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Janine Turner


October 23, 2013 - 11:56 pm
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The Democrats are masters at public relations. This is one of the areas where the Republicans falter. The Democrats are masters at re-inventing the message. This is one of the areas where the Republicans falter. The Democrats are masters of imaging themselves as loving, helpful parents. This is one of the areas where the Republicans falter (the Republicans’ image is one of angry, judgmental parents). The Democrats are masters at making villains out of Republicans. This is one of the areas where the Republicans falter — Republicans make villains out of Republicans.

The time has come for Republicans to join the street fight, challenge the bully Democrats, and win. How? The Republicans need to step back, analyze their imaging, challenge their messaging, and get into fighting form.

One place to start is with single mothers. No matter what the statistics, no matter what the numbers, the constant barrage of attacks on single mothers as a culprit of America’s demise is lethal — especially in an upcoming duel with Hillary Clinton. How do Republicans triumphantly deal with this issue in the arena with Hillary Clinton? They need to master the re-imaging of their single-mother messaging. Instead of singling out single mothers, they need to put the emphasis where it really belongs — single parents. It takes two to tango. For every single mother there is a single father. There are Single Parents.

As a single mother and a Republican, I deal with this barrage of constant negative messaging. Here’s the bottom line: Republicans will not win, politically or socially, with this mean-spirited, biased message and it is certainly not helping the single mother or her child. Republicans need to stop living in the problem and start living in the solution. One way to do this is to watch the wordage and the unfair, stereotypical attack on the single mothers – the single mothers who are actually raising the children.

They need to actively acknowledge that for every single mother there is a single dad. Republicans need to bring single dads onto the playing field. For many single mothers — who are actually taking care of their child — there are many single dads roaming around, not only missing in action, but being held to zero accountability by Republicans and the Republican Party. This reeks of chauvinism – a chauvinism I don’t believe exists in the Republican Party, but the current message is chauvinistic. Where is the focus on single dads?

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Who is the most affected by the "pro life" message? Single women who are pregnant. And who has taken the most advantage of that? Democrats. The only way conservatives (forget Republicans) can avoid this is to drop the pro-life idea.

Maybe conservatives need to push values (oh wait, the Democrats are against that). Maybe conservatives should push marriage (oh wait, Democrats, media, AND hollywood push non-traditional marriage and single parenting). Maybe conservative WOMEN need to push the "hey, it's not all right to have a child out of wedlock, make the dead beat baby daddies marry you first" narrative. Maybe conservative women can push the "there's more to life than just spreading your legs for the first (or second or third) male who makes gooogle eyes at you." Just because a woman can have a child without a man's involvement (other than the teaspoon - or is that tablespoon - of semen) doesn't mean she should. But who is going to push that narrative? The evil, chauvinistic conservatives? Women-hating Republicans?

The reason conservatives sound like the parents is because we have to think like the parents. Because the liberals/democrats/socialists seem to think life should be one big party that someone else has to pay for.
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Can someone please explain to me what this woman is complaining about?

", the constant barrage of attacks on single mothers as a culprit of America’s demise is lethal..."

"As a single mother and a Republican, I deal with this barrage of constant negative messaging."

As someone who is not a single mother let me say: You're obsessed with yourself Ms. Turner. There is no barrage of constant negative messaging from republicans on single mothers. Give me one, ONE example of a prominent republican who has made a statement in the last 10 years about single mothers being bad people or the need to make things harder for single mothers. It's all in your head. Just because you're a single mother and that is the most important thing in the world to you doesn't mean that whatever fantasy world you've created to explain your life is real.

"They need to actively acknowledge that for every single mother there is a single dad. Republicans need to bring single dads onto the playing field. For many single mothers — who are actually taking care of their child — there are many single dads roaming around, not only missing in action, but being held to zero accountability by Republicans and the Republican Party. "

Mom's Good. Dad's Evil. OOOOookay.

