The Morning Briefing: Summer of Love Defund the Police Schadenfreude Edition

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Meldrynck had become known for wearing inappropriate shorts and shouting, “Pickleball is life!” at various public meetings.


We just wrapped up the third anniversary of the St. George Floyd Summer of Mostly Peaceful Rioting and Love. Leave it to the progs to figure out a way to make a pandemic worse.

When I say “the progs,” I mean “the Democrats,” of course.

In the summer of 2020, every major Democratic official in the United States immediately threw in with the “Defund the Police” crowd. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the gang have never met a brain-dead riot slogan they couldn’t get behind. What Granny Boxwine and her pals didn’t do was think through the consequences of throwing law enforcement under the bus. Dems just aren’t wired that way.

It didn’t take long for the monumental case of buyer’s remorse we all knew was coming to set in with the Dem-run cities that decided that fewer police and more violent people was the way to go.

Bureaucratic shortsightedness is never rewarded, and the repercussions of the “Defund the Police” movement in blue cities are still being felt, largely because the worst of those places never get rid of their progressive officials. Some of them are, however, attempting to right their George Floyd-inspired wrongs, and we’re kicking off the week with a few stories about that.

Victoria’s most recent “West Coast, Messed Coast” column shares some goings-on in the Pacific Northwest:

Maybe it’s the fentanyl in the air or maybe it’s the collapse of the marijuana business in the Northwest, but a pot store owner loosed a verbal cluster bomb at socialist Kshama Sawant at this week’s Seattle city council meeting.

The pot store owner, a black man, wanted her to vote for a drug bill to get addicts off the street. The socialist wanted to use black men as the reason she opposed prosecuting the public use of drugs.

It was a delicious collision at the intersectionality of Crazy and Seattle.


Sawant is left of left of left. She’s the kind of politician who couldn’t have gotten elected anywhere in America even 15 or 20 years ago. In her mind, Utopia is a police-free cesspool where sketchy addicts can cover the sidewalks in Hepatitis C. The few times I’ve seen her speeches, she’s been redefining “unhinged.”

The tweet that Victoria shares in the post has a lot of details about the left-on-left family feud (we’re not pretending that there are any moderates or conservatives left in Seattle), and they are delicious.

Her column also offers the latest on another hasty Summer of Love decision, this one regarding Portland’s police chief:

At the time, the police bureau was run by a white woman who felt she wasn’t the right messenger to tell black people and terrorists to stop bombing the federal building. So she handed the job to a man who was the right color but had nearly zero command experience, having been promoted to captain two days before he became chief.

Lovell has kept a low profile, and it’s probably a good thing. The homicide rate, already on a bender in loco Portland, more than doubled during his time as the top cop. The Manhattan Institute just produced a study that it says shows Portland is in a public safety crisis.

Doom Loop, Oregon’s chief sounds like he’s leaving four years shy of his retirement eligibility

Portland is probably lost no matter who they put in charge of what there, but, hey, those plucky commies will at least keep pretending that the next one will be more competent.


Milt gives us an update from the rapidly deteriorating city of San Francisco:

According to the SFPD, as of this past Sunday, there have already been 40 murders in the city compared to 36 for the entire year in 2022. Robberies, which have caused many businesses to move out of the city, have increased to 1,989 compared to 1,704 reported incidents all of last year. The amount of total reported crimes has ballooned to 36,573 this year and will surpass the 37,674 reported last year as well.

The city is desperate enough to look for additional officers out of state for the first time ever. This month the city’s police department will visit four universities in Gov. Greg Abbott’s state of Texas. The four campuses the recruiting staff will visit are Texas Southern University, Sam Houston State University, Prairie View A&M University, and Texas A&M University.

This is particularly entertaining because, until earlier this year, the City of San Francisco had banned travel by any city officials for business to Texas and a host of other conservative states. In fact, the State of California only reversed its similar ban earlier this month.

Of course, they have to look in a red state for reinforcements; the cops who fled the prog hellholes didn’t go to other blue cities.

The “Defund the Police” cities are all trying to convince law enforcement professionals to go to work in places that wanted to abolish them just a few years ago. It wasn’t just the Summer of Love that set this in motion. The Democrats have been vehemently anti-cop since His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama decided to become the chief cheerleader for the false narrative about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo.


If these rabidly blue cities really want to lure back any police presence, they’re going to have to reallocate funds from their socialist fever dream and prioritize paying cops A LOT more than they used to.

Even if they do that, I think they’re going to be in the beds they made in 2020 for a long time.

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