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"This is Nixon/Watergate."
"Did Putin give an address to Congress to reverse U.S. policy?"
Legislation rolls in bills on defending NATO and designating Russia a state sponsor of terror, imposes cyber penalties and requires full assets report on suspected world's richest man.
35-person list also includes Manafort’s former personal assistant and a Mercedes-Benz dealer.
The Trump administration has still not yet a deadline mandated under law to report findings on UK Novichok attacks; Britain blames Russian government.
At the White House, the administration announced that it would delay the invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit D.C.
Meathead and useful idiots like Max Boot team up for a seedy smear effort.
"If it walks like a traitor, and talks like a traitor… it is a traitor."
Kremlin hasn't yet accepted White House invitation, suggesting maybe Trump and Putin can meet at future event with other world leaders.