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Former deputy FBI director said Sessions' move "will not erase the important work I was prevailed to be a part of, the results of which will in the end be revealed for the country to see."
Rep. Louise Slaughter, 88, was the first woman to lead the House Rules Committee and was serving her 16th term in Congress.
Even criticizing the gun-control walkout was unacceptable.
The restaurant denies any racial discrimination.
"Come and take them!"
Speech must be controlled. Otherwise, people won't be able to control the things you think about.
But it's what he's wrong about that's most important.
More heap-big trouble ahead for Fauxcahontas.
The GOP seems to be picking some of the least charismatic, most old-fashioned dullards in the country.
Aideen Strandsson was forced out of her job, even had her black belt taken from her.
McCabe's pension is reportedly worth $1.8 million.
Why you may never be what you're supposed to be.
New sanctions action "counters Russia’s continuing destabilizing activities, ranging from interference in the 2016 U.S. election to conducting destructive cyber-attacks.
Don't try any of your mansplaining, you stupid MEN. Nobody wants to hear "She wasn't as famous, though."
Fatalities reported in Miami-area footbridge collapse.
For the crime of opposing jihad terror.
It became a teaching moment.
Pro-Erdoğan media have wildly claimed that Brunson is a CIA operative who would have been promoted to chief of the agency if the 2016 attempt had been successful.
They never really believed that, anyway.