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"They are promoting anti-Semitic hate speech."
State party rules resulted in initial automatic endorsement for John Fitzgerald after he qualified for general election; chairman calls on voters to "reject anti-Semitism" and reject the GOP nominee.
The ADL noted that George Soros "figures prominently in anti-Semitic tweets, with claims that he directly uses his largess to fund false flag events."
"We must defend the rule of law at all times, even when it is difficult, so it will be there for us when we need it," deputy attorney general tells ADL.
Activists say the Anti-Defamation League is "constantly attacking black and brown people."
Thirty-one percent of all Americans polled and 41 percent of millennial-generation respondents believed that 2 million or fewer Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
“I really wasn’t scared of these two-bit cyber terrorist Nazis. I am now."
At that event, he went on to defend Palestinian suicide bombers.