125 Articles and Blog Posts Showcasing the Wit & Wisdom of Walter Hudson

So far in this ongoing series compiling and organizing the best work from PJ Lifestyle’s contributors I’ve focused on critics and analysts of popular culture from all over the place. To the north in Canada, the punk rock capitalist canadian: “136 Kathy Shaidle Articles That Expand Your Appreciation of Life and Culture.” To the South, guaranteed smiles from a gifted Georgia writer: “116 Articles Exploring American Culture by Chris Queen.” And to the East Coast, in the wilderness of New Jersey, taking back feminism: “194 Articles and Blog Posts Showcasing Susan L.M. Goldberg’s Compelling Culture Commentaries


Also check out these shorter collections from two newer contributors, focusing on war and comic books: “Don’t Miss These 20 James Jay Carafano Articles Exploring War’s Impact on Pop Culture” and “15 Great Lists Debating Comic Books and Pop Culture by Pierre Comtois.”

Today I highlight two more PJ Lifestyle writers who lead the way in other important fronts in the culture wars. What more appropriate way to promote the section’s family themes than to showcase the diverse perspectives from a mom and a dad? Paula Bolyard and Walter Hudson have both been inspirations to edit, learn from, and befriend over the past few years. They’ve both helped to shape my thinking for the day when I become a parent. Take a look at some of their articles and you’ll see why I’m so optimistic about the impact they can both have on the culture…


How is a father to raise sons in a popular culture as decadent as what we have today? Especially when it’s only going to get worse? What needs to be done politically to create a better environment to raise a family? What ideas do potential fathers need to embrace to become men strong enough to raise a happy, healthy family?

To try and figure out questions like these I turn to the deeply thoughtful writings on culture, politics, news, religion, and philosophy of my friend Walter Hudson.

Back in April I assembled this collection here, which is still a good introduction to the work of a writer/activist I admire a great deal: “10 of Walter Hudson’s Greatest Hits.” Among the pieces included in it is a series of four articles exploring a debate between Christians and the secular followers of Ayn Rand. Over the course of the pieces Walter began to develop a synthesis between the two approaches. This has been a regular theme in his work — the attempt to integrate and balance the conflicting ideological tendencies of the religious conservative and the secular libertarian. Just as Walter works to articulate ways to overcome ideological and religious divides, his prescriptions on racial controversies provide clarity and courage.


Walter also brings his combination of views to analyses of pop culture, in a sense bridging the family, political, and pop cultural worlds. Be sure and check out his writings on video games and film.

Which of these subjects would you like to see Walter explore more in future articles?  Please leave your comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @WalterHudson and @DaveSwindle. And also check out new today: “These 150 Paula Bolyard Articles & Blog Posts Will Inspire You.”


Walter Hudson’s Guide For Making Peace Between Christians and Objectivists

  1. 5 Common Accusations Leveled at Christianity
  2. Christianity on Trial
  3. 6 Fatal Misconceptions
  4. Onward Christian Egoist

Fatherhood, Parenting, Marriage and Relationships

  1. What My Sons Teach Me About God
  2. BREAKING: Sex May Result in Children
  3. How Your Child’s Rebellion Mirrors Your Own
  4. Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?
  5. Learning from China’s Marriage Crisis
  6. Rise of the Thought Police: Bullying Your Children into Forsaking Their Values
  7. Study: Being Born Without a Father Leads to Anger, Hate, Suffering
  8. 10 Barriers to Healthy Relationships Explored in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon

Life Advice

  1. American Immaturity: How We Grow Up After We Grow Old
  2. 5 Ideas You Need to Rise From Poverty to the Middle Class
  3. 6 Warnings I Would Send My Younger Self
  4. 6 Lies Millennials Must Reject
  5. 10 Fiction Stories I Love, Which School Forced on Me


  1. Believing in Christmas from Santa to Christ
  2. Whose Morality Is It Anyway?
  3. The Distinction Between Sin and Crime
  4. What Zombies Teach Us About Human Nature
  5. The Gospel from Planet X: Why Aliens Ignite the Imagination
  6. The Church Shouldn’t Promote Self-Esteem
  7. Ariel Castro and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  8. What Price Will American Christians Pay for Their Faith?
  9. Why Christians, Jews, and Everyone Else Better Take an Interest in Heaven and Hell
  10. Religion Ought to Be Divisive
  11. To Know God, We Must First Confess Not Knowing Much
  12. Of Thugs and Men
  13. Why Not a ‘Foul-Mouthed’ Pastor?
  14. The Haphazard Theology of Louis C.K.
  15. Comedian Doug Stanhope Rails Against Christian Tornado Survivors
  16. 7 Ways Noah Turns the Bible Upside Down
  17. Altruism Has No Place in Christianity
  18. Love and Altruism Prove Opposite
  19. How Would Jesus Vote?
  20. This Christian Ministry Just Went Galt
  21. We Evangelize That Which We Love
  22. Should You Be Allowed to End Your Life?
  23. Do Religious Rights Require Religious Laws?
  24. A Christian on Coulter’s Ebola Comments

Critiquing Conspiracy Theory Culture

  1. The Red Placebo: Confessions of a Former Conspiracy Dabbler
  2. 10 Ways Jesse Ventura Ruined His Reputation (Without Chris Kyle’s Help)