So you're a sexist paranoid who wants the Republican Party to make your baby daddy love you again... or at least give you his money... got it. Pardon me if I don't think you've stumbled onto the most pressing issues facing the nation or a winning electoral strategy.
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You're the only one who is defining enemies here. I am calling out the blatantly false assertion that conservatives vilify mothers and gives fathers a pass.
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Lets be reasonable shall we , what's makes anyone think that her brand politics have changed since the time she first started in politics , she wanted a Constitutional Convention , powerful people here saw that and knew her politics and they squashed her chances , when are the moral people of conscience in this country going to wake up and realize the more they abandon the founding fathers principles the more of our liberties will be taken away . the founding fathers looked at children as part of their overall wealth we look at children as an expense and tax deduction otherwise we would not have the abortion issue on the table , Obamacare = Kevorkiancare therefore Abortion = Genocide my political ticket , what I would want and guaranteed to win would be Rand Paul for president and Alan Keyes for VP , Black People ,I feel want a Chance to repair the Mistake and a second chance eventually for the Whitehouse with a candidate that they can be proud of , I don't trust her or what may happen during a Constitutional Convention given the people we now have in Washington , I agree with Sedulous Suasion when it comes to children
52 weeks ago
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Thank you JL for writing you agree with my theory on children. I appreciate that. When I check these columns hoping to see a response from JT so that she will help our soldiers, I often see your posts around mine. Always you back Him. Thank you for posting to JT’s columns.
Your statement that the Founders saw children as wealth, whereas current Americans view children as an expense, is profound. I agree with you that that would lead to accepting abortions.
You mention Mr. Keyes. Sadly when I contacted someone working with Mr. Keyes, pleading he ask Mr. Keyes to back our soldiers in this War, I failed. I wish there were a way to reach Mr. Keyes. I failed.
Thank you again for posting around many of my posts. It hurts to try and reach JT this way since her staff forbids her to help our soldiers, only to continue to fail here. I keep getting her emails telling her supporters to read these columns, but this effort keeps failing. Meanwhile our soldiers are ignored during war, to the enemy’s delight.
How I wish she would hire an intern and charge the intern to monitor her columns here. Surely an intern would think differently than her staff, and ask JT to use her show to depress enemy morale. Sadly her staff has JT locked down during this War.
If prayer says post this I will.
50 weeks ago
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I skipped this column when responding to the other ones, assuming anything I posted here would be ignored since it is old. But her email to supporters a few hours ago again asked we go here, so I will finally post here.
Again, I am desperately trying to reach her since I am barred from posting to her website columns, except for one post which was permitted. My other conservative posts are censored by whoever controls what gets posted to her website columns. With deep gratitude I thank PJM for letting me post here without any hint of censoring. Thank you PJM for allowing conservatives to post to your columns.
Now my take on Janine Turner’s signature issue, signature since this issue hurts her personally:
JT, I don’t hear any attacks being voiced by Republican leaders against single mothers. What I do see is universal cringing whenever someone sees a single mother. It is built into every human. Why? Because God puts it there when He designs us. Why? So humans will yearn to have parents raise the child.
The same urgency is built into every child – to yearn for his parents to raise him. It is a craving He designed into us.
If I am correct, then you suffer doubly, for you bear that innate unsatisfied urge, and watch your daughter suffer.
Why do single mothers yell at Republican leaders? Because they are perceived as being religious, whereas Democrat leaders oppose what God wants. The latter therefore get a pass on anything God builds into us. They are the politicians who “care” because they say ignore what God wants and built into you. Crush the urges and cravings He put inside you. Draw comfort from ignoring what He wants.
If I am correct, please accept what He put inside of you has eaten you up all these years, as well as your daughter. But know that young Americans are the generation of divorce. They are suffering horribly, along with separated and divorced parents. You and your daughter have suffered what many young Americans are beginning to suffer. Hopefully you can help them since you have a voice which keeps getting heard more.
You have two choices. The way the typical Democrat leader advices is to denounce what God designed into you and embrace the freedom Satan offers by ignoring what God wanted you to have. The media and professors call that caring: ignore God and you will stop feeling pain.
The second is to cry to Him that He put this craving, this urge, in you when He made you and it has hurt for years and it has hurt your daughter. Pray He help you with that pain.
The likely result of that prayer will be you will green light Him to unleash on your daughter’s father for that pain (assuming he is still alive and the non-marriage is partially or more his fault) and then send you a replacement pleasing to you (since He loves you and her) for you and her. He won’t do anything unless you ask Him to do so. Scripture repeatedly shows that.
Hopefully I am right about the above, or at least close, since this appears to be your signature issue and I am desperate for you to help me help those I am trying to help (soldiers). Right now PJM is giving me the only way to try and reach you. Again, thank you PJM.
If prayer says post this, I will. What happened there was someone might ask why haven’t I cried to Him in prayer over how your website employees block me from posting? I will if prayer says to do so. Till then, there is scripture addressing what they are doing to me, and hence to Him, if my going to you was per His lead.
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Put me down on the strongly disagree side. I've been thru the Divorce Wars, a single dad, custody fight and remarriage. So I have seen the festivities from both sides.

