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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tank

October 29th, 2013 - 9:46 am


The Civitas Institute is collecting personal stories from people who have lost their insurance due to ObamaCare.

So go on and click if you have one to share.

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All Comments   (4)
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I'm still waiting for my $2,500 discount.

It's not in health care premiums that I paid for - I pay more, and it's providing less coverage. It's not in a reduced deductible - my deductible now went UP to $6,000. It's not in the portion of the plan that my employer pays - we had a frank discussion about that. It's not in the actual health care that I paid for, nor in the health care that was delivered. (there's the billed rate, and the contracted rate)

I'm paying more, and getting less. I guess the "savings" in health care spending that I was promised was that I'm "saving" 2,500 from being wasted on groceries and gas, and spent on health care and a mostly useless policy, instead.

Good Job!

I'm wondering if Bill Clinton can get away with the same rationalization used to explain away the canceled policies, when he cheats on his wife: Well, honey, that promise was only valid when you weighed the same and dressed the same and earned the same as when we got married. Since you dyed your hair, put on a few pounds, started travelling, it's really your fault that I'm boinking an intern. You should thank me for letting you know that our marriage is invalid and no longer meets the government standard.
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Otherwise known as

I wish that were a joke.
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gee, your linked site is down. kinda like and
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Can't stop laughing.
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