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Coons meets with Kiir, says leader arguing war and humanitarian disaster have been exaggerated.
Tillerson calls on member nations "to suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations" with Kim.
It's a little unclear whether he likes the U.N. or not...
"Who is the killer and who is the terrorist?"
Terror group calls on young followers to attack after Haley vow "filled with sarcasm and mockery."
Liberals are shocked that a strong-headed woman is allowed to represent the Trump Administration.
"If you don’t open the doors, if you don’t welcome them, they will be killed," says girls' education activist.
Says they're allied with "all those who are committed to deter the future use of chemical weapons."
Was the "misplaced alliance" between Russia and Syria, or Russia and the Trump campaign?
Because we should always follow the military wisdom of Bolivia...
Rubio, Cardin say both Assad and Putin need to be held to account as war criminals.
Graham: Accepting Putin ally Assad would be "biggest mistake" since Obama's red line.