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women's rights

The Bethnahrin Protection Forces are a unit of Christian Assyrian women within the Syrian Democratic Forces still battling the terror group.
No wonder, since the #MeToo movement doesn't deal with the actual problem.
"The Senate is leading by example and sending the important message that working parents everywhere deserve family-friendly workplace policies," says senator.
Annotated with my translations.
"It is no longer just about individuals, it is about society. It is not about so-called morals and honor, it is about women’s rights as human rights."
Removing the face veil could lead to ten years in prison...
“Ms. Hosseini did not even appear in court to express remorse for her action," says lawyer. "She considers it her legal right to express her protest."
Threats, trials, purges. Yes, it can happen here.
More than 100,000 women took to the streets in protest during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and today they're directly challenging security forces.
Norton: "Congress can take the lead in getting beyond" high-profile scandals to help "women who face greater challenges exposing it in their industries."