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We're using ordnance much faster than we can replenish the supply.
His order to integrate the armed forces comes just prior to a Ninth Circuit case that could require women to register for the draft.
Carter: "If I had more to recommend" to Obama, "I would be doing that now."
"A proposal that we've been working on now for a number of months. I think it's a necessity."
"Our allies on the eastern flank of NATO are nervous, are uneasy."
"Not merely a mechanism to recover a captive U.S. serviceman," committee finds.
Will also probe "whether these allegations reflect systemic problems" across intelligence.
"All of the parts that we know are necessary to protect our people" will be in huddle with president.
Annals of the Age of Obama.
Baghdad refuses offer of Apaches to retake Ramadi as well as more U.S. forces.
Defense secretary had just visited, declaring "no doubt about it, there's been heavy fighting."
This is not the kind of message adults are used to hearing from their pastor, let alone the kids.