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nancy pelosi

Acknowledges weapons were bought legally in home state, but it highlights "the bigger issue."
Steve Israel says he'll leave "with a sense of frustration" because of Paul Ryan.
Plus, she weighs in on "distinction" between McCain's citizenship and Cruz's.
“She instituted polices she wanted that are probably going to be in place for a long, long time..."
"Trump bankrolled politicians to steamroll the little guy."
Pelosi remembers "one of the strongest voices in the great American debate around our Constitution."
"They are not here, shall we say, fully documented, and we need to change the law."
"Is anybody surprised by anything here? Does the word surprise still exist in the lexicon of Capitol Hill?"
"This Zika situation is saying no to science," she says of House actions on Obama funding request.
"It would be a wonderful, glorious thing to have a woman president of the United States."
Hoyer: "The presumptive nominee is the result of their work, and what they have sowed they are now reaping."
Manchin calls Bernie winning West Virginia "craziest thing I’ve ever seen."