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Romaine lettuce will be labeled with location information by region for safety, CDC says, but "it may take some time before these labels are available."
"This is especially important ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, when people will be sitting down for family meals," says FDA commissioner.
The reason behind the record-setting number of tick-caused illnesses is "unclear," but temperature, rainfall, humidity patterns can increase the bug populations.
CDC last month reported that an outbreak of salmonella in raw chicken products was a strain resistant to multiple antibiotics. 
Blue Cross bankrolled not just her campaign, but her life.
Unify and establish a new National EMS System, report recommends, as all leaders at all levels need to "assume broader leadership of biodefense."
Instability is hampering efforts to contain the outbreak. CDC staff who were in the DRC to help have been pulled out of affected hot spots. 
362 cases since 2014, cause unknown.
Daschle recounts "chaos" with anthrax letters, as staffers were asked to go home, take off contaminated clothing, and bring it back in garbage bags to the Capitol.
A woman shares her story.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a five-year PEPFAR extension to ensure "the United States has no intention of abandoning the global fight against HIV/AIDS."
Treaty parties advised to consider "a holistic approach that goes beyond health and embraces all areas in which tobacco has an impact."