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"Our allies on the eastern flank of NATO are nervous, are uneasy."
Lauds Kremlin for being "a significant contributor to the progress that we've been able to make."
Vladimir Putin has more in store for Turkey, none of it good.
The Donald makes his way into Putin's big year-end press conference.
The crisis with Russia is driving Turkey into Israel's welcoming arms.
Megalomaniacs, sharing the love.
It seemed like such a good idea
Cashing in whatever remains of U.S. credibility and might for a farewell binge of international agreements.
"They should be influencing Kiev, but it makes no sense to repeat this to people who act like zombies."
Two can play at the executive-order game.
Report on murder of Alexander Litvinenko "poisoning" relations, says Moscow.
Defense secretary discusses "new reality where small organizations wield undeserved power in chaotic places."