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We Are All Radicals Now

Today's Fightin Words podcast: "Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

Walter Hudson


May 26, 2014 - 6:43 am


On today’s Fightin Words podcast: With the political center drifting steadily to the left, yesterday’s conservatives have become today’s radicals, seeking a dramatic deviation from the status quo. Consider why we need to get comfortable with being radical.

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Walter Hudson advocates for individual rights, serving on the board of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota, and as president of the Minority Liberty Alliance. He hosts a daily podcast entitled Fightin Words, proudly hosted on Twin Cities Newstalk Podcast Network. Walter is a city council member in Albertville, MN. Follow his work via Twitter and Facebook.

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All Comments   (1)
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Nicely done.

I would have used the word "reform," rather than "change." The former refers to shoring up something which was valuable and lost its shape due to the sloth or stupidity of its handlers. It's a conservative concept. "Change" in politics is a term well suited to the progressive project of getting rid of Western civilization and liberty in favor of a statist utopia. The only time a conservative wants "change" is when he realizes one of his values was just wrong and has been shown to be inconsistent with the larger set of values he is committed to protecting. He eschews that value; that's change. But that's not what a radical now wants to do. He wants to enact radical reforms.
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