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Meanwhile, MI5 chief warns UK terror threat at all-time high.
But what does it mean?
The left continues to find new ways to drive people into the arms of Trump.
"Did the intelligence that was available to them change?" chairman asks. "Did they decide to do something different than the original patrol?
“There’s nobody in the United States that wants to be engaged in combat operations, special forces operations, drone operations” for multiple generations.
"If it wasn't for using Twitter, I doubt you'd have become president."
Every once in a while, the MSM gets something right.
More than half of young adults in the U.S. believe astrology is a science.
They were repeatedly briefed, but now claim ignorance for partisan gains.
Will the Trump-Russia probe finally pivot to Clinton-Russia?
Freedom of religion is not a license for criminal activity.
Beginning of the end for the most vocal advocate for Trump impeachment?
A bit ironic, no?
Family feud time.
It's obvious the backlash against players kneeling for the national anthem continues.
Austria's new chancellor is 31 and ready to shake things up.
Women are miserable.
Park officials say they can no longer ensure the safety of park users.
What could go wrong?