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Students and staff trapped inside after terrorists blew hole in wall of fortified campus.
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It's on.
Troops are on "a focused train, advise and assist mission" against group the U.S. won't call terrorists.
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An estimated 63 people are dead in Italian towns.
"If he offends some people, fine; if he doesn’t, oh well," one tells PJM after Trump expressed general "regret."
A Lone Star State delegation visits the Middle East’s dynamo.
"So...how was your weekend?"
Repairing infrastructure and helping people survive day to day may be just the beginning of the aftermath.
The second in what is expected to be many harassment lawsuits filed against the former Fox News CEO.
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The government finally acknowledges that Iran is a gangster state.
"One of our central tasks... has to be to remove the vulnerabilities in our own position," he says in violent extremism speech.
The slide shows Clinton listed with the Fort Hood and Navy Yard shooters.