People of faith, military men, and struggling married folks portrayed in non-offensive and real ways.
Burr: "It would be crazy to try to draw conclusions from where we are in the investigation" into Russia, Trump.
Resolution admits “grave injustice” against four men accused of raping a white teenager in 1949.
"A lot more is going to come..."
If you're a man, stay out of my bathroom or face the consequences.
"You don't get to tell other people what racism is."
"Somewhere along the way from church and home" Michael Sharp "absorbed a theology and vision for peacekeeping."
Academic freedom is one thing. Teaching history while getting the facts wrong is another.
Commonsense advice is not "victim blaming."
Tom Emmer has the whip list. The media doesn't.
And how Podesta may have violated the law.
Big government strikes again.
New reports and statements throw doubt on the claim.
China holds a near monopoly on production and U.S. dependence is worsening.
The market just isn't big for badly underperforming distractions.
Republicans struggling to find 60 votes to break promised filibuster.
Defining "what a sanctuary city is and what one isn’t is going to be a very perilous pathway legally," says Garcetti.
Hillary is not next if Trump is impeached, you guys.
Of course, he takes no stance on Mexico's own tough immigration laws.