Straight talk isn’t going to be enough.
It's going to take a lot more than armpit hair on Gal Gadot to please modern feminists.
The Senate minority leader is trying to position the party for the 2018 midterms.
Protesters decry legislative package as a “strong message of hate.”
Get ready for the summer of 2019.
Flowers and teddy bears are no match for Islamic violence.
God and St. Patrick, please let it be so.
As if the graphic sex advice isn't bad enough, teen magazines are now filled with racial hatred.
Guys who do background checks object to background checks.
A case of a "Diversity Council" trying to justify its existence.
Pushing the boundaries on home music recording.
With riots and "sanctuaries," their job is more difficult by the day.
They should've played the cards they were dealt.
Go ahead, sleep around and get an STD because "you deserve to be happy."
Read this now: you could be oppressed and not even know it.
On health care, soon-to-be-former-Speaker walks straight into Trump's trap.
Obamacare the law "for the foreseeable future," Speaker confirms, as Trump advocates big bipartisan bill.
Other big changes coming to Internet regulations.
I can't think of anyone less like Barbie than the crude, rude, and piggish Amy Schumer.
Thirty-four years later and missile defense is now an operating component of the nation’s defenses.
Progressives politicize anything and everything.