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10 Stand-Alone Star Wars Films Which Can Take Our Money Now

We know more movies are coming. But we still don't know who or what they will be about. Here's what we'd like to see.

Walter Hudson


June 13, 2014 - 10:04 am
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Here’s what we know about the future of Star Wars on the big screen. Director JJ Abrams and his cast and crew are currently weaving dreams at Pinewood Studios in London, heading into production of Star Wars Episode VII. We’re going to get Episodes VIII and IX to complete a third trilogy. There will be a couple years between each new episode of the saga.

But Lucasfilm has also confirmed at least three “stand-alone” films which will release between the main episodes. The stated goal is to have a new Star Wars film every year starting in 2015. Gareth Edwards, the man behind the lens of the new Godzilla, has been tapped to direct the first of these stand-alone films. Josh Trank, director of the found footage superhero pic Chronicle and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, will helm the second.

Rumors have been circulating regarding the subject matter of these stand-alone films. The conventional wisdom, or perhaps just the communal wish, is that we’ll get films focused on popular characters from the franchise.

Assuming the purpose of these stand-alone films will be to flesh out the broader mythology of the fictional universe while remaining anchored to the core saga, here are ten stand-alone Star Wars films fans would love to see.

#10. Jedi Master Dooku

As the Star Wars prequels progressed, the Sith menace took phantom forms. One such manifestation was Darth Tyranus. Known by that name to few, Tyranus was known to the galaxy as Count Dooku.

Dooku’s choice to abandon the Jedi Order, reclaim the wealth and title of his birth, and rally opposition to the Republic led directly to the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire. A prototype of Vader, Dooku once commanded the highest respect and confidence from his Jedi peers, before turning against them and everything they represent.

In the prequels, we learn far more about Dooku from what others say about him than from what we witness firsthand. A stand-alone film exploring the arc of this Jedi swordmaster turned Sith lord would add layers of depth to one of the saga’s most under-utilized characters.

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#4. Yoda

"What is he anyway? George Lucas has maintained fanatical secrecy on the subject for nearly 35 years."

No, Lucas has not maintained fanatical secrecy. He has done exactly what he did with the whole Vader/Luke father/son and Luke/Leia borther/sister thing. He's making it up as he goes along. There was also never a whole 9 movie series telling the story just waiting to be made; he made that up one day to make it seem like he was wise and all-knowing.

37 weeks ago
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Damn good, Walter.

#4 - Yoda. I suspect that he, and his species, are from Dagobah. When he lectures Luke about the Force, how it is in everything, you have to consider what it would take for a someone to be so in tune with the Force that they could become such a powerful and skilled Jedi Master? I'd say Dagobah is so lush and alive it would make sense. Not to mention how Yoda seems so comfortable with the place.
37 weeks ago
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Excellent suggestions.
I would love to see Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan again.
There is plenty of things they can do with a Han Solo movie as well. Provided they find the right actor to play young Han Solo.
Another dark horse for a stand alone film is Kyle Katarn, rebel spy turned Jedi who was featured in a few SW videogames.
37 weeks ago
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