You can't have it both ways. That is, on the one hand have the Family Courts system that is as anti-Man / anti-Father as any Sharia Court is anti-woman. The difference is that the Sharia Courts are more honest about what they do and why they do it than the Family Courts are.

Public education and higher education are also increasingly anti-boy and anti-men.

You also have a welfare system that has been chasing men out of homes for over half a century. Moynihan wrote about the impending disaster in the black community 50 years ago when the illegitimacy rate was just poking over 20%. Today it is over 70% in that community and they are the foundation of the democrat voting block. They are doing it among whites and Latinos with similar results both in single women households and lockstep voting for democrats.

Every two years, they trot out some version of the 2012 Obama War on Women to stir up the ladies and turn them out to vote. And it has worked masterfully. They are doing it in the VA Governor's race right now. Given that the Clintons are fully involved, I would expect to see it in 2016 during Hillary's run also.

Given that you are a self-described conservative talk show lady and are buying into it, I would suggest that it will work next time also.

From a political standpoint, pandering to the needs and fears of single mothers plays a huge part in successful democrat campaigns. And like it or not, conservatives and religious Americans should most certainly respond. We did not pick this fight, but it appears it has picked us and we will have to respond.

From my perspective, there are 3 people involved in a pregnancy - father, mother and child. And the decision - whatever it is - should include equally the needs and concerns of all 3. Sadly, nobody ever speaks for the child which are destroyed out of hand and out of convenience, and men end up as targets of abuse, ridicule and derision.

Note that pregnancy is a medical condition that takes you out of action about as long as blowing out a knee in sports (9 months or so to get back to playing condition). It is not a life altering condition.

Happily, men are catching on and dropping out of the game and women are starting to notice. Dr. Helen Smith's book is one description of what is going on. You might also review something written a few years ago by a guy that calls himself The Futurist. The article is called The Misandry Bubble. Well worth you time. Cheers -

