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ISIS has encouraged supporters to conduct random attacks in the West.
Join us all day, every day.
Collins and Murkowski maintain "no" votes for "skinny repeal," despite senator's reported threat from Interior Dept.
From giant shrimp to a little orange crayfish or jumping butterfly fish, these tank-dwellers steal the spotlight.
The scope and scale of the ISIS foreign fighter threat to the West is unprecedented.
Paul Ryan: "My advice would be to sit down and settle their differences."
General Joseph Dunford will follow protocol and wait for Secretary Mattis to issue a directive.
Expect a deluge of new dirt on the Democratic Party.
Senator introducing bipartisan bill to protect special counsel with judicial review before firing.
Shatner vs. Takei: Trekker Twitter wars, begun they have.
This will solidify his popularity among our warriors.
Things are about to get real.
The owner says they can't be tracked or hacked. PROMISE.
I hope they keep this lunacy up. It'll guarantee another Republican win in 2020.
Paul: "Can Republicans govern? It’s hard to say yes if we can't do something as simple as keeping our word."
The military exists to kill people and break things—for everything else we have reality shows.
Veteran Ernst says qualified and willing Americans should be able to serve; Hatch stresses "transgender people are people."