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Everything you need to know to stay depressed for good!
It's a faith-based sports movie, of course.
If you spend MOST of your time displaying traits that don’t match your gender, you are probably not going to be happy.
The Charles Shaw label sells for $2.99 at Trader Joe's locations.
New Yorkers may forgive a bit of graffiti in this case.
His latest film, "Mile 22," is a confusing mess teeming with over-the-top violence and annoying characters.
Oddly enough, progressive "Christians" say they shouldn't.
How many people will they lead astray with their new preferred nickname?
"Management would make them homeless rather than let them study the Bible."
Parental rights win too long in coming.
That's a bit creepy...
"I can see now, Bender sexually harasses Claire throughout the film," Ringwald says.