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State Department IT specialist no-shows Oversight hearing.
Conyers decries "social racism that brands too many black citizens as predators."
Presidential directive says diverse workforce "more effective at problem solving than homogeneous groups."
DOJ personnel to be in "at least as many states as in 2012, despite the setback" of Supreme Court ruling.
According to FBI, leader of militia told co-conspirators "there’s no leaving anyone behind" during attack, "even if it’s a 1-year-old."
Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman wants DOJ to step in over "militarization" of law enforcement.
"These times are akin to the civil rights era of 50 years ago," says attorney general.
"Particularly in those locations where voters have historically experienced discrimination or intimidation."
Senate Dem leader accuses FBI director of violating Hatch Act and sitting on "explosive information" about Trump and Russia.
Libertarian VP nominee rips Comey announcement as "totally off the reservation" with mystery "evidentiary basis."
"It is incumbent upon him to dispel the uncertainty he has created before Election Day."
"The president doesn't believe that he's secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party."