Yet another reason to limit technology use for children.
Never mind that the people named in the lawsuit aren't even Calvinists.
#Elsagate involves bizarre, aberrant imagery in videos aimed at vulnerable kids.
The 11,607 percent tip was split amongst the entire staff.
"Our world is more full of promise because of the Jewish people, the state of Israel."
The battle for the heart of G.I. Joe has been won by the good guys (for now).
Share these tweets with your little ones to show them how simple life was back then.
The fate of Christianity does not turn on a single election.
And (of course!) some people had no sense of humor.
A surprising percentage of Americans are opting out because they say the price is too high.
Sexual harassment is wrong. But turning #allmen into targets is wrong too. And mad.
Aimed to echo European Christmas market attacks...