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German jihadist says Muslims in West shouldn't tolerate religion being "presented as that of the retarded."
Maureen Dowd catches a glimpse of the truth.
Director for Refugee Resettlement says “best we can do is scrutinize the sponsor" of unaccompanied minors.
Congressional freshmen sign civility pledge, proposal National Day of Civility on July 12.
The Russian narrative was being set even before the election took place.
Don't forget the Jewishness of Jesus.
These stars bowed out gracefully, leaving fans eager for more.
Grassley argues “free speech appears to be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.”
It would set off the mother of all confirmation battles.
Don't believe me? They just sent in a CHILD to spew propaganda at a church in Utah.
Chicago mayor has "no problem" raising taxes for education.
A story too good to check — should have been checked.
We're about to get a new "Top Gun" movie, so why not bring back these other '80s films?
Twitter is not an efficient way for POTUS to communicate with We the People.
When will these airlines learn?
Stars, cars, and guitars were all on display this year.
Ironically, he clearly appreciates his First Amendment rights.