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"I mean, just look at the Constitution... He’s now become dangerous."
And if the extracurricular activities of the blizzard-bound are anything like one year ago during Winter Storm Juno...
"Broken windows" theory of policing, RIP.
Democrat Mayors de Blasio and Emanuel agree: Better for a city to endure higher crime than see a racially charged incident turned into a political liability.
Will other states take steps to keep the virus at bay?
Also criticizes "blanket bigotry" of Cruz in counterterrorism speech.
Mock Sanders supporters all you want, but Hillary does worse in general election polls.
Bratton says city trying to "repair damaged relationships with that Muslim community."
Not just a Trump-Cruz fight in the Empire State as Kasich and Cruz try to trump Donald.
Geraldo Rivera laughably calls Cruz an anti-Semite. Here's why that's so absurd.
Big Apple = Big Problems for Cruz and Bernie?
Ivanka told Iowans how to caucus in January. Now, she can't even vote in a primary.