Durham Indictment: Trump 'Dossier' Starts With Hillary PR Guy Who Worked With Man He Thought Was Russian FSB Agent

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The latest indictment by John Durham reveals that the fake Trump-Russia scandal was a huge game of disinformation, a continuous feedback loop of Beltway Media/Democrat insiders that may have been started by a Hillary Clinton P.R. agent who allegedly planted lies with a guy he believed was a Russian FSB agent. 


The five count-indictment of Igor Danchenko reveals the Christopher Steele informant actually got his fake “intelligence” on Trump-Russia directly from a Hillary Clinton P.R. guy who goes unnamed in the indictment, but who internet sleuths and reporters have identified because his cv matches up with the indictment particulars.

Danchenko promised a State Department job in a Hillary Clinton Administration, then funneled the fake news to Christopher Steele, who worked for Fusion GPS. Fusion answered to Perkins Coie, the law firm working for Hillary Clinton, Democrats, or both.

The indictment says Danchenko, who was Fusion fabulist Christopher Steele’s “sub source 1” in his pile of memos and sticky-note scribbles that Washington insiders persist in calling a “dossier,” lied to FBI officials about where he got the intel.

Perkins Coie ran cyber experts, who are alleged by Durham in his last indictment of Michael Sussman to have misused government data and other information to attempt to create or “find” connections between Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

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All of the manufactured information was spoon fed to reporters, Senator John McCain, the FBI, and the DOJ, with the CIA chief’s knowledge.

Durham has been mining several veins of information for planted dirt used to frame Donald Trump.

Danchenko claimed he got intelligence on Trump-Russia collusion from the president of the New York City-based Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. He claims he got inside information from Moscow sources at the hotel where the infamously non-existent “pee tape” was supposedly made. Durham says he didn’t, and that Danchenko lied.

Lawyer and internet sleuth Technofog lists the lies.

Overall, Danchenko faces five false statement charges:

Falsely denying he didn’t talk to the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) about the dossier allegations.
Falsely stating he took a 2016 call from Russian Sergei Millian (whom he says alleged a Trump/Russia conspiracy).
Falsely stating in another FBI interview that he took the 2016 call from Millian.
Falsely stating he talked to Millian more than once over the phone.
False in another FBI interview about his conversations with Millian.

I can’t get out of my head that Hillary Clinton’s P.R. guy, who was promised a State Department job in a Hillary Clinton Administration, would promise a State Department job to a man he thought was a Russian FSB agent.


FSB is the child of the KGB and “is responsible for counterintelligence, antiterrorism, and surveillance of the military. The FSB occupies the former headquarters of the KGB on Lubyanka Square in downtown Moscow,” according to Encyclopedia Brittanica. Its job is wide in scope. According to the Atlantic Council, it “determines the politics and economics of Russia.”

The P.R. guy who’s “with her” and was promised a job by “her” was working with a guy he believed was an FSB operative to plant phony evidence — kompromat — to bribe, extort, or do whatever they could to hurt Donald Trump.

The Durham indictment alleges that Danchenko’s lies about where he got the information were “highly relevant and material to the FBI’s evaluation of those reports.”

The FBI should have checked his claims, but they didn’t. I find it difficult to believe that the bunch at Spook Central relied only on the word of a guy who could have been an FSB agent. We don’t know if he is. Or was. We just know that Hillary’s guy thought he was.

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The indictment and arrest of the Russian operative for lying to FBI agents reveals a fake Trump-Russia “collusion” scandal that only Official Washington, incapable of divorcing their Trump Derangement Syndrome from their common sense, would believe. While Official Washington freaked out about Donald Trump possibly becoming president, Hillary Clinton’s insider apparatus wove such a bizarre, tortured, and wild-eyed narrative that only “I’m With Her” win-at-all costs fanatics would eat it up.


And who trafficked in it? The FBI, the CIA, Robert Mueller, the Media Complex, and Democrats of all stripes. Maybe they didn’t cost Trump the 2016 election, but they certainly mucked up his presidency and could have cost him the 2020 election. They ruined General Michael Flynn’s career. People were sent to jail. Someone much smarter than me is probably doing the math on that right now. There’s been real material harm here.



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