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Paula is the managing editor at PJ Media. She is co-author of Homeschooling: Fighting for My Children's Future. Happily married to Gary for 30 years, she is the mother of two grown sons and lives in northeast Ohio. In addition to PJ Media, her work has been published at The Washington Post, RedState, Human Events, Heartland Institute, and Ohio Conservative Review. She describes herself as a Christian first and everything else after that. Her secret ambition is to be a pro-baseball scorekeeper. Follow her on Twitter @pbolyard.

WRITTEN BY Paula Bolyard
SNL is not going to sit idly by and watch an old, straight white guy get the nomination.
Maybe he ought to try taking that huge telephone pole out of his own eye first.
More than 20,000 are Mexican nationals.
"He’s gone back home to mommy. He will be reprimanded," Trump quipped.