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justice department

Injunction granted as Santa Clara, San Francisco argue executive order violated separation of powers, 5th and 10th amendments.
New POTUS, but "same specious arguments."
A judge orders discovery to proceed in the Lois Lerner scandal.
Attorney general vows to bring down gangs like MS-13 like the government fought the Mafia.
Baltimore mayor: Sanctuary city designation "some mistake" as city doesn't control jails.
"Immunity from what? We don't know what that is."
"Like pointing a gun at the head of Americans..."
Resolution admits “grave injustice” against four men accused of raping a white teenager in 1949.
"I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store."
Comey to tell public in March 20 hearing if there's "substance to the accusation"; Trump says "interesting" info coming.
Orlando shooter's wife remains behind bars after judge overrides lower court bail.
"He is a ruthless and very deceitful guy."