Whitmer Kidnap Plot Defendant Demands Info on the DOZEN FBI Informants and Paid 'Snitches' Involved

Michigan Office of the Governor via AP

A man facing federal charges in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer says there never would have been a plot without FBI involvement and wants to know who those 12 informants were after finding out that some were paid “snitches.”


BuzzFeed News reports that at least a dozen informants were involved with the FBI, working with the six defendants to plot, train, and do reconnaissance on the unpopular governor. Whitmer has been especially draconian in her COVID lockdowns, as PJ Media has reported.

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A lawyer for defendant Kaleb Franks, dubbed “Red Hot” due to his red hair, maintains that the prosecution against him is “absurd” because, as The Detroit News reported about previous court documents, “there was no plan regarding what the alleged conspirators would do with [Governor Whitmer]. There has been talk of a plan to set her adrift in a boat in Lake Michigan. Of course, there is no evidence describing how this would occur.”

The Detroit News also reported last fall that the plot against Whitmer was ostensibly to spark a “civil war.”

The men facing federal kidnapping conspiracy charges were part of a broader attempt to spark a civil war by overthrowing the government and kill police personnel, according to the government. In all, 14 people have been charged with crimes in state and federal court, including members and associates of an obscure militia, the Wolverine Watchmen.

No civil war occurred. but, as PJ Media reported, the architect of the FBI investigation – running those informants – into the Whitmer plot is also the same overseer of the Capitol riot.

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Revolver News reported recently:

And, as the cherry on top, what if we told you that the director of the Detroit FBI Field Office, who oversaw the infiltration operation of the Michigan Plot, was subsequently granted a highly coincidental promotion to the D.C. office, where he is now the lead FBI agent for all 1/6 cases?

As crazy as it sounds, all of this is true. A full account of the Michigan Plot and its parallels to the Capitol Siege runs outside the scope and purposes of this article. Nonetheless, it will be useful to briefly flesh out some of the most salient details alluded to above.

In the brief filed in the Whitmer plot on July 12, “Red Hot’s” attorney claims his client was never involved in the alleged plot, but hung out with his friends “to train in weaponry and tactics, enjoy time outdoors, and spend a Midwestern summer trying to find respite from the cares of professional and personal obligations and demands, he had no thoughts of harassing the government, staging a coup, or ending up on the national stage as an alleged ‘terrorist.'”

Until, that is, he was “framed” and “entrapped” in a plot conceived of and carried out by FBI informants.

Only through the diligent efforts of government informants and undercover agents did Mr. Franks end up framed as a lawless agitator.

[…] Only through the efforts of “confidential human sources” (CHSs) and undercover agents did the government come up with its allegations here. Everything in this case points toward a defense of entrapment.


One of the confidential human sources (CHS) involved allegedly is a long-time “professional” jailhouse “snitch.”

Evidence indicates, for example, that one CHS2 has a decades-long history of cooperating with the government in exchange for personal benefits. In 1985, he supposedly shared a cell in a Wisconsin jail and then cooperated against a cellmate. Twenty years later, in 2005, this CHS cooperated with authorities against his employer, who was charged with soliciting murder. Basically, this CHS has a decades-long history of acting as a professional snitch for the government.

The document also claims that “another CHS received something like $54,000 in compensation for his work in this case.” At one point, the document alleges, an FBI “agent just handed him an envelope one day—and that this envelope contained $2,500, which the agent told him constituted compensation for what the CHS was doing.”

The snitches ingratiated themselves with the six accused Whitmer kidnap plotters, according to the document.

Multiple CHSs gave the FBI access to Facebook accounts where presumably the plotting would be discussed.

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One source was a “leader” of the Whitmer plot, according to the document.

As one example: the CHS with the lengthy history of cooperation seems to have granted agents access to certain Facebook accounts, and the CHS who has testified granted agents access to a variety of accounts. […] As another example, Special Agent Impola testified during state proceedings that he sometimes talked with the CHS who testified multiple times a day, that the (unsurprisingly, given the roles involved) government allowed for deception from informants, and that the government could authorize illegal conduct from informants (though SA Impola denies seeking such authorization here).


Red Hot’s attorney says his client was “not cool with offensive kidnapping” and was “just there for the training.” In fact, the attorney says that the plot to kidnap Whitmer was not a popular one.

[T]here was a negative reaction, people were surprised, and they didn’t take to it kindly. There was a lot of questions being asked.

Red Hot’s attorney, Scott Graham, wants the details on all of the CHSs.

All of them.


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