, seriously, when they ban any toy some lamebrain stuffs up his nose.
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