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Franks argues that Mueller and Comey are too good of friends and special counsel should recuse himself.
Could she be the fidgety woman with the backpack described by an eyewitness?
Police department also suspends employee for "racially motivated" comments about stabbing.
Sleek lines and aggressive poses.
While Ryan on "rescue mission" for coverage costs, McConnell indicates Senate do-over.
The Left's DNA police are here.
Speaking of obstruction of justice ...
Pai argues internet would do fine with “bipartisan, light-touch regulatory framework."
"We're all racist."
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The police did not charge anyone, either.
Because more money in people's pockets means less money in government coffers...?
That’s what this mom will tell him someday.
Holy See says "assistance to immigrants" was discussed, while White House says focus was terrorism.
Hoyer argues global and national security are at stake.
How liberated are you if you're waiting around for men to get their act together?
(May result in job loss, divorces, break-ups, loss of testosterone, public ridicule, or feelings of shame and despair.)
"A further attack may be imminent."