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"To those within Congress who always seemed to have a better idea or a smarter strategy, now is your chance to run for Speaker," quips Gowdy.
"We estimate that the 2018 deficit will total $804 billion, $139 billion more than the $665 billion shortfall recorded in 2017," says director Hall, and "deficits continue increasing after 2018."
Commerce Dept. said Ross "determined that obtaining complete and accurate information to meet this legitimate government purpose outweighed the limited potential adverse impacts."
New sanctions action "counters Russia’s continuing destabilizing activities, ranging from interference in the 2016 U.S. election to conducting destructive cyber-attacks.
As lawmakers express early reservations, Gina Haspel gets high marks from former DNI Clapper: "I think the world of her."
"They don't realize that if Israel was weak her enemies would immediately seek her destruction," senator tells AIPAC.
"Don't worry about the NRA; they're on our side. You guys, half of you are so afraid of the NRA. There's nothing to be afraid of," president tells governors.
President says he'll visit Florida city, meet with governors; Senate Dem calls school massacres "a consequence of our inaction."