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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I'm both a huge nerd and a paranoid right-wing lunatic, so I thought this was pretty funny.
Unknown Obama HUD secretary and "pragmatist" tries to ride AOC's coattails.
Stuart Varney responds: There's 'nothing moral' about socialism.
Pelosi pitched the addition of "outstanding members" on "critical committees, where their fresh vision and powerful voices will be critical." 
"The whole thing is a scam."
AOC would abolish airplanes and refurbish every single building in the U.S.
There's no point in getting into the specifics of AOC's GND, because there are none. She's not really a "details" kinda gal.
AOC's Green New Deal is an utter disaster.
Highest ever for a documentary bought at a film festival...
"Secure your spot today!"
Merely shading the truth isn't enough for journos anymore. Now, in order to get the same thrill, they need to escalate things and flat-out lie to us.