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All from his posh Mercedes...
"People were concerned it was gonna be a bomb."
“Our nation has experienced too much pain and heartache from tragedies that could have been more clearly explained."
What's next for the convicted spy and thief formerly known as Bradley?
Remember the outrage over Brock Turner? Now, just crickets.
CAIR wants Trump administration to "seriously address the growing anti-minority sentiment in our nation."
"I waited all my life to retire with my wife, and now I can't," the father sobbed.
ACLU doesn't want cops "using grenades, using armored vehicles to do a drug bust for $50 worth."
Rand Paul: Attorney general's "new policy will accentuate that injustice" against minorities.
Officer has been charged with murder; family attorney wants to also see lesser charges that may stick better.
Former congresswoman leaves the spotlight in disgrace.
You keep using that word...