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Trump complains that magazine "picked person who is ruining Germany."
In the first 11 months of 2015, 442 journalists were fired because they criticized the government. An additional 29 were forced to resign.
"Our allies on the eastern flank of NATO are nervous, are uneasy."
Suspects linked to Paris attacks could be on the loose in Switzerland.
Time Magazine Person of the Year says she wants to "drastically reduce" the number of "refugees" entering Germany.
"Migrants" in Norway come bearing cell phones with beheading videos and pictures of dead children as souvenirs from their homelands.
First new Deutschland edition of "My Struggle" since 1945.
It's about time someone raised the fact that most of these "refugees" are healthy, able-bodied single men of means.
Also, the difference between right and wrong.
"They should be influencing Kiev, but it makes no sense to repeat this to people who act like zombies."
Turks violate Greek airspace an average of six times a day.
Happy Silvester, everybody.