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Psychic fail.
“Interdependence is not a weakness. The trade agreements we’ve been a part of are not about win-lose."
“When it comes to our border, it’s not a wall that can prevent anything,” Sajjan said.
Perhaps the most absurd "hate speech" accusation ever.
Report said executive order was coming soon after lumber-dairy dispute with Canada.
Boycott campaigns "translating the old ideology of anti-Semitism into something acceptable for a new generation."
"Shark Tank" personality first vying for leadership of Canada's Conservative Party.
Children are being propositioned and shown "sexual positions."
"The United States spends more than Canada on medical technology and health care..."
PM: Leaders had "very strong and fruitful discussion" on "remaining true to values."
Yusra Khogali called white people "subhuman." That's hate speech.
Apparently he's all for immigration...