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As frustrated and concerned as we may be about our country, we shouldn't vote with our emotions.
These kids clearly don't have Colin Kaepernick as their role model...
Not all celebrities hate our country...
The most liberal Supreme isn't a fan.
The best political ad this whole election season... And it's Canadian.
'He' only loves you every 4 years...
"Are you happy in a world where everyone thinks like you?"
"It is my prayer, that on this Thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country."
"If Spongebob Squarepants was a Republican, and he won, the same f***ing people would be saying the same thing."
"Don’t you realize the whole country is laughing at you right now?"
A patriotic Christmas?
A lack of patriotism, at a school named for the founder of our country.