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Khamenei and Syed Farook have "obsessive" hatred for Israel in common.
"Who have hijacked a religion and combined a medieval thinking with modern weapons."
In a day and age when we are in sore need of allies, why not be happy that some gentiles are joyfully celebrating a Jewish boy’s birth?
Associated Press can't figure out what's fueling Palestinian attacks on Israelis.
Prime minister's office stresses meeting later this month will not constitute any kind of endorsement.
Insults him as "male equivalent of Pamela Geller." Ironically, Geller's warnings foretold the slaughter.
At a time of heightened terror, the taxpayer-funded “elite” zeroes in on the real threat.
The crisis with Russia is driving Turkey into Israel's welcoming arms.
First new Deutschland edition of "My Struggle" since 1945.
A bearer of multiculturalist dogma seems to have not thought it all through.
In this brotherhood, “neither one is dominant, and neither is dominated."
Military intifada to resume.