1 year ago
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Congratulations, Janine, for pointing out one of the elephants in the room. Judging from the views expressed in many of the comments for this blog, it would seem to me you've a much-clearer view of the realities of modern American society and the real, pragmatic effects on conservative prospects engendered by the "War Against Women" discourse that Democrats, enabled by an increasingly-partisan & indiscriminate mainstream media, have so successfully presented as one of the primary motivations of Republican Party politics/ideology. It would appear that those commenters who demand specific examples in support of your position - which examples even the most casual of observers could scarce fail to find ample evidence of with but a perusory attempt at actual research - are truly incredulous that any could share your view. These commenters may well be unaware of such recent examples from the latest election cycle as the ill choice of comments from Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock, or of those attributable to Congressmen Trent Franks and Todd Akin (amongst other Republican "commentary snafus" such as those by California Assemblyman -er, Assemblywoman - Celeste Greig this past spring), or perhaps, imparting a view of these events informed by their own awareness of the actual context in each case, the commenters simply do not include such examples, or the variety of similar examples from the 25 years since Vice-President Quayle's "Murphy Brown boycott", as evidence supporting your position. In my humble opinion, failure to recognize just exactly how tarred the Republican brand has become in the minds of the Average American Voter, in exactly the fashion you so eloquently elucidate here, by the Democrat's "War Against Women" meme is a mistake. In the final analysis, one would surely be hard-pressed to argue that what a rational, discriminate observer concludes of a thing is in any way likely to resemble what the Average American Voter concludes about the very same thing (recorded history is so replete with example that this may surely be but scarce gainsaid by any dispassionate observer - in similar fashion to the ample evidence of support for your position, Janine, n'est-ce pas?). Ultimately, it matters little what the minority of folks who enjoy using their heads for something other than a hat-rack think or believe - it only matters what the majority think or believe, and I therefore reiterate my humble belief that all evidence to be gathered from a warm embrace of the study of the past forty or fifty years' current events most indubitably supports your view of exactly how the Republican Party is viewed in modern American society, and that said view is indeed a far more accurate assessment than the dissenting commenters seem to believe it to be. It's also my humble belief that any who fail to see the crucial conservative vulnerability you so eloquently elucidate here may have shunned due diligence in avoiding mainstream media sources - perhaps most likely, if so, simply out of a mislike/distrust of the message - and have done so to the detriment of their full and informed understanding of the "pulse of the people". Considering the obvious erudition and intelligence of so many of the commenters who've protested the validity of your expressed theme, I am sadly reminded of the old saw concerning the ignoring of the strengths of one's enemies, and such ignorance having but ill effect upon reducing their potency...
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Bravo Janine. Thank you for dialing in on the hypocrisy.
1 year ago
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The hypocrisy that GOP?TP indulge in is becoming their Achilles heel. On one hand they are "Pro-Life". But the reasons are money. They want to have people to have more children which means more money for the corporations but they decry welfare which is in reality corporate welfare. Think about it all the money will be on diapers baby care ,children's clothes etc Those monies would go to other pursuits.
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proof that conservatives are just as useless as liberals. they honestly do not care about men, it's still always about what the woman can get.

it's time for men to go on strike.
1 year ago
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Many responders re Turner's comments state that they're confused about her complaints. Turner wants RESPECT for taking on the HUGE responsibility of raising a child alone. It ain't gonna happen, Janine. people look at single mothers and think:
What a stupid woman...thinking she could have a career AND raise a child alone! Unless the single mother has a mother who is willing to give up her life and give 100% of her time & energy to her grandchild, the single mother is in for a life of constant stress & exhaustion.
And no matter how wonderful YOU think you are for raising a child alone, no one else agrees.
Consider the married parent who loses a spouse to death. If the survivor is a woman, everyone expects her to mourn and then carry on by taking care of herself and her family.
However, if the survivor is a MAN, the whole community pulls together to provide babysitting and home-cooked meals for him.
It's the reality of our world, Janine...and fantasy women better recognize that reality before they make the HUGE decision to have a child alone!
1 year ago
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Sorry, as a single dad of two, I can assure you that I do it myself.

Of course, I had a career *before* becoming a father, rather than the other way around. It's still pretty exhausting. I'm not asking for any recognition or accolades, just the recognition that men are, by default, more than capable of being competent parents, even competent single parents.

Given the gulf between how successful single dads are, vs how successful single women aren't, I'd go so far as to suggest that men have a leg up, because we don't expect the government to come rescue us. Your mileage may vary.
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"Yes, there needs to be an action taken to bring awareness to the intrinsic value of healthy families that include both parents, but these actions need to be taken with compassion."

You lost me right there. W bleated about "compassionate conservatism" and it turned out we had Medicare Part D shoved down our throats and nearly had amnesty.

Thanks, but no thanks. I guess I apparently just want my conservatism really mean and nasty, or whatever combination of words accurately conveys that while I don't have a particular beef against any group of people, I am against all groups of people equally who want to stick their hands in my wallet.

That said, seriously, get over the persecution complex. You want to know about negative messaging and demonizing? Try spending a single hour as a straight, white, heterosexual, male evangelical Christian. It's the next best thing to being Satan, only without the fun parts.
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I don't recall this being an issue pushed by the GOP, at least since we had VP Dan Quayle.

I have read analysis that mentions the disfunction that correlates with single motherhood. But that involves the discussion of social statistics, and while arguments of causation can be made one way or another, it should be taken as an attack on indivduals.
1 year ago
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meant: "it shouldn't be taken as an attack on individuals"
1 year ago
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