Questions of pay-fors and deficit reduction from both sides after Trump reform outline unveiled.
"Be scared. Be f**kin' terrified."
"They're fleeing really bad situations, and once they get here, they just contribute."
Doesn't it just figure?
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Becerra: "We don't have to respect a dictate from a president who probably hasn't read the Constitution in quite some time."
This nauseating pick is anti-American!
It's time to push back against this cancerous message that vice is virtue.
In the past, notes former Pentagon and CIA chief, the PRC "put a little pressure on but they then backed away."
U.S. falls two places in annual index, with North Korea assuming rock-bottom ranking.
Questions arise over Mayor Jesse Arreguin's ties to violent anarchist group.
Judiciary Committee forging bipartisan consensus on criminal justice reform.
Injunction granted as Santa Clara, San Francisco argue executive order violated separation of powers, 5th and 10th amendments.
A crafty solution to the government shutdown battle.
They don't need ICBMs to cripple us.
"He's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive."
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"[N]ot consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church." Hmm.
House committee still waiting on White House document request, which Spicer calls "unwieldy."
Cardin: NatSec "should be done with personnel who reflect the entire tapestry of the United States."
Apparently, it's a damaging image for the majority black team.
"If you don't like the law, get your legislative body to change the law."