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The list is surprisingly hard to predict...
She said her costume got too hot.
Prices for plans on the Obamacare exchanges categorized as silver to rise by just over one-third next year amid lopsided enrollment.
Next year, it will be 50 kids per week...
“Some conservatives object to the idea of paying them at all, but I would ask what's conservative about unaffordable premiums?"Alexander argues.
GOP chairman: 18 million people "terrified by the possibility that they may not able to buy insurance at all if we don't act."
Efforts pioneered by Bush must be continued by conservatives who "can voice that this is damn important and we need to do something about it."
Senator calls skyrocketing prices of pharmaceuticals a “public health crisis" and notes millions drug companies spend lobbying Congress.
"I probably wouldn't want to have a conversation with them anyway."
Lawmakers say administration ignoring studies showing chlorpyrifos contaminates water and can cause harm even in low-level doses.