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Makes "proportional" argument on primary turnout as well as GOP "train wreck."
In their first meeting, DNC chairman disagrees, saying "200,000 people will die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed."
Johnson: Campaign cyber op waged "at the direction of Vladimir Putin himself... a fact, plain and simple."
"Perhaps the largest known exposure of voter information in history."
If liberals won't support it, why should we?
Perez: 6th District field strategy for Ossoff "specifically focused" on African-American, Asian-American and Latino voters.
Ellison wants Dem activists to "become storytellers" during party's "Resistance Summer."
Entrepreneur's statement contradicts the Rich family's denials.
The ultimate pay hypocrisy.
Warren, Pelosi underscore their pro-choice credentials after Sanders stumps for pro-life candidate.
"It's a fun moment and it's good theater."
He was able to curse at Trump though...