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He led the raid that destroyed the Nazis' nuclear ambitions.
"Come join the party for B-E-T-O!"
Million migrant march and much, much more.
The generation insisted on "redefining" everything, after all.
Are only women to be believed unconditionally about sexual assault? 
It's not enough to kill babies. Holding their hand and encouraging the women as they do so is now considered noble.
The drug gangs may look to exploit the chaos and confusion to sneak members into the U.S.
When your children are crying because Hillary lost or Kavanaugh won, is that evidence of child abuse?
Music made in America.
While Martha McSally fought the Taliban, Kyrsten Sinema protested "U.S. terror."
"Why don't you leave the entire country?"
Unify and establish a new National EMS System, report recommends, as all leaders at all levels need to "assume broader leadership of biodefense."
Conservatives criticize the threatening "mob mentality" of the protest.
With Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has gotten quite a change in style
"We have a blueprint of doing this before."
Is there anything you wish you hadn't done?
The Saudis fire 5 intel officials and arrest 18 others in connection with the murder.
Like in the Trump-Russia investigation, "we already know."
The attackers have hacked more than 10,000 websites.
The special counsel is not likely to find anything that would give Democrats cause to impeach the president.