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Barack Obama

The official publication of the Democratic National Committee earns its keep.
A society that wages war on its own police...
On how to "prevail over terrorist groups that use violence to advance a destructive ideology."
Climate Change not listed among threat concerns.
Send me that rosewood knife. I'm in.
Celebrating "A Charlie Brown Christmas," Obama forgets the "reason for the season."
How the term "evolving" was enlisted in the lexicon of bureaucratic mendacity, Loretta Lynch edition.
"It is the responsibility of all Americans to reject discrimination" against Muslims, president says in rare Oval Office address.
"The president continues to be reactive, rather than go on the offensive against a dangerous enemy."
His speech ruled out the most important Sunni country, the most important Shia country, and Muslims who support Sharia.
No boots on the ground, but plenty of missiles in the air.
The War on Terror is a War of Errors