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"We'll confirm Judge Gorsuch, and with good reason."
Casey hopes Republicans short of 60 votes don't detonate nuclear option.
Despite budget concerns, senator "still optimistic" about Trump’s infrastructure plans.
Supreme Court pick admittedly "very careful about expressing any views" on cases to senators.
"I have no difficulty ruling against or for any party other than based on the law," nominee assures senators.
Democrats' favorite attack actually shows originalism at its best.
They're blaming the SCOTUS nominee for the President's actions...
"It is unseemly to be moving forward on confirming a Supreme Court Justice..."
Community leader arrested during trade delegation trip, charged with espionage.
Supreme Court nominee will need 60 senators unless nuclear option detonated.
The wages of Leftist feminism: disgrace to the Senate, shame of the Corps.
VA "has partially met two of the five criteria" for shedding designation, says watchdog.