House committee still waiting on White House document request, which Spicer calls "unwieldy."
Come and get it!
"[N]ot consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church." Hmm.
Cardin: NatSec "should be done with personnel who reflect the entire tapestry of the United States."
Apparently, it's a damaging image for the majority black team.
"If you don't like the law, get your legislative body to change the law."
"We believe that the antidote to intolerance is education."
Parents, have you had enough yet?
Is it possible for Antifa to not resort to violence?
Warren, Pelosi underscore their pro-choice credentials after Sanders stumps for pro-life candidate.
Russia arming the Taliban "would have to be dealt with as a violation of international law."
Yes, the newspaper left out the race of the juveniles.
Should you buy now or wait to see what Apple will be announcing?
Religious freedom for me, but not for thee.
Start your week off right with us!
Series of uncanny coincidences draws an eruv of living memory around the soul of one little girl who perished in the Holocaust.
Who's suing whom, and why.
Brooks: “Blacks Lives Matter is the moral predicate to the ethical conclusion that all lives matter."
Is government spending ever as bad as a mass shooting?!?
Snipers guarded the workers, who wore masks to hide their faces.
With government shutdown looming, White House tries to make a deal with Dems and reticent border-state GOPs for funding.
Red line and inaction vs. infraction and response.