The problem of Confederate monuments is far from simple.
Cops at a 1960s riot provided a model for dealing with American Nazis.
Planned Parenthood president needs to check her facts.
Was he echoing North Korea’s talking points?
This was after she shilled for Hezbollah terrorists.
Claims Trump gave "his daughter to a Jew."
She was on the ground, red as a beet, having the meltdown of her life.
"He needs to purge his administration of all those who disparage diversity and inclusivity," says business group leader.
Don't forget the African-Americans trying to preserve monuments in Dallas...
Even the Black Panthers -- for all their violence -- were less sinister than "Black Lives Matter" or Antifa.
A generation from now there will be a word for an American who works for an Asian: "Employed."
UPDATE: Trump decides to end council altogether amid exodus.
Was any action taken before he murdered 22 at an Ariana Grande concert?
They treat real hatred and political disagreement as the same thing.
She actually died from an extremely rare genetic disorder.
Conservatives should ask where this all could lead — and also take steps to protect themselves.
I keep telling anyone who will listen that social media is not for kids.
"The riots began over a Nazi riot, a Nazi rally."
The media is outraged about a total non-story.