"Beware, men are ready to blow themselves up... your end is already planned."
They'll soon be held accountable for failing us by backing the least-qualified candidate in the party's history.
Dragging a holy God into the muck of contemporary culture in order to provide a safe space for non-Christians.
Businessman was working in special economic zone when he was seized last year.
"So I've decided to keep going."
They destroyed a cop car!
Leaders are "some of the biggest bullies in government."
The actor, who the trade press said was set to star in and produce the film, issued a statement pretending he barely heard of it.
It ain't exactly Me Time.
"The man has shown the courage of his convictions."
Trump bragged about Tyson in Indianapolis: "When I get endorsed by the tough ones, I like it."
He left out exactly how Japan and Germany became our allies.
Time-tested books that address the needs of both mom and baby.
"It would be a wonderful, glorious thing to have a woman president of the United States."
We are living in interesting times.
Mr. President, the 21st century called...
Five brain cells left, and this is what he does with one of them.
"This is about ISIS. This is not about a demographic. It’s not about Latinos."
"Happenings" for Middle America.
Young people like options and opportunities, so why do they back a "socialist?"
Old Senate foe claims Carly on national ticket "would be really good for the Democrats."
... the #NeverTrumpers don't need enemies.
Tennessee has passed a law protecting counselors from lawsuit or prosecution for denying service on account of conscience.
Saldaña said ICE continues to release illegal immigrants after they commit crimes despite having enough beds.