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"We should be figuring out how to improve people so that when they get out, they can become productive citizens again," says White House advisor.
"It was important to me not to have criticism widely thrown back-and-forth and turn it into a Ken Starr-like process, the way that ended up."
Lunch at the Oval Office.
Rosenstein's visit to the White House after NYT report sparked a false alarm about the No. 2 Justice Department official being fired or resigning.
Flake calls it "remarkable" how people "were emboldened to come out and say what happened to them" over the past week, including close friends.
Ryan says Congress should step back and "we should let the president work it out with Rod Rosenstein."
“I did not write the op-ed,” Conway said on Friday after speaking at an event on Capitol Hill with “Angel Families."
Says she needed trio of bodyguards at D.C. protest because of "death threats from Trumpers and alt-right people non-stop."
One by one today cabinet officials stated on the record, either personally or through spokespeople, that they were not the writer of the op-ed.
Reporter says Trump is “acting out in crisis mode” and steps up his attacks on the media as a way to rally his base.
"You know I’m very open to you. I think you’ve always been fair," Trump told Washington Post writer after book was done and interview requests had gone unanswered.