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Don't believe it when they tell you that you can't know what the Constitution means until the Supreme Court rules.
“She instituted polices she wanted that are probably going to be in place for a long, long time..."
With Dred Scott, the Constitution became shackles -- with Roe, a scimitar.
One professor says this will only get worse as Common Core dumbs down education to 'the lowest common denominator.'
Carson: "Everybody, including atheists, live according to their faith."
You pay the bank, the bank doesn't pay you.
Where *is* the cheese?
From a kids' playroom to instructions on engaging voters, the Cruz campaign is worthy of our constitutional Republic.
If my children are ever picked up by police for questioning, I will make sure they have only one thing to say.
Concerned millennial conservative explains why you should give the socialist a closer look.
The Constitution is about protecting citizens from government, not the other way around.
"...And how it fits in with our constitutional system of government."