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Thanks for representing America this way on a foreign media channel...
“Sounds like a no.”
Schumer slams "wolf in sheep's clothing" with "even sharper teeth than the House bill."
McConnell: "We've been discussing all the elements of this endlessly for seven years."
Lynda Carter: “That there are 13 men on the health panel and no woman is a goddamn shame."
When you're a jerk to both political parties...
Schumer: If GOPs "ramming through a secret healthcare bill," no "business as usual."
Shulkin tells Senate the VA is going to have to “whittle away" at legacy claims.
But he's still in critical condition...
If liberals won't support it, why should we?
Pence: Senate "working tirelessly to improve this legislation and create an orderly framework to transition" from Obamacare.
Sandoval has to decide on healthcare bill that's light on details but broad in scope.