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New POTUS, but "same specious arguments."
As friend says president considering firing special counsel, deputy attorney general says "good cause" must exist first.
D.C. judge says Manafort's defense strategy is "just one more thing that's inconsistent with the notion of any genuine acceptance of responsibility."
"I took more than my fair share of criticism. But I kept the faith, I followed the rules, and I left my office in good hands," says deputy attorney general.
Yes, really.
Says he thinks "it's possible" Trump could be a Russian asset, adding he's "really anxious" to see the results of Mueller's investigation.
U.S. attorney says she claimed that exculpatory findings were independently drafted when she actually wrote them in tandem with a senior Russian prosecutor.
Judge goes off on former national security advisor: "Arguably, you sold your country out."
Justice Department alleges that kickbacks were funneled through Flynn's company to hide Turkish government links to lobbying op.
"Flynn volunteered that after the election, he had a closed door meeting with Kislyak." The rest of the text in the paragraph is redacted.