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How did the institution of American journalism fail so utterly to get it right?
But more and more Brits are fighting back and it's LOL funny.
One day she'll be hailed as a prophetess of sexual freedom because of her statements defending Michael Jackson.
Trump did not conspire or coordinate with Russia in an effort to influence the 2016 election.
Prepare to laugh at the left's expense!
The Democrats' hopes of ousting President Trump have just crumbled to dust.
Excluding in the name of "inclusiveness."
And the winner is...Rep. Ilhan Omar.
It's "bigoted to alienate millions of Christians."
The coastal elites risk being stung by the Yellow Jackets in this country.
Helpful, but not in the way they think.
Wild speculation and hysterical predictions have come to this.
Am I really old enough to have a favorite album hit middle age?
We've got a serious problem.
Update: They removed the links...
Good news for the country is bad news for the left.
Maybe his success will finally compel the MSM to begin reporting on the massacre of Christians in Nigeria.
"I take responsibility" for the SPLC's problems.
They've spent the last two years fulminating about Trump-Russia collusion we now know never existed.
Pandering is as American as apple pie-flavored vape juice.
And they hate it so much.