Ideology, the Tea Party, and Activism

  1. Pouring the Tea into the GOP
  2. Our Idiot Brother: The Tea Party’s Relationship to Occupy Wall Street
  3. Tea Party Taboo: Tackling Social Issues
  4. Tea Party Taboo: The Atheism of Ayn Rand
  5. Hunkered Between Santorum and Paul Lies Peace Through Total War
  6. Killing Newborns Okay by Oxford Academics
  7. How Drama Queens Sabotage the Tea Party
  8. 8 Reasons Why Today’s Occupiers Are Tomorrow’s Tea Partiers
  9. The Ron Paul Machine vs. the Republican Establishment: 6 Steps Toward Unity
  10. Tea Party Reaction to Romney-Ryan as Fractured as Movement
  11. 6 Green Lies Threatening to Starve You
  12. Tread Upon: What’s Next for the Tea Party?
  13. Would You Meet Your Killer Halfway?
  14. 5 Lessons Worth Learning at RightOnline
  15. 6 Ways Activists Sabotage Their Cause
  16. 3 Ways Marijuana Sorts Conservatives from Libertarians
  17. The Number One Reason Why the Left Always Wins
  18. Ann Coulter Was Right to Tweak Libertarian Voters
  19. Should Small Government Be Our Goal?
  20. What’s the Libertarian Answer to ISIS?
  21. Hamas: A Litmus Test for Libertarians
  22. Confronting Antisemitism Within Our Ranks
  23. We Are All Radicals Now


  1. On Tea Party, Morgan Freeman Should Follow His Past Advice
  2. 8 Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism and the Only Way to Thwart It
  3. Paul Ryan’s Black Ex and the Art of Race Baiting
  4. Are Young Black Men Rejecting Obama?
  5. 5 Tips for Coming Out as a Black Conservative
  6. Will Justice Outlast the Trayvon Martin Hysteria?
  7. What’s More Offensive than Blackface?
  8. Kanye West’s Ingenious Solution to Racism
  9. Martin Luther King’s Discriminatory Dream
  10. Why The Fantastic Four Casting Annoys This Black Man
  11. Why Would a Racist Vote Democrat?
  12. Is the DOJ Correct to Ban Religious and Racial Profiling?
  13. Obama Cites ‘Gulf of Mistrust’ Between Minorities and Law Enforcement
  14. Was Darrien Hunt Shot Because He Was Black?
  15. Dealing Honestly with ‘White Privilege’
  16. Ferguson: To Kill a Mockingbird’s Epilogue
  17. What if the Rioters Were White?
  18. Jesse Jackson Pivots from Ferguson Riots to Bigger Government
  19. Can a Dress Code Be Racist?
  20. No, ‘Illegal’ Is Not Like the N-Word


  1. Porn for Women: The Twilight Saga
  2. Greed Is Good: The Villainy of the On-Screen Capitalist
  3. 6 Punches Director Zack Snyder Must Land in Man of Steel (Revisited)
  4. Is Man of Steel the Year’s Best Sci-Fi Film?
  5. Killing in the Nolan Multiverse
  6. Matt Damon’s Elysium Takes ‘Occupy’ to Space
  7. Why M. Night Shyamalan Sucks (and How He Can Be Great Again)
  8. The Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies Coming in 2015

Star Wars and Star Trek

  1. Star Wars Games Which Need to Get Made Already
  2. Folly of the Jedi
  3. 7 Directions No Trek Has Gone Before
  4. Why Disney Brings New Hope to Star Wars
  5. Lucasfilm to Partially Reboot Star Wars
  6. Star Wars Casting: Is Disney Pulling a Jedi Mind Trick?
  7. Kevin Smith’s Read on the Future of Star Wars
  8. 10 Stand-Alone Star Wars Films Which Can Take Our Money Now
  9. The Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Sucked
  10. The Top 10 Things Lucas Got Right in the Star Wars Prequels
  11. Top 10 Reasons to Get Excited About Star Wars Rebels

2014 Movie Trailer Series

  1. The 10 Most Popular Movie Trailers Released So Far This Summer
  2. Top 10 Most Popular Midsummer Movie Trailers
  3. The 10 Most Popular End-of-Summer Movie Trailers
  4. September’s 10 Most Popular Movie Trailers

James Bond

  1. The Top 10 Most Worthy Bond Villains
  2. The 10 Most Memorable James Bond Henchmen
  3. The 10 Most Remarkable Bond Girls of All Time

Video Games

  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic Delivers the Adventure and Excitement
  2. Bioshock Infinite Vs. American Exceptionalism
  3. 7 Real Life Lessons Learned in Video Games
  4. Game Over: 6 Horrible Choices Dragging Down Nintendo
  5. The Anti-Gospel of Bioshock Infinite
  6. Banning Video Games Will Not Save Children’s Souls
  7. Beating Back the Nazi ‘Sickness’
  8. Market > Microsoft: Unpopular Xbox One Features Abandoned
  9. Man of Steel the Video Game?
  10. What Zelda Teaches Us About Privacy
  11. This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Grand Theft Auto
  12. 5 Ways Grand Theft Auto V Makes You Feel Like a Criminal
  13. Game-Changer: The Next Generation of Gaming



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