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Game-Changer: The Next Generation of Gaming

Early adoption may not be worth it. But expect great things in time.

Walter Hudson


October 3, 2013 - 11:00 am
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I’m not quite ready to part ways with my Xbox 360. The box has been an integral part of my living room, towed through eight residences in as many years. In that time, it has grown, developed, and matured much as I have. Years of updates, upgrades, and expansions have turned it into an entirely different machine than the one I first purchased.

Comparing a launch title like Perfect Dark Zero to this year’s stunning Grand Theft Auto V makes it hard to believe that each belongs to the same generation of hardware. The leaps and bounds that developers have been able to take with the console over its eight year lifespan have kept the experience fresh.

Perhaps that is why so few people are seriously considering a next generation console purchase this holiday season. From IGN:

In a limited poll surveying 1,297 people, 64% of respondents stated they would not buy new video game hardware this holiday season, according to Reuters. This includes, of course, next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Nintendo’s upcoming 2DS or Valve’s recently revealed Steam Machines.

The minor interest in next-gen gaming points to something else emphasized in the poll: The games respondents most desire are non-exclusive, third-party sequels that, in many cases, will release on current hardware. Call of Duty: Ghosts Assassin’s Creed 4, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4 topped the interest list, alongside GTA 5.

Games drive the market more than hardware. Indeed, thinking back on my early adoption of the Xbox 360, it provided very little value at first. When a new generation of hardware launches, the first wave of games typically fumble while developers explore what the new hardware can do. Dead Rising, an early zombie-slaying title for the Xbox 360, was little more than a tech demo for how many unique characters could be rendered on-screen. The gameplay, in retrospect, seems pretty terrible.

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I already have my Xbox One paid for. My PS4 is on reserve at Amazon and will be on my doorstep November 15. That being said, Your certainly don't have to upgrade or buy a next gen console because gaming will still be going strong on both the PS3 and Xbox (shameless plug: I wrote an article making this case for GamesBeat Unfiltered []). GTA 5 is one of many games that will keep gamers coming back to the current generation of consoles along with multiplatform releases and...Dark Souls 2.

I'm not sold on SteamOS at this moment. I don't like their controller and prefer playing with analog sticks. However, more gaming options is always a good thing.
1 year ago
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We are looking at one of the NextGens, but then again, we don't own one of the current generation platforms. We're currently up in the air and trying to decide which one will best serve as a gaming platform and a vehicle to allow us to drop our cable and stream in the media we want to watch. We've pretty much decided that paying for cable is a loser.

I think we've narrowed it down to either Steam or PS4, but we will, of course, keep our PCs going. I just love my PC as a gaming machine.
1 year ago
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