Lawmaker argues that since Clinton won state, policy should reflect that.
Lankford was “stunned” that deficit was hardly discussed during presidential campaign.
"Playtime is over," says presidential candidate, drawing gasps from the Left.
McConnell says he and Dem counterpart wanted to play baseball, but "we wound up as managers of two unruly franchises instead."
Could this pro-life law go all the way to the Supreme Court?
If you like your longevity, you can keep your longevity.
GOP senator remembers Glenn as "one of the greatest heroes of my generation."
From an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
DHS secretary turned UC president says schools don't have to cooperate with any federal deportation program.
United Steelworkers said employees wrongly got hopes up on Trump numbers.
“It is an honor to dress the first ladies of the country."
It must have been scary, because she immediately tweeted instead of calling the cops.
He's crying because Obama sang a song...
Time to go long.
Did your favorite album of 2016 make the list?
"We’re all the same. People want to be able to make decisions about their own lives."
Libs are melting down over this "existential threat to the planet."
Small groups, ISIS says, are good "for shocking terror" stabbing sprees only "if one is capable."
It ain't over til it's over and now it's over.
Fears of 'militarism' in a time of war float through progressive brains.
One officer dead, one "very, very critical."
Working hard on that permanent minority status.
Their goal "is raising identitarian consciousness among white people in the